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GRANDBID, Worldwide Luxury Auction

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Overview: GRANDBID is launching a premium website and mobile application that offers auctions and sales of high-end luxury goods and services to consumers all over the world. Auctions and sales will be provided for luxury autos and motorcycles, boats and yachts, private planes, jets, and helicopters, contemporary and fine art, sculptures and impressionist art, antiques and collectibles, elite real estate and vacation rentals, designer apparel and watches, rare and exquisite jewelry, unique and exclusive travel experiences, and high-end furniture. Items in these categories can be offered in a live auction that is held on a particular day, a time-period auction or as a fixed-price offering. Sellers include auctioneers, brokers, concierges, dealers, or private owners. Value Proposition: Currently, high end items like yachts, jets, and real estate are typically sold by brokers, dealers and private owners in a particular location. These sellers do not have easy access to long-distance or international buyers and they are limited to people within their own network. Most wealthy people do not have the time to conduct an exhaustive search for items because it takes a significant investment of effort to find and visit sellers all over the world. GrandBid will be the first website that offers auctions and direct sales of high-end luxury items. Finally, individual sellers will have a platform to sell exclusive items without the use of a broker with the ability to reach qualified buyers all over the world. Brokers and dealers will also be provided with a global platform to market products to qualified buyers and will be able to easily find hard-to-find items for their wealthy clients. Coming soon....
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