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Introduction to quantum cryptography - Vadim Makarov

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I introduce the basic principles of quantum cryptography, and discuss today's status of its technology, with examples of optical schemes and components. No prior knowledge of quantum mechanics is required :). This first lecture is about the basics of quantum cryptography. Lectures 2 and 3 cover quantum hacking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2r7B8Zpxmcw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sc_cJiLFQZ0 Presentation slides of the entire lecture course can be downloaded at: Power Point (95 MiB, with videos and animations) - http://www.vad1.com/lab/presentations/Makarov-20140801-IQC-short-course.pptx PDF (14.8 MiB, static images only) - http://www.vad1.com/lab/presentations/Makarov-20140801-IQC-short-course.pdf Vadim Makarov is a research assistant professor at the Institute for Quantum Computing, heading the Quantum hacking lab - http://www.vad1.com/lab/ This course was part of a lecture series hosted by CryptoWorks21 in August 2014 in Waterloo, Canada. Find out more about IQC! Website - https://uwaterloo.ca/institute-for-quantum-computing/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/QuantumIQC Twitter - https://twitter.com/QuantumIQC
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Text Comments (20)
vikrant singh (1 month ago)
Awesome.... sir.. thank you
Robbie Smith (2 months ago)
Inerdemensional split consciousness time dilation, creating a time jump.
Quantum Hacker (3 months ago)
if Alice is not sharing the bit information with Bob but only the chosen basis for a particular number of photons, then how Bob concludes the retained bit sequence by itself? if you say that it is Universal for bit value 1 for horizontal and 0 for rest of the polarization then it is possible for Eve to masquerade like Alice!? Still, it is not clear that what information Alice share with bob after 1000 photon transmission in your example! -retained bit? again how Bob knows whether its retained bits are with the lowest 'error' rates?
Golnaz Afshar (5 months ago)
Really helpful for my semiconductor exam I do appreciate
TheDOTKU (5 months ago)
I need the class on how to build the equipment.
Vivi Pi (7 months ago)
Very good information. Much appreciated.
Dmitry Ostrovsky (11 months ago)
Ой, какой же российский ударение.. Не, мне-то напротив всё понятно, однако вот английским, наверняка, тяжело.
GenericPurpleTurtle (1 year ago)
Brilliant lecture, would love to see the second part!
evoltar (1 year ago)
Great explanation in the beginning
TheRichPersonsDigest (1 year ago)
Hello, can any natural-English-speaker tell me, please, if this accent ok? Is it understandable/distractive? I think, as Russian, I have similar one..
Dmitry Ostrovsky (11 months ago)
Looks like he speaks English much less than writes/reads. Nerd-cryptohacker, keke.
TheSharkasmCrew (1 year ago)
I've taken part in a few Makarov lectures - I find his accent a little difficult to follow, but it could certainly be far, FAR worse.
Cristian Baeza (1 year ago)
Me neither, but still have a some of experience with english accents and that one is pretty understandable... a little rough, but understandable.
toofan123 (2 years ago)
I am not a native English speaker, But live in the UK for a very long time. It is totally understandable.
Erfan Norozi (2 years ago)
cool t shirt
Marvin Dyer (3 years ago)
It seems to me you're trying to make it too complex. Take two identical dictionaries give every defined word a number than use a system with say! with 10,000 or 10,000,000 single individual digit. Give every number or word its own individual digit after that your options are almost endless.
Desmond (3 years ago)
warmtc (3 years ago)
Osama ali (4 years ago)

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