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Pokemon Trading Card Game Match: Rantoul, IL Battle Road Game 1

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My NEW Videogames website: http://WittzGaming.com Welcome to another recorded match! Today's games feature 2 more interesting and less-played options: Cinccino/Kingdra vs. Feraligatr/Blastoise! Enjoy! Stop2Shop now has Emerging Powers singles at great rates! Click the link below to check it out, and get a 10% off anything you buy from the store at checkout! (This link adds the discount in your checkout bin automatically now) http://store.yahoo.com/cgi-bin/clink?my1stop2shop+G2nWXt+pokemon-emergingpowers.html+card-of-the-day The Prof-It! Theme Song is finally available for .mp3 download, for FREE! Just click here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1VS08W5F All card scans used on Prof-It! are courtesy of http://PokeBeach.com . Want to follow the latest prof-it! updates in other forms of media? Follow me at: facebook.com/thejwittz twitter.com/thejwittz and as JWittz on Pokegym, Pokebeach, Sixprizes, and Heytrainer
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Text Comments (426)
Nick Baudean (3 years ago)
Are you kidding me - I was completely sooo Bored 5 Mins into this video watching this guy shuffle his deck like he has OCD!!!
Oz The Foolish (3 years ago)
i remember that i collected pokemon cards and didnt know how to play xD
ghost boy (3 years ago)
Buslit GT (3 years ago)
cool not ha ha
TheProGamers (3 years ago)
this is boring
Haidyn Dodson (3 years ago)
this is nerdy as shit
brogan lema (3 years ago)
So are Legos. Especially people that make stop motion with Lego.
Negro 1080 (3 years ago)
+Kendall Aureliouz Trampe that star tho
Haidyn Dodson (3 years ago)
mr topper (3 years ago)
F*ck you
Das how we do
Kam Opkid (3 years ago)
were do you buy the boards? /what are they called?
Kam Opkid (3 years ago)
Mohd Saini (3 years ago)
Its playmats
Jean Dunaway (3 years ago)
Please give me two meg cgarzards y and two of the other meg cgarzards.
D//V//NE (3 years ago)
Battlefield 1942 themesong(remixed)?
Tat2Mytoes - (3 years ago)
It has battles on it. My mom!!
Laura Hockenberry (3 years ago)
Would a entei zekrom and regirock be a good combo
Laura Hockenberry (3 years ago)
+Hardcore Gaming cool really good cards
Joey Gross (3 years ago)
Yes, I use all of those but didn't make a deck focusing on using just those three, but they are in my deck, I use a kyurem and shiny gyarados ex full art together
Breeanna Mcwilliams (3 years ago)
if I give you and me to eat eggs will you give me a genesect EX
Master TV (3 years ago)
Sean Hill (3 years ago)
dope!!! i got 23,000 pokemon cards!!
Sean Hill (3 years ago)
Sean Hill (3 years ago)
+Micah Rios i got some at my dads and some some at my grandmas ill make a YouTube video of you want!
Meech (3 years ago)
jim Lopez (3 years ago)
yey is cool I'm I right or am I right
Fabulous Me (3 years ago)
not cool. battle NOW
karen brunton (3 years ago)
go play
Greg Center (3 years ago)
Great battle dude
Rigoberto Duran (3 years ago)
where do you live? Because i have pokemon cards too, and i want to trade with you guys and do a battle when we're are done trading.
OMG Animals (3 years ago)
Abigail Copeland (3 years ago)
hey guys my little brother loves pokemon and his favorite is charzard and I'm wondering if u could send one please . my address is 474 Allen drive cookeville tn I'm in Jackson county. thanks if have one
The Psychic Veil (3 years ago)
I'll send one OK shiny charizard
Gabe Tv (3 years ago)
ill send one it will be a christmas gift! :D
King James (3 years ago)
nasim sarder (3 years ago)
guys idk if this is a amazing card but is a MAggronEx Full art reallygood if so how much would it go for its condition scale 1-10 I rate 9
Edelweiss Manuales (3 years ago)
your cool bro i have all card mega charziradddd
KnollField Nerdz (3 years ago)
Jose could be invincible if he can get the trainer healing scarf because for each energy attached the Pokemon heals 20hp
Angela Christine (3 years ago)
antonyo Geska (3 years ago)
I see get silver
Damn i have way more than him i got almost 40,000 Pokemon and 400 ex,s
Tricra Warrior (3 years ago)
Tricra Warrior (3 years ago)
Hero Gaming (3 years ago)
jayden sosa (3 years ago)
I love pokemon
Damon Zweck (3 years ago)
Go to phoenix games
Howard Lovecraft (3 years ago)
Its so annoying seeing them try to move their hands like real poker players. YOURE NOT FOOLING ANYBODY!
Ramastic (3 years ago)
+Clayton Bernal they doing that just bored waiting enemy to do the next move
Jeff Papi (3 years ago)
+Clayton Bernal pokemon cards are fun to collect but a pain to play
Weapons Supremacy (3 years ago)
Please add me https://www.facebook.com/weaponssupremacy for share strategies and secrets of the card games :) Thanks!
Alfred Davis (3 years ago)
what no sleeves boo
jaiden_thegoat 12 (3 years ago)
I want cards so bad
i really like watching pokemon card battles
Percy Shaw (3 years ago)
This looks like fun to me, when they start an old fart league I will sign up!
Antoine Messaoudene (3 years ago)
JeffRB (3 years ago)
I wanted to tcg online but i only have a android version asus zenpad and everything they have for download is apple stuff anyway you can get them to change or know of a way to play on it
JeffRB (3 years ago)
And the turtorial isnt Woking on there either i wwnt tonget in to this but nothing is working im new but this seems so fun
Broncos4life721 (3 years ago)
That guy is moving his hands way too much.. Just relax man ha
That one guy (3 years ago)
MAN2039 Khan (3 years ago)
this is sooooo confusing
freddywarrior (3 years ago)
awesome cards
quiver worm (3 years ago)
when i first saw pokemon i bought my first pack and i got addicted and had battles
Wwe Universe (4 years ago)
My freind has tornadus
Gilbert Delgado (3 years ago)
+Wwe Universe I have tornadus, thundarus, and landarus.
DoubleW Speedruns (3 years ago)
My brother has tornadus too
CodiTC (4 years ago)
Why do they keep shuffling?!?!?
Elian Lei (4 years ago)
Evan Weinstein (4 years ago)
Francisco Shibata (4 years ago)
To see the hands I see Obsessive–compulsive disorder
Greg Center (3 years ago)
Ari Betty2 (4 years ago)
I love Pokémon cards
Gillian Rubin (4 years ago)
Finally, someone who spells it right!
Lori Ventimiglia (4 years ago)
I like this:)
Enzo Serpa (4 years ago)
i never understand this game just remember i used to collected them but never play
Sierra Nicole (4 years ago)
You just have no right to say that because someone doesn't play a lot means they can't make important decisions. That's just against everything Pokemon stands for. It's rude to him and overall not very nice.
PS3productionz (4 years ago)
my god... I'm no Pokemon TGC player but is it really that necessary to shuffle your deck for along as they did?!
Jay York (4 years ago)
I have 8 megas and I'm entering in the torment
Abby H (4 years ago)
this is bording
Sasha Stone (4 years ago)
I can't even watch a decent video here my YouTube isn't working right about now I wanna smash my tabley
tricialyn green (4 years ago)
Hurry with the battale
SuperGalaxyDaiGurren (4 years ago)
Scew stop to shop. I bought from them about 300 cards and got a lot of crappy cards. Its good for beginners who have no clue or just collecting but not if you want something rare at a cheap price.
Gillian Rubin (4 years ago)
How much did you buy them for? I do not know where u live, but at Target u can get them $7 less then most stores. Just a tip. I got decent ones, and the names of the Pokémon in you're pack are shown on the back of you're box.
John Beasley (4 years ago)
If. You. Get pokemon cards. Give it to me
BezzerrkBabybell (4 years ago)
Can someone tell me every card on the person on the lefts deck? I doubt it lol
Ruben VW (4 years ago)
I stopped playing Pokemon a few years ago. When I played, the opponent can choose to draw an extra card at the start of the game if you take a mulligan, but I didn't notice any of them drawing extra cards. Did they change this rule? Also, are players allowed a sideboard like in Magic? And is it best out of 3 in the tournaments?
thomas canada (4 years ago)
how you join pokemon leages
Oshawottstarter (3 years ago)
+thomas canada Whelp, 7 months late isn't too late for me. https://www.pokemon.com/us/play-pokemon/pokemon-events/find-an-event/ Enter in your info, and find your closest league. After that, go in and tell the league owner "hey, I want to join the league" and the league leader will be able to assist you. Make sure to bring a standard legal 60 card deck to league! I hoped a helped a bit.
EpicGamingGuy channel (4 years ago)
Sorry I am being a bad person for thinking something is cool
The Nuclear Brony (4 years ago)
+Matt.... Yo nigga what the fuck you saying about bronies?!?
EpicGamingGuy channel (4 years ago)
When you speak English
Lasanha (4 years ago)
Poor cards
Shaiya Bailey (4 years ago)
RobloxianGaming _RG_ (4 years ago)
About 5:06 is when the game ACTUALLY starts.
Noah & Atlas (4 years ago)
Why do people usually have sleeves on their cards?
Ruben VW (3 years ago)
+Advanced Gamer I'm not sure about Walmart, but in Target they usually have the playing cards at the front of the store at the end of the row of cash registers.
Xbox one Street races (3 years ago)
We're at in Walmart or target
Ruben VW (3 years ago)
+Advanced Gamer Any game store sells them. Also Target or Walmart.
Xbox one Street races (3 years ago)
We're can u buy them
Archaestra (3 years ago)
forgot to mention something; learn to air shuffle or making packs on the table. Seeing that guy making riffle shuffle just gives me cold chill in my back, it destroy the corners and bend the card really fast, cards will look like a pizza after only a couple match.
William Gomes (4 years ago)
Solan Parker (4 years ago)
Is this a good video to learn how to play? I was thinking i could use Marowak/Lucario team?
Pixelated Perfection (4 years ago)
I have a giant pokedeck but never played a game of this, But ill find out how sooner or later!
Jacob McCann (4 years ago)
Tamati Nation (4 years ago)
Can I have them I live in Australia in Addilade address is 38 william road
Kentucky Fried Meth (4 years ago)
You probs shouldn't have given out your address on FREAKIN' YOUTUBE. THOUSANDS of people come here. Some are out here looking for noobs like you who just put out their address in the comments. Just a suggestion: Delete this comment. (Or just the part that says your address)
Malanee Wheeler (4 years ago)
I'm new and my freind got me into playing im using his cards but this Christmas I'm getting my own,but right now I'm trying to learn,WTF was going on??? I mean seriously how defuck do u do dashiz?
Luis Amador (4 years ago)
Omg just play fucking hearthstone
Tjune Redd (4 years ago)
In all my years of having pokemon cards n playn the games ive never learned how to play n this is my first time seeing a card battle Pardon my noob shit but im still lose
Spitfirefan1397 (4 years ago)
play the online game on the ipad, that'll teach you how to play
jethdu (4 years ago)
like… half the video shuffling? srsly is this a joke xD do you know how to edit videos?
Pedro Antunes (3 years ago)
Alan teran (4 years ago)
Pokemon cards are cool
leojohnsuperstar (4 years ago)
I have the same sleeves as lucas.
Shadowrunner2510 (4 years ago)
Magic is way better
Sethtra Chheak (4 years ago)
Where did you get the black pokemon card
Charmy Lee (4 years ago)
Those are card sleeves
Nyles Ferguson (4 years ago)
Can I have some Pokemon cards
Nyles Ferguson (4 years ago)
Nyles Ferguson (4 years ago)
Can I have one
Wesley Dekkers (4 years ago)
Nl staat voor nederland
Nalu Mizukami (4 years ago)
What's a mulligan? (Idk how to spell it.. ) :D
SolemnSurvivor (4 years ago)
The term 'mulligan' is used in tcg's like Pokémon, and is when you don't like your start hand (or has no basics for Pokémon), so you draw a new one.
theannonymusgamer (4 years ago)
Its when u have no basics to play btw u spelled it right
Claudia Monzon (4 years ago)
U sock
demonsangells (4 years ago)
Who wins? the one that shuffles the best? idiotic...
メキシコ人 (4 years ago)
I never knew it could take so long to shuffle your cards. That was exhausting :/
TrippleZero (4 years ago)
Asher Aley (4 years ago)
Ur not getting him
Asher Aley (4 years ago)
Guys I have victini
Joseph Helie (3 years ago)
I have zekrom
vadont (4 years ago)
they took forever to shuffle their card before starting playing -___-
Natalia O. (4 years ago)
i play a charizard deck and a sammorrott deck
I play all sets, lol. 
Maddee (4 years ago)
where can you get sleeves for your cards? i need them for the 2nd annual pokemon battle at my school. anybody? i would really appreciate it.
rbeforme (4 years ago)
Pretty sure you could have found that out, and more, much quicker if you used the internet...
Maddee (4 years ago)
ok thanks
Frostyy (4 years ago)
I'm pretty sure you can get them at a store that sells like dungeons and dragons and like a really nerdy type store
Super Man (4 years ago)
I like magic trading card matches better go check them out guys and girls who enjoy trading card games
Danny jc (4 years ago)
this is boring
Supercar Central (4 years ago)
+Rick v h Yea that's what I did I wanted to see how to really play and I stopped watching 4 mins in because of how long the shuffling took forever and the narration didn't say much about the game  
Alejandro Islas (4 years ago)
Lmfao then why did u come dumbass!😂
james mortimer (4 years ago)
I have millions of good cards i have been playing for years
Cubed PC (4 years ago)
aaaaaaand....still mulligan
Cubed PC (4 years ago)
btw, for battle road can you use any cards from any set?

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