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How to download the Pokemon TCG game(Update)

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Here is an update of how to download pokemon tcg. make sure to chek out pokemanacademy.forumotion.com for more pokemon shizz
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Text Comments (56)
where is link??
doglover123 fidge (2 years ago)
I'm pissed off
doglover123 fidge (2 years ago)
It Wont fucking download
Alejandro Marin (3 years ago)
I did everything you did and it says "please wait,checking for update.." It also says to wait while the refresher is patched but it stays half way and freezes
How do you update the TCG idk how
SpiDi Seven (4 years ago)
Spider ghost me too have a problem with user_pofile can you help me
HENTAIsamus06 (3 years ago)
+SpiDi Seven same here, because of that i can't play the current version or uninstall it x.x
dragoner (4 years ago)
hey guys plizz hlp me i cannot uninstall it just says could not access network location property . USER_PROFILE
dragoner (4 years ago)
dragoner (4 years ago)
and when i trying to uninstall it
Astrobadgr (4 years ago)
when I download it says objects already exist because I accidentally deleted it before.
supergeared (4 years ago)
hmm i have to say you must go to repair... when you uininstall the game it gives you the option to repair the game - click repair and then it should work
meno negretei (4 years ago)
I acidently deleted my pokemon program from the control panel, so i tryed to reinstall it now it says Object already exists, The shortcut nor program of pokemon is not there, but it says it is, can anyone help
mhxtreeme (4 years ago)
go to the start menu and go to uninstall program then uninstall the app and re-install it
supergeared (4 years ago)
you must first look for any pokemon file that you have in your computer and must delete it
Ben Dixon (4 years ago)
It dose not work
Ben Dixon (4 years ago)
link plz
supergeared (4 years ago)
everything has changed therefore this video is outdated if you look at the date it was posted. I have another video on my channel check that one out
DutchPokemonCollecter (4 years ago)
send me the link please
supergeared (4 years ago)
yup i get irritated because they dont fix the problem and i get asked this question a lot 
DutchPokemonCollecter (4 years ago)
yeah i heard that the site is down and it hase nothing to do with my computer :)
supergeared (4 years ago)
this is a problem that this game has been having problems with
DutchPokemonCollecter (4 years ago)
playing it but i dont need it anymore cus i found it and for some reasen the paige where i can download it wont load 
supergeared (4 years ago)
Matthew Villegas (5 years ago)
i cant download the pokemon tcg at all plz help
supergeared (4 years ago)
sorry have been mia and its pokemontcg . com
TrixterCharizard (5 years ago)
How do I activate trading or enter a lobby please
JJ 3l3t (5 years ago)
Plz somone help every time I trie to log on the game it wont do anything
Ricochet Gamer (5 years ago)
when i press login it doesen't load i waited an hour and it just won't load can someone help me plz.
TheRedBarrier (5 years ago)
When i try to download it it says "500 SERVER  ERROR We encountered an error loading that page. We apologize for the inconvenience and will look into the error." I can't download it. It has been saying this for Months!  Help Please!
MrFreeze25 (5 years ago)
help when I download it takes me to my trainer club account
supergeared (5 years ago)
have never heard that try checking the pokemon forums i do not know much about that problem
Screamy (5 years ago)
How do u minimize pokemeon software
mario a diaz (5 years ago)
nope you cant
jomp1989 (5 years ago)
hello, can you help me on my downloading? i download it but when it opens after the install it freezes on loading do you have any idea on how to fix that?
supergeared (5 years ago)
hello sorry for late reply try re installing it should fix your problem also make sure not to have a lot ofprograms that take to much ram running
Laron Bradley (5 years ago)
mine says it can not read dusc or contact server andimstrator
supergeared (5 years ago)
check with your internet provider or it can be your firewall as well
BrolyBeast69 (5 years ago)
I hear Lavender Town lol
cas is unvablble??
supergeared (5 years ago)
im not sure if the game is compatible with windows 8 im not familiar with windows 8 and the tcg game you might want to check the website make sure you have a good stable internet connection and good ram
Alphadragon546 (5 years ago)
Help!!! When I launch it on my Windows 8, It just freezes on the loading screen, I seriously waited 20 freaking minutes and it was still frozen, help!
iSuckyz Growtopia (5 years ago)
Kept crashing
supergeared (5 years ago)
this happened to me once when it happened to me there was an update so make sure there is no update if that doesnt work re install
tellmeaboutit (5 years ago)
Cancel last message, just say something on their site. #EpicFail
tellmeaboutit (5 years ago)
Also: There is a Daily Login Bonus which gives you a free booster pack the first time you log in every day. Unless Pokemon TCGO is lying to me, which is very much possible ._____.
QuackSaysTheDuck (5 years ago)
does it support windows 7 64-bit?
supergeared (5 years ago)
No its completely free only thing you have to pay for is code cards you want to enter in the shop which give you free packs of cards these code cards can be purchased on ebay or even from packs
sara jaigobin (5 years ago)
do you have to pay
JonBeiTO (5 years ago)
That would I appreciate :)
supergeared (5 years ago)
really um let me see what i can research might take some time
JonBeiTO (5 years ago)
I have actually downloaded the installer many times and it's still not working :S
supergeared (5 years ago)
Hey there JOnBeiiTo well the easiest solution i just found out through forums is to reinstall your game. They still havent fixed this error though so if you get it again you might have to do this again. Luckily game isnt to big to reinstall
JonBeiTO (5 years ago)
FDI server error! Help
supergeared (6 years ago)
no problem
Zoroark112233 (6 years ago)
Thanks alot!

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