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FIRE for MANLY MEN | Pokémon Trading Card Game #21 | ProJared Plays

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This is the Pokémon Trading Card Game! Not the actual card game, but the Game Boy Color game! It's the TCG from back when it was still actually good. I've never played this before, but I've heard good things and I want to give it a shot. ►New here? Subscribe to ProJared Plays for more card games! -- http://bit.ly/1oQf8d8 ►Main Channel - http://youtube.com/dmjared ►T-Shirts!! -- http://theyetee.com/projared ►Follow me for instant updates on new videos! Twitter -- http://twitter.com/projared Instagram -- http://instagram.com/projaredgram ProJared Theme Remix by INDEMAPimp & Waterflame -- https://www.youtube.com/user/indemaPIMP https://www.youtube.com/user/waterflame89 #pokemon #pokemontradingcardgame #gameboygames
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Text Comments (209)
Miatog (5 days ago)
Jared played "Dis your game" It gave you five anger. You gained one Main Personality levels! Miatog (1) is now Miatog the Angry Owl (2)! TELL ME AGAIN DBZ WASN'T A GOOD CARD GAME! Though the GBA game sucked...really really bad...
Idelacio (6 days ago)
The Arcanine card is bugged in the second game. It SAYS causes 10 damage but actually causes 20. I was not happy on discovering that.
Hunter McCaskill (9 days ago)
I always thought Wartortle had the best starter design. I love his poof tail
Suraht (13 days ago)
The DBZ card game is not a good game, no. It's functional, and I don't recall running into too many game breaking glitches or the like, but there isn't a ton of strategy involved in the game play, with just about everything critical based on luck. And there are character levels, where you're going to find yourself going against enemies many levels higher than you which means you're either going to need some extreme luck or you're going to have to go repeat stages with characters to gain levels. And then you'll have to repeat those stages anyway when you run a different character storyline, only with different goals. Only recommended for extreme DBZ fans.
Oliver Klozzoff (10 days ago)
theres two dbz card games on GBA. theres one based on the Score game from 2000 ish, which is what hes referencing, then another that wasnt based on any real world game, but had little character animations, iirc
Grawderu (13 days ago)
Cyndaquil was my favorite too. Fire starters till Snivy
Otacon464 (10 days ago)
I never liked Fire until Fennekin
PalladiumPorcupine (14 days ago)
17:46 Miss Editor knows what's up
PhoeniksoftheStorm (14 days ago)
Ok i just randomly started watching this part. haven´t watched the others. sorry Jared :(. I immedieatly feel like playing the TCG game
PhoeniksoftheStorm (10 days ago)
+Otacon464 it just showed up in my recommendations so i said why not
Otacon464 (10 days ago)
May I ask why you watched this part hut not the others?
Nikolai Karpovich (15 days ago)
“Yeah! That was really hot. You’re the greatest” - Never noticed how gay the Fire Club was when I played this as a kid
Odorokasu (15 days ago)
The Arcanine card..... the reason I stopped dueling my sister when we were kids. But love this game. I still have my original GBC cartridge with a shameless amount of hours put into it and max amount of most of the cards, but also got the one from the eshop on my 3DS. Been fun starting from scratch and getting back into the game.
Shaun Crandall (15 days ago)
Liked just for Ms. Editor's Cowbell reference.
S.E.111Films (15 days ago)
Yeah, you never used Blastoise because Lagiacrus died.
ZygonCannar (15 days ago)
Discards squirtle out of spite instead of double colorless that does nothing. Draws what he needs for blastoise Pikachu face
playing_some_stuff (15 days ago)
Still loving this, great job man.
animefan3794 (15 days ago)
Oshawott and Rowlett are pretty much the only times I didn’t pick fire type
Rodrigo Varela (15 days ago)
Yay! Miss Editor is also on Team Water starters!! I somehow get the feeling that EVERYONE takes the fire ones and we waters are in a minority :/ (I hate pokemon pvp so having the type advantage brings me no joy)
Rachel Douglas (15 days ago)
I adore this series and I'll be sad when it ends. I'm excited for the elite four fights, and then the sequel!!! Hope the bug deck makes a reappearance for the final fights! >3
Daniël Fuhres (15 days ago)
It's called Grandmasters jared. x3 lol And good luck, I'd suggest having a really powerful fighting deck; a water deck & an electric deck for the first 3 grandmasters though. The 4th one I dun really remember though. ^^;;
MagamisZon (15 days ago)
Hey Projared. How would i get the pokemon tcg 2?
Oliver Klozzoff (10 days ago)
the english repro is probably on Ebay
Charade Plays (15 days ago)
On subject of dragon ball z card games, Legendary Super Warriors is a good one
Hal Ryder (15 days ago)
Why'd you add Starmie to the deck? The Starmie card is just... bad. I almost prefer just using Staryus.
T4silly (15 days ago)
Probably safe to assume he never went back for the Mewtwo...
alphapolimeris (16 days ago)
What does Bill do ?
ScumBag_ Poon (16 days ago)
I like this
Cava Drac (16 days ago)
I'm always happy when I see a new episode of this series after waking up. <3
Unyu Duet (16 days ago)
Now that he mentioned it, ProJared playing Sacred Cards or Reshef of Destruction for the GBA would be amazing.
PixelGoat (16 days ago)
...I'm sure this has been said before, but who here wished that when you beat other players at trading card games, that they'd give you boosters? (And TWO of them at that!) I would have had better decks back then! No player would ever do that in reality!
Zorgdub (16 days ago)
"If the other guys lose to you after how you schooled me, I'll look like a fool. Here, have these cards to improve your fire-busting deck."
Michael Griffin (16 days ago)
Our champ in the making is finally in the final stages! ADAM has finally been defeated, leaving only one remaining FIRE trainer before the Club Leader! Just how will our turbulent trainer extinguish his foe's flame? Let's find out, in the next episode!
fireassassin123 (16 days ago)
I generally go with a variety of different starters Bulbasaur is my grass boi Totodile is really cool Torchic was fun to use Turtwig was an Earthquaking monster Oshawott is freaking awesome Froakie is like the best starter ever Litten wrestled his way into my heart
gurvmlk (16 days ago)
I like the DBZ TCG. Had a pretty solid Orange Tokui Waza deck back in the day, with Main Personality Tien. Focused heavily on Drills to buff up the damage of my attacks, and a fair number of Tien Named Cards that worked fairly well with its overall strategy. Weirdly though, despite being an Orange deck, it focused more on physical than energy attacks.
ReiDuran (16 days ago)
I LOVE how hype you get for this game! It's so infectious.
Miles Joyner (16 days ago)
Jared, I really hope there isn’t a freakishly long period of time before PTCG2 is played. I’m having SOO much fun watching those! Thanks for your videos!
John Walsh-Wadlegger (16 days ago)
Got a Ratata from that laat pack, you were looking for those right?
DynastyKit (16 days ago)
Jared, now you have to do at least one episode on the Dragon Ball Z card game game.
Garrin (16 days ago)
Honestly, this is awesome, but I like and comment for your metrics.
Brandon Crosby (16 days ago)
one more club to go
Caesar Nero (16 days ago)
So question does the grass club also kiss a little? Just asking.
Otacon464 (10 days ago)
All girls kiss a moderate amount
dumeoch (16 days ago)
Play Monster Rancher Battle Card 2 next!
Camkitsune (16 days ago)
2:42 Funnily enough,. the attack in question could 'Call For Family' in the current format - the connection was loosened to 'Any basic Pokemon'. The fact that this works on GX cards (including the 300 hitpoint monstrosities from the latest set) is... Questionable...
GaiaX5 (16 days ago)
Sploosh or Splooge?
William Clark (16 days ago)
So the Flame Club only consists of men who want to spend time with other men, playing a children's card game with far too much gusto? As a Gaymer, I believe I am qualified to say that we have found the male equivalent to Erika's Rainbow Badge Gym.
The Squid Pro Gamers (16 days ago)
Jared you forgot about the only rival to beat you 3 times XD
YoKozo (16 days ago)
TIL I was actually subscribed to Ms. Editor Reacts to Jared's LPs.
SolarFlair (16 days ago)
That first battle was painful. Always be aware of what energy cost your Pokemon require.. and take advantage of status moves if you need to build up others. Squirtle was the perfect choice. Even if Krabby, shoulda put some energy on it to deal 20-40 damage to that Tauros.
Caleb Evans (16 days ago)
You should play BitPath next!
Jeremy White (16 days ago)
Ugh you’re so fine!!!!! 😍❤️❤️
Wesly Z (16 days ago)
Jared! Yu Gi Oh; Duelist of the Roses. It is unlike any card game you've played.
The Dufflebag Gang (15 days ago)
That game started my love affair with tactical RPGs. So much fun, I wish there were more games like it.
Shawn Heatherly (16 days ago)
Jared with the fiercest Pokemon fanfics today.
GamerFromJump (16 days ago)
Blastoise can be a buff boy in the games when he Mega Evolves if you load him up with Water Pulse, Aura Sphere, Dark Pulse, and Dragon Pulse. So much coverage.
pendragnx (16 days ago)
"I have two pysducks.. This is the worst day..."
Captain Caterpie (16 days ago)
hey jared, you should try the yu-gi-oh reverse of arcadia games. they are based on the yu-gi-oh 5ds era but are not too far gone as everything is archetype based, instead most stuff is themed. i like to play it as an anime protagonist (as the main character is a brand new character) and open packs once i can to build a completely new deck then each time i defeat 5 trainers i can open another pack, and forcing my deck to only have 1 of each card for funsies, but allow finding cards in the wild as cards i can have. basically just a challenge that i like to do but always fun and something i think you will find fun c:
cursedex (16 days ago)
Jared has finally defeated his archnemesis, the Flamethrower Deck. A shame, though, since his reactions to Flamethrower being used were hilarious.
Kaizo Audio (16 days ago)
He had Krabby call for his family JUST to watch him die... that’s fucked up, bro.
Bristlefurr (16 days ago)
I love Cindaquil <3
Tom Tinker (16 days ago)
0:50 - reeeeally thought ms editor would've had something to say. like "0-0" or "tmi" or "is it getting hot in here?"
mutalord (16 days ago)
I know about that Dragon Ball game you mentioned at the start, Frankomatic played years ago
timmer919hep (16 days ago)
You shouldn't have mentioned the DBZ Card Game...now you HAVE to play it for us. It's the rules.
Izzy Alexanderish (16 days ago)
The preview thumbnail shows you with no medals.
TamesLovesGames (16 days ago)
When I hear Anger, I think of discarding it to my graveyard so all my creatures have haste
Alan Calvillo (16 days ago)
I choose you.
Pro Trunks (16 days ago)
Alright, I have to speak up... The DBZ CCG(both the SCORE version and Panini version) were fantastic games. Just because you don't like non-MtG engines doesn't make it bad. It was sweet! Admittedly, the GBA game did it no justice at all and was severely lacking in options... but don't be basing the game on that, unless your only opinion of YGO is based on some of the old GBC games(Dark Duel Stories)
Oliver Klozzoff (10 days ago)
I wish there was a little bit more effort put into balancing the panini one, as that was kind of supposed to be the point. of course, I didnt care that Score was completely unbalanced, because that's kind of why it was fun lol
immortallegacy100 (16 days ago)
For anyone wanting an OP Water Deck I'd actually first suggest picking the starter Water Deck as I find getting Blastoise from Evolution prize packs kinda annoying. Go with x4 Lapras, x4 Squirtle, x2-4 Wartortle, and x4 Blastoise. You can also mix in Hitmonchan, Electabuzz, Scyther, and/or Mewtwo if you want extra coverage. Pokemon Breeder is pretty much your best friend for getting Blastoise out early, and because of it you can run fewer Wartortle or none at all if you wish. Also, for trainers x4 Computer Search, x2 Switch, x2 Gust of Wind, x4 Bill, x4 Professor Oak, and x2-4 Energy Search should pretty much be a staple for any deck. And on average I'd say that you want about 20-25 Energy, about 20 Trainers, and about 10-15 Pokemon. Not at all trying to "backseat game". Use the cards you wanna use and have fun with them. I just wanted to give people who may be struggling a bit some advice and/or give some tips on how to make an OP deck which was VERY popular back in the day. Basically it was Blastoise, Do the Wave, and some variation of Haymaker ruling the playgrounds and championships.
Renato Corvaro (16 days ago)
Pfft. Water. Fire is best. I exclusively play Fire when I know I'll be up against Water. It's a point of pride and my win record is pretty goddamn solid. ... Solidly low.
Renato Corvaro (16 days ago)
+Starman2001 Because almost nothing can stand up against 100 damage.
Starman2001 (16 days ago)
IDK A Zard deck seems to do pretty well against everything in the game for me.
NEOvik Britt Rains (16 days ago)
I can't believe jared didn't call out the headband the games character has a " 5 " on it yet. It's distracting to me everytime i play the game
Otacon464 (10 days ago)
What's special about 5?
MrDeadcorn333 (16 days ago)
Another MTG video would be cool....
Captain Kronose (16 days ago)
Vladivostok (16 days ago)
Dayum that Tauros thicc!!
Juan D'Marco (16 days ago)
Jared: *discards his second Squirtle after his first one is killed* Jared: *gets a Wartortle* Jared: *complains that all his Squirtles are gone*
WildfireMagni (16 days ago)
Kraebby did his best...
S-My-Q (16 days ago)
I've always been a grass starter myself. Blastoise is my favorite water starter evolution, but I feel it's almost pointless to choose a water starter in most games cuz there's way too many water Pokemon.
Mansmo (16 days ago)
Speking of DBZ TCG "which is dead by the way", yeah, it was a bit weird and you had to do some tiresome damage calculations, Dragon Ball Super TCG on the other hand is more fun and accessible .
thegamesresearcher (16 days ago)
mmm.... I'm aware that tuber's are not exactly in the habit of reading the comments... and that it's quite posible the rest of the series has already been rec'd... and i don't want to sound like "that guy" but... sigh: Jared, it's not a good idea to spam a gallilion evolution lines in a single deck, i mean, i kind of lost track of what you had but... really? Blastoise line + Starmie line + Gyarados line + whatever other pokemon can be added just for raw type advantage... at the same time in the same deck? man, that's a way to get yourself into the "i don't have the pokemon i need for this" shithole with a sideways of "i don't have enough energy to sustan my team as i keep on adding energy to pokemon that are going to not last on the field" crap... just... focus in about 2 evo lines that get to stage 2 with maybe* one that only goes to stage 1, or focus just on 2 and then* fill the gaps with "sturdy" pokemon of the right type, pokemon that don't evolve in exchange for being a little more durable from the beginning or that form some sort of safety net to set up your opponent or buy some time for the right draw, at best you might need 20 pokemon in your deck, total* + 20-22 energy (depends on energy recycling and what types you've got in there), maybe a 18 energy + 4 "double" if you running monotype... and got plenty of pokemon with attacks that run on 2 colorless, the rest should be trainer cards to help you set up, like bills for free draws, maybe "pokemon traders" if you want that* many different lines that you need to swap around, like, i'm not exactly going to say "look up this x build with the perfect ammount of each card for a broken combo" but what i'm going to say is that you can* put together a deck with a theme/mechanic you like and STILL find a way to make it functional... like... really? you almost* get rek't by the same guy... but this time while playing a deck with "an advantage"?
AstonWildsteel (16 days ago)
Last episode: "Golduck's Hyper Beam only deals 20 damage, it's pretty weak." This episode: "Golduck's Hyper Beam removes his double colorless energy, that's huge!" and proceeds to carry the whole match.
AstonWildsteel (15 days ago)
+ProJared Plays! It's true, I won't deny that, but a consistent energy removal is very good to have, especially against fire decks with attacks that require discarding energy. What I wanted to say is that 20 damage is a small cost if your opponent can't do much to deal with the lack of energy across their board. Other than stall, but they might be forced to suddenly stall with a key Pokémon and might not even be able to pay the necessary retreat cost. Unless Switch or Gust of Wind is involved, all Hyper Beams aren't bad options to have.
ProJared Plays! (16 days ago)
20 damage is pretty weak for a Hyper Beam.
Kight Ultra (16 days ago)
What's is up with you I guess that right actually.
Stupid Google (16 days ago)
I think Jared forgot how that one "nerd" kicked his ass, heheh.
Dr. Forrester (16 days ago)
I was so miffed when you opted for throwing Psyduck out against Magmar, especially against a flamethrower deck, but Blastoise got a chance to be a hero in the end so it's cool. Good duels, especially with Golduck wrecking the Anger deck. I'm excited to see you take on the Grand Masters at the DOME As far as starters go, I haven't personally stuck with a single type every time, instead opting for the ones I think I'd like to have in real life. Starting with gen 1: Squirtle, Cyndaquil, Mudkip, Turtwig, Tepig, Chespin and Rowlet
Marcelo Severino (16 days ago)
Is it just me that raged over Jared using 1x Energy Retrieval and 1x Super Energy Retrieval to get 1 single energy?
SombreAria (16 days ago)
1:52 2:00 Hey guys. What does Pot of Greed do?
shamanazakura (16 days ago)
+Tom Tinker Yes, but what does it DO?
Sean Bird (16 days ago)
It gives you three mana of any color. Wait...
LowReedExpert1 (16 days ago)
Hey guys, what does Pot of Bill do?
Tom Tinker (16 days ago)
"which allows me to draw TWO cards from my deck."
Sebastian Abele (16 days ago)
If Jerd plays a YGO game, it has to be the utter BS PS1 game.
The Dufflebag Gang (15 days ago)
God, Forbidden Memories was terrible in all the best ways.
Gustavo Kupcevich (16 days ago)
23:17 Cyndaquil Hype!
L. Fly (16 days ago)
I love that you’re doing this series, it’s so much fun to watch and is also very relaxing. I can’t wait to see you play the sequel you got even if it’s not for a while. :)
robsmors (16 days ago)
Dude you absolutely destroyed that guy at the end. 120 damage at 10hp left, that was amazing and satisfying af!
Winged Mirage (16 days ago)
Methinks Jared needs to take some memory supplements. Between forgetting the medicine in the Zelda II randomizer and then COMPLETELY forgetting about the previous fire club visit...including the second guy who wiped him out MULTIPLE times before...Surprised Ms.Editor didn't comment on it.
SonicKing20 (16 days ago)
Justin Lacy (16 days ago)
To Miss Editor, at 2:33 - all Pokémon actually use unmodified plurals. So the plural of "Krabby" is "Krabby", etc. Most people try to make the logical sounding plurals in conversation, myself included; but if you want to be technically correct it's always unchanged.
lewrl1 (16 days ago)
Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist 2 is coming soon, love to see you play that at some point.
Joseph Stramandinoli (16 days ago)
Jared I think you're using too many different evolution lines in the same deck. It's making it really hard to get your hands on the stage 1 or 2 cards you need when your hand is spread out over so many different lines.
Pringlesman (13 days ago)
+NanoWasabi I think if he had 4 Professor oaks he could make a pretty decent raindance deck at this point. Competive base set only raindance uses 4 squirtle, 1 wartortle, 3 blastoise, 4 Karp, 3 Gyarados, 1 chansey, 4 Breeder. He isn't too far from that. Especially if you add in that articuno of his.
Lucarioguild7 (15 days ago)
Joseph Stramandinoli I don’t know if you noticed but you don’t really need a tuned deck to win in this game
Ardhacandra (15 days ago)
It also isn't really his style I think.
NanoWasabi (16 days ago)
He doesn't really have enough cards to invest heavily into one or two lines though (although he just got two more Gyarados, which will help some).
thegamesresearcher (16 days ago)
that could be addressed with "pokemon traders"... but... now that i think about it? does Jared even owns 1 or 2?
Drunkefox (16 days ago)
maybe having half your deck being pokemons isnt a good idea Jared
Noname Nobody (16 days ago)
Finally.....Adam of the Fire Club falls! The Flamethrower deck, responsible for over 80% of Jared's losses, gets dowsed in the fury danced pump of his mostly-mono Sploosh deck! Jared's claim to the legendary cards seems inevitable now....
Anthony Naranjo (16 days ago)
I’m sorry, Jared, but a Kingdom Hearts 3 video just popped in my sub box. I’ll be back, I swear!
HALESTORMDRAGO Martin (16 days ago)
“I’ve got crabs...”-projared 2018
Chris East (15 days ago)
Recently been playing Civ 5. This hit me with people demanding crabs, fresh on my mind.
Some Random Guy (16 days ago)
"I wanted to Computer Search for a Pokemon Breeder..." Given that you don't have the Energy to power him up, you could have gotten a Wartortle too.
ArtGuyCharlie (16 days ago)
Also, if you're going to computer search for a pokemon breeder I would recommend turning on safe search first.
Penguindude91 (16 days ago)
And Jared... has done it! The Reverse Sweep! *insert gif of Billy Madison shouting "YOU BLEW IT!" at John* For the end of the second duel, I imagine the Hydro Pump Blastiose does from Pokemon Stadium finishing off Magmar.
yugisr (16 days ago)
Some Random Guy (16 days ago)
I said this before, but Gyarados was the heavy hitter of my Water Deck in this game. It takes a lot of Energy, but it hits like a freaking truck.
Kelix Plays (16 days ago)
I almost never used bubblebeam on mine. Only 3 water energy for 50 dmg and all that health on a stage 1? Yeah Gyarados is a top tier card in this. Water/fighting decks with gyarados and hitmonchan are devastating.
Grant Bielecki (16 days ago)
I’m pretty sure the reason that the decks seem so random is that it provides a lot more variety to the game I mean I’d rather have the rage deck in the fire club as opposed to 3 flamethrower decks It also makes each duelist more memorable in my opinion
crabtastic7 (16 days ago)
Why didnt you use rain dance
DrakonIL (16 days ago)
+Some Random Guy Which is why rain dance is kind of a shit power. By the time you play Blastoise, you've usually already played most of your energy anyway.
Some Random Guy (16 days ago)
Rain Dance lets you put more than one Water Energy down, but that's it. You still have to draw the Water Energy first in order to use it.
MetalSmasherGaming (16 days ago)
Who needs Energy Removal when you have Hyper Beam? Man, that move really saved you in that first fight!
envelopingdarkness (16 days ago)
would love to see a Yu-Gi-Oh forbidden memories playthrough.
Canadian Ninja (16 days ago)
Hyperbeam is too good right now.

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