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Thunderbird Tutorial Configuration Free Email Manager and Free Altenative for Microsoft Outlook

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mailnews.message_display.disable_remote_image mail.identity.default.suppress_signature_separator https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/ What is Thunderbird? Thunderbird is a free, open-source, cross-platform application for managing email and news feeds. It is a local (rather than a web-based) email application
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shirley legare (1 month ago)
maybe you can help me. i used this tutorial to to set up my email client on my new hp lap top. some how the program dropped my ability to send emails from my youtube videos or from the file. i have tried everything i can think of which includes a tune-up offered by my browser firefox and even so far as removing the program and reinstalling it. nothing seems to work i hope you can help me. this tutorial was so easy i couldn't believe my luck in finding your channel. i am old and don't have enough money for even the income tax people to bother with me. after we lost all our retirement investment in 2008 i can't afford to pay for tech support. anything you can do to help you will get my deepest appreciation.
Allan Gray (1 month ago)
Thanks for the video - it was very helpful. Especially the parts about using the config editor of which I was previously unaware. I have since used the config editor to force a background send so you can get on with your work while an email is sending. However, saving an email can also tie up the program for long periods. Is there a way to force a background save so you don't have to wait for it? Any assistance would be appreciated. Allan
Actual version working version with patch if you have a error need a rule for firewall.All options may cause a problem https://yadi.sk/d/DsPnlZgP3KF59M
M A (4 months ago)
No consigo solucionar mi problema ,,,podrían ayudarme ? Cuando busco un contacto en la barra de búsqueda de thunderbird ...al empezar a escribir las primeras letras me sugiere otro contacto que he borrado de la libreta de direcciones y que he borrado todos sus correos recibidos y enviados Que puede ser que hago mal No quiero ver a ese contacto en mi ordenador , !!por favor me pueden ayudar..? Gracias muchas gracias
Sunshine Always (4 months ago)
Where do I go to send out a mass email??
Jolly S (5 months ago)
Thanks...for informative video. If possible make a video on linux...
Hank Facer (5 months ago)
Most helpful, thanks so much
adrian chetan (7 months ago)
Hallo, Nice video, when i'm trying to open a blue link in a email that points to a link it tells me that this have to be open with a application. I understand maybe in Preferences to make the adjustment. Can you tell me please, Thank you!
Digital Bear Productions (7 months ago)
Open it with a browser
kathleen Young (7 months ago)
When I try to add another e-mail address I always get a message that my e-mail address or password is invalid.  What do I do to get another e-mail added?  The e-mail address is correct.  Why is my password invalid.  How do I change this?  What is needed?  Thanks.
kathleen Young (7 months ago)
When I try to add another e-mail address I always get a message that my e-mail address or password is invalid.  What do I do to get another e-mail added?  The e-mail address is correct.  Why is my password invalid.  How do I change this?  What is needed?  Thanks.
Digital Bear Productions (7 months ago)
I've been getting that on a few of my email addresses. Maybe it's a bug from last update
Incloud Design (7 months ago)
I am trying to mimic Windows 10 mail app. I love the look of the app but would rather chew glass than use Microsofts moronic limitations, lol. Do you know how to change the actual aesthetics in the main files? I've extracted the executable but don't know where to start. Any help if available would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration!
Digital Bear Productions (7 months ago)
Ionut Gaucan (8 months ago)
you should be short and simple, you suck.
ゲンクロー義経 (7 months ago)
You should make your own tutorial then
David Price (8 months ago)
Thunderbird works, but that's all the credit I can give it. Difficult to configure, clunky, don't think it's had any improvements for years. Much better options out there now, imo.
Les Campbell (8 months ago)
Great job! This video has been helpful.
Wildpaisley (8 months ago)
So is thunderbird email "on line" like Yahoo, or is it on your computer? I learned long ago to never do e-mail on the computer because when they crash, you lose all your e-mail. And with yahoo, they have changed my "grandfathered" yearly price and are not hornoring it any longer.
D¡vཇr Studiø (9 months ago)
0:32 Again
D¡vཇr Studiø (9 months ago)
0:18 This computer is hacked by Satan !!
Dharmesh Chawla (10 months ago)
What is the storage capacity of Thunderbird
Kroma Artazen (10 months ago)
Hi Digital Bear Productions, #1. Thank you for showing me Thunderbird, Not that I am looking for Harvard or Oxford English, your great till you use the word "GUYS", this takes the video into the gutter, It sounds like you talking to fellow In-Mates or Gang Members. In our business it's called Production Values. Example Children are not baby Goats (kids), the term Kid or Guys is rarely use in a University setting, National or even New York City News
Gazz Sway (11 months ago)
That was a great video, thank you
Wayne Murray (1 year ago)
Hello. Very informative. However what can I do about pop up messages asking me to put in a new password? Apparently Thunderbird (for whatever reason) loses profile information. Thank you
I-Love-Music (1 year ago)
TB is crap..., not even the complete Mailaddres of sender is shown up completely in the Inbox..., also creating Folders is not possible, its limited. Will try Mailbird... Thanks
TheChosenOne (1 year ago)
Good job with the explanation. Things have changed quite a bit since you've made this video but it's mostly relevant. The process is much more streamlined now with less to configure. The only thin people should always do is choose IMAP, not POP.
suZb (1 year ago)
hi.. how can I change my GET MESSAGES to GET EMAIL. I'm confused.
Ronald Hyte (1 year ago)
I'm having some problems with my new install to get away from MS Office. The first one is how to delete without the deleted entries showing bake up as more mail. The other problem is I cant get my new email to come in.
Baha Queen (1 year ago)
Ludo Beckers (1 year ago)
good tutorial, thanks!
Mick McCafferty (1 year ago)
Hi I tried this but should have clicked pop but chose the wrong one and now it is telling me that it is not set up for pops. I tried desabeling it and re install but it is not giving me the option to choose the option pops. I tried a system restore after deleting the whole thing but it is still downloading all my files but still will not get mail. Help!!
Mick McCafferty (1 year ago)
will this accept icloud and link to other devices
James Oldman (1 year ago)
How does one get rid of the line on the left when you forward messages?
Timothy Harris (1 year ago)
How do you get a new password?
h lender (1 year ago)
In thunderbird, it keeps deleting my emails even though I did not delete them. They're not in the trash bin. How can I recover them?
h lender (1 year ago)
Thanks for your reply. I am not using imap email. I set it up as pop. I don't recv emails on my phone. Only on my one PC. I'm thinking there should be a setting to stop it from deleting from the in box unless I do it myself. I guess I'm going to start archiving my emails because they're untouched. PS I got to thinking that I did change the settings at my main server, Charter Spectrum, to when I would delete mail out of the inbox it would bypass the trash bin and being deleted. So I went in and changed it back to what it should be. Go into the trash bin and let me do the final delete. I'll let you know if that works. Looking good so far.
+h lender Check your settings. If you're using an imap email, then if you're deleting them from your phone or another pc, they will also delete in thunderbird
Keys to Bhutan (1 year ago)
Where is Draft and sent item
Mitchell Ellis (1 year ago)
Thanks a bunch!!
Tamara Schneider (1 year ago)
HI Digital Bear Productions, thanks a lot for your video, really like it. Allthough I hope you can maybe answer my specific question as well. I tried to add an existing email account (my own domain), however, always when I make all the settings (I add Username, domain, password, POP3 etc. ) It pops up that Email adress or password is wrong, but email adress is correct (i have the domain hosted at easyname.com) and password, well I used the password I have in easyname as well.. do you know by chance what I have to change/add/do in order to be able to add my own domain to thunderbird? thanks a lot in advance. Cheers, Tamara
Mohammed Z. Mirza (1 year ago)
Is there an option to receive notification that your sent email has been seen / opened by the recipient . Many thanks
Clipping Masking (1 year ago)
which pass i have to change? TB or email?
Clipping Masking (1 year ago)
It doesn't work
+Clipping Masking TB isn't an email... it's a client to manage emails. So go to the website of the email that is spamming and change your password of your email there
Clipping Masking (1 year ago)
My sending mail is spamming , how to solve ?
Clipping Masking (1 year ago)
Thank you
+Clipping Masking Changing pass usually solves it. And run a scan on your computer too.
Clipping Masking (1 year ago)
I send email from TB...thank you for your suggestion ..............
+Clipping Masking Change your password
BCSSF Assoc (1 year ago)
Thank you for this tutorial. My question - can you comment on how T-Bird needs to be set up to integrate within other programs. For example: it is possible for T-Bird email to be launched from the Filemaker database program. Any comments on how that would be enabled ?
+BCSSF Assoc I'm not sure how that would work. You can check for add-ons in the store but I've never heard of anything like that.
BCSSF Assoc (1 year ago)
Thank you for this tutorial. My question - can you comment on how T-Bird needs to be set up to integrate within other programs. For example: it is possible for T-Bird email to be launched from the Filemaker database program. Any comments on how that would be enabled ?
hari subedi (1 year ago)
I really appreciate you. It's very helpful.
Jorgen Sandstrom (1 year ago)
Thank you!
Stevo Reno (1 year ago)
GREAT Video Dude !!!! VERY Helpful !!
+Stevo Reno I appreciate your response. I hope you can subscribe! ^_^
Timothy Harris (1 year ago)
Hello, How do I add a signature with a logo?
+Timothy Harris Enable the HTML
Eugene Mulder (1 year ago)
How can I extract data from the Thunderbird Desktop App. I have 38000 emails. I want to extract Contact info from signatures, Attachments from emails as well as extract emails and phone numbers from the pdf attachments once extracted.
Type in %appdata% in the search of your PC, go to Mozilla Thunderbird and copy that entire folder. Then insert it and it should appear exactly as your have it in that PC into another PC when you copy and paste that folder over. For other extractions, check out some add-ons that they have in the store.
kiran Bagdi (2 years ago)
how to logout in thunderbird?
John 117 (2 years ago)
do you know how to limit the space it uses?
Zee Ismail (2 years ago)
i need to make reminder to followup mails, it was easy before, just right click on email and add reminder, but after new Thunderbird last update i couldn't find it, any help pls??
Victor Sighali (2 years ago)
Thank you very much this has been so helpful
+Victor Sighali Glad it helped you out.
Zenon Ayala (2 years ago)
I faced problem, when I do the mail merge, thunderbird gave me this, do you know where went wrong? [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x8050000e (NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_INPUT) [nsIConverterInputStream.readString]" nsresult: "0x8050000e (NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_INPUT)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://mailmerge/content/compose.js :: mailmerge.csv :: line 321" data: no]
maricar edquibal (2 years ago)
when im logging up in mozilla thunderbird it says wrong email or password but i type it correct
Mithras Revisited (1 year ago)
Make sure it is set to POP ACCOUNT
maricar edquibal (2 years ago)
help pls
Larkinchance (2 years ago)
Ok, this video was published in 2014. At that time, there was an easy tab to view my sent mail. Not long ago, it just disappeared. I've deleted, re-installed and even got a new computer. No easy way to view my send items.. This is important to me and I am not the only one who has this complaint. I've been to the forums and there are thousands with the same problem. Thunderbird, how could do such a thing? I like Mozilla, I like Thunderbird, are you trying to drive me away? Currently I am looking for a new email client. Thank you.
+Larkinchance They are an amazing company that is not running off revenue. They depend on donations unlike Microsoft and Google.
Larkinchance (1 year ago)
+Helene V. If you have just installed it you would be right but this hasn't always been the case. I have used Thunderbird for many years. There was suddenly a problem. It was the missing “Sent Mail” icon on the left just under the “In Box” I would often refer to sent mail when wanting to view what I had written previously so as not to be repetitious. I re-installed and no “Sent Mail” icon appeared. When I went to the Thunderbird forums I discovered that I was not the only complaining user. There were many many with the same problem. Mozilla's answers were evasive or outright untrue. However, after months and months the “Sent Mail” icon has mysteriously reappeared. I am grateful because I like and trust Mozilla much more than Microsoft and Google.
Helene V. (1 year ago)
I guess that you have already find you sent mails, In case, I have just installed Thunderbird -. What I see is that just under "Inbox", there is a file called "Gmail". The sent Mail, Trash, Spam are in it.
+Larkinchance What happened?
+Larkinchance I might of missed it. What's up? I might of been busy.
1too3fore (2 years ago)
can't we still use POP3 with gmail to store mail locally on our PC?
1too3fore (2 years ago)
why do we need to click on newsgroups?
Jan Penn (2 years ago)
Great tutorial! You described clearly how to automatically resolve those embedded links to images using the "mailnews.message_display.disable_remote_image" switch. But I have a problem when I save an email to my tablet as an "eml" file. All those images don't get saved and then when I view the saved email, they appear as little boxes with a question mark inside. Is there a way I can save those images as well?
+Jan Penn That would be an issue with your tablet. Check your email settings in your tablet. Under images or attachment settings.
Jan Penn (2 years ago)
The email is fine on Thunderbird, but on the tablet the images are missing and appear as little boxes with question marks.
They appear as little boxes with question marks on the Thunderbird client or the tablet?
Julie Tann (2 years ago)
Great video. I want to change mine from blue to orange like in outlook but I can't work out how to. Any tips please?
Tanay Narshana (2 years ago)
I am sending test emails from thunderbird. The subject when I recieve the mail prefixes the subject with "possible spam". How do I fix this?
+Tanay Narshana There is a section in the video to fix this. I also have the command in the description.
Larkinchance (2 years ago)
Where is my send e-mails.. I have been using Thunderbird for 20 years, why would they hide it?
Michael Rudge (2 years ago)
It cannot find @tiscali.co.uk server
Amie Hana (2 years ago)
Need more help - During the crash, I lost one of the very important draft message. How can i recover it ? Thanks
+Amie Hana I'm not sure if you will be able to.
Amie Hana (2 years ago)
OMG..you SAFE my life on this one. THANK YOU VERY MUCH....it worked like magic !!!
+Amie Hana You're welcome :)
ram ram (2 years ago)
this video so much useful for me thank QQQ
JACKY WILLIAMS (2 years ago)
4suzie (2 years ago)
Thank you very much this has been so helpful
Dukagjin Murtezani (2 years ago)
is thunderbird in android store?
Gethyn Jones (2 years ago)
Very useful. Thanks.
Ed noyb (2 years ago)
On my thunderbird email there is no access to a file - edit - view - tools - etc. bar so your whole video is useless ..
+Ed noyb Well that is too bad for you. Everyone else seems like they are doing well for the most part.
Imen erev (2 years ago)
i can't find my sent emails
+Larkinchance I don't know what you guys mean. I still have my sent mails.
+Larkinchance I don't know what you guys mean. I still have my sent mails.
Larkinchance (2 years ago)
you are not alone.. why would they change that?
Thank you sooo much dear...peace...
Pearl Soother (2 years ago)
Hello I have 3 different email accounts loaded into Thunderbird! Thing is that the last one I created is actually the one I would like to have at the top! I tried simply dragging the listed account to the top of the listed email accounts, but it does not work. So is there a way of moving the listed email account to the top of the other email accounts in the list - without deleting all accounts, then re-installing them in the order I want them to appear in??? Please Advise! Thank You!
+Pearl Soother I tried :( cannot find a way to do it. I think you would just have to delete the email and re-enter it in the order.
Martin Wedge (2 years ago)
Just what I wanted - Thanks
+Martin Wedge You're welcome bud :)
Richard Grace (2 years ago)
i have a problem with my thunderbird email.i get an error message for my password and i do not remember how or where to go for changing my password.i use windows xp.can you help?
+Richard Grace You go to the main site with whatever mail you are using.
The Eli Spectrum (2 years ago)
Hi! can you please help me, I installed thunderbird night using this video, and it was working fine and everything, now it won't open :-( what to do? I've already refreshed firefox.
Go to task manager by pressing control at delete and clicking task manager. then find thunderbird under running processes and kill it. then try to reopen it.
jR oOH (2 years ago)
what is diferent for the outlook?
You pay.
colin shaw (2 years ago)
Hi,First can I explain I am not great with IT but I like outlook express so have downloaded this.Found this info really easy to follow so far thanks so much, keep finding new bits but..... I cant get passed this bit can you help please.... I paste  mailnews.message_display.disable_remote_­image but the info in the box below disappears so unable to double click to change from false to true.Also how do I increase the font size of the email, eyesight not great.Thanks again.
colin shaw (2 years ago)
+Daveyrawrz Ok great will give it a try, thanks for the quick response.
+colin shaw The only thing I can really think of to resolve the issue is to check through the add on store and see what they have available. Type in "font" in the add on store.
colin shaw (2 years ago)
+Daveyrawrz Copied the description that worked and ctrl helps to increase font once I open the email, so thanks for that. Would be great to increase font for the actual email package, have tried options font size but it doest seem to save changes. I will keep trying ...
Should be in the setting option to increase font. Or you can probably press control and scroll in with your mouse on the email. Try just putting in mailnews.message and seeing if it comes up. Did you check the description description and copy it from there?
N.E. Sinclair (2 years ago)
My address book used to show up next to the message I was writing. It has disappeared, I can find no way to get this list next to an email being written. Any video on how to bring this back for my convenience? Thanks, Nance
Jackson Murphy (2 years ago)
any chance you have a video on how to edit the outgoing server settings?
+Jackson Murphy Ah gotcha. Thxthx
Jackson Murphy (2 years ago)
+Daveyrawrz I was able to work it out. It is under account settings. You scroll down on the side bar then click outgoing server. Then you are able to add/edit/remove or set default server.
I do not know how to do that :(
HIMEL SARKAR (2 years ago)
Elaine Taylor (2 years ago)
Hi DaveyThanks so much for this video, as a new user of Thunderbird I found it extremely useful and informative in configuring Thunderbird.RegardsElaine
Thank you so much for your feedback. I really appreciate it. :)
Bilal (2 years ago)
Does it work at background when I close it? Will I keep getting alerts?
rafael rivera (3 years ago)
any help would do at this point this is really upsetting me
rafael rivera (3 years ago)
+Daveyburr what do you clicking on the email. the folder? If so which one? If not please clarify
+rafael rivera if you click on the email, you should see an option on the main window say "manage folder subscription." Maybe it might have to do with that but I am not sure.
+rafael rivera Did you try right clicking the email and going to the email settings in thunderbird?
+rafael rivera so it is showing your email? and then it shows a trash folder and then your email again within that trash folder?
rafael rivera (3 years ago)
Are you sure because I've been using Thunderbird for quite some time several years it just recently happened
rafael rivera (3 years ago)
my email some how is a subfolder to trash folder. So how can I correct that
+rafael rivera I have never heard of that issue :(
Mikem M (3 years ago)
My problem after importing contacts from win live mail is that when I begin to write an email I do not see any of my contacts in the scroll down menu. However they are listed in my contacts. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Pedro S (3 years ago)
Hello, Is possible to have a double size line in list of email?? Because i want to have a big window to see an email in vertical view (layout)
I am very happy to help everyone here, I never thought this video would be this helpful to all you guys. I am happy to share the knowledge with you all! Peace and love friends!
+Giorgos Koukoubagia That's a good suggestion. Thank you.
Giorgos Koukoubagia (1 year ago)
Thank you+subbed! Nice guide, I liked your clear accent and steady voice volume (don't know if you altered the sound afterwards but it sounds very crisp) and I liked its relatively slow pace Why not consider making this video again as a "2017 edition/version", with an updated script, maybe do it in 15-20 minutes or explain some extra new or advanced features in the end, and maybe a bit better visual quality. It should get you more views and subs too~
carl green (1 year ago)
A day or so????, its been like this for over a month(i map server inable to receive email), i was.nt expecting such a lame answer......
Maybe it is just a server error. It happens. Try giving it a day or so.
carl green (1 year ago)
Pleasse help me?, i can no longer sign into my galaxy s4s email app account....weather i use my yahoo email account or my bt email account it makes no difference. Its says(server password has been changed, input the new password), impossible as i hav.nt changed it in over 2yrs.....when i try to reset and create a new password.....it says (email sent to the said email....but the screen is blank....theres nothing there to read....no email to be seen.....its almost as if the galaxy s4s email app server has just disapeared....but surely that cant be the case....???, please help.....
Robert Hernandez (3 years ago)
Thank you David
+Robert Hernandez No problem, if you run into any other issues, let me know. Hotmail uses POP3 and Google (gmail) and Yahoo use Imap. It is just the type of server that links your clients emails together. Like if you delete something from gmail on your phone, it will be deleted from the server but if you delete something from hotmail (pop3) server email, then it will only delete it on that device but not the actual server. (to delete pop3 off a server you need to go to the actual email's website (in this case hotmail) and delete it there. That is the difference between pop3 and imap. Hotmail only supports pop3 as of now and gmail and yahoo support both. But just go with imap.
Robert Hernandez (3 years ago)
I don't know anything about POP or SMTP. I'm really lost.
+Robert Hernandez Gmail and Yahoo both use imap, just select that and you will be fine.
Robert Hernandez (3 years ago)
Yes, I'm having trouble configuring Thunderbird to send and receive emails. In other words, I want my own email address. It's just that I don't know what to do. I have both Yahoo and Gmail accounts, is it really necessary to configure with any of them? Please help, thank you.
+Robert Hernandez No you do not have to configure anything. Just go through my tutorial and listen very closely, it will show you how to add both your email addresses in it.
Robert Hernandez (3 years ago)
Hi, I'm having trouble configuring Thunderbird. I want to have a new domain on it and I do have both Yahoo and Gmail email accounts, but I do not want to use any of them. I want my own to make it more personal. How can I do that? Thank you.
+Robert Hernandez I am sorry, I am a bit confused on what you mean. Can you be more detailed? My bad man...
Michael Vander Ploeg (3 years ago)
Mik'ie he is doing better by the day but the facility manager does not think he will come in under hie requirements So the Next Big meet ting is on the 15th of this month, P.S. Thanks for all of your prayers Michael
Michael Vander Ploeg (3 years ago)
Hey guys tring out some of the new Thunderbird email sights.
Michael Vander Ploeg (3 years ago)
Freedom is never free
+Michael Vander Ploeg Thunderbird is!
Visornet (3 years ago)
Welcher Idiot entwickelt eigentlich Thunderbird, wenn der in der Version 38 noch immer nicht fehlerfrei funktioniert? Der Programmierer muss ja schon schwachsinnig sein. Die wichtigen .pst Dateien von Outlook werden noch immer nicht automatisch importiert. In der Fehlerkonsole stehen etwa 90 Warnungen und Bugs und ständig dieser Google Chrome Müll. Ich habe mit Chrome garnichts zu tun und habe auch noch nie des CIA und FBI- Lieblingsbrowser Chrome installiert.
TheChosenOne (1 year ago)
This is what he said in English: "What idiot actually develops Thunderbird, if the Version 38 still does not work properly? The programmer must already be feeble-minded. The important .pst files of Outlook are still not imported automatically. There are about 90 warnings and bugs in the error panel and this Google Chrome garbage all the time. I have nothing to do with Chrome and have never installed the CIA and FBI favorite Chrome browser."
Phillip R (3 years ago)
hi i was wondering i use incredi email and have for 10 yrs plus but thinking going to thunderbird, if i do how do i transfer all emails i need from folders from Incredi to Thunderbird
Click file button on top and click import/export
If you go to thunderbird you can see an import and export button in files. To export your emails in your old client you would probably have to go to file export and export all emails as a file that you can import into thunderbird. for safety I would just do one of every file it gives you the option for. Also to transfer contacts you would do the same thing in the address book and export as a vcard of other file that thunderbird will allow importation of.
Nadya Bekker (3 years ago)
Excellent video.  It was very helpful.  Thank you.
Thank you for your feedback :)
Davide Mazzetti (3 years ago)
I would not globally disable Thunderbird from automatically blocking scripts/images in emails; they are often used to drop malware onto your system.  I always review each email and only allow these images to open once I'm sure that they are safe.
This is true, I should have mentioned that. I did it as if it were only for myself because I know right away what's good and bad. But for most people, I don't think they know, I should have mentioned that. But for the most part, if you have an anti virus, you'll probably be fine... unless it goes through lol
Thelma Anthony (3 years ago)
Thank you for your feedback :)
GVN Productions (3 years ago)
thanks for the good video man
+GVN Productions I subbed to you by the way. and I've always just been used to Firefox :) chrome is good to. actually I think chrome crashes a bit less than Firefox. But I really like some extensions in Firefox that chrome doesn't have
GVN Productions (3 years ago)
Noticed you're using Firefox as your browser. Any reasons for you choosing it over Chrome?
you're welcome my brotha!
Kevin Shaw (3 years ago)
I use two different computers with an imap account. I separate all e mails into different folders. How do I sinc the second computer to see all the filters for email?
+Kevin Shaw it should do it automatically. The syncing. Just log into both emails in Thunderbird. You can have multiple emails on it.

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