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How To Get A Property Loan? Interview With A Broker

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Interview with a mortgage broker about how to get a loan! Check out my property seminar below BOOK NOW: Come to a property seminar I host by clicking the link below. You can attend in person or live from ANYWHERE in the world: https://theproperty.academy Contact Me: [email protected] Akhil Mair Brooklands Commercial Finance Ltd Tel: +44 3455 488022 Mob: +44 7957 146343 Email: [email protected] http://www.brooklandscf.com Restaurant: http://www.pineappledorney.co.uk/pub/menu/ Follow me on: Instagram - @anishvin https://www.instagram.com/anishvin/?hl=en Twitter - @anish_vin https://twitter.com/anish_vin?lang=en Facebook - @anishvin_official https://en-gb.facebook.com/anishvinofficial/ Snapchat: anishvinayak https://www.snapchat.com/add/anishvinayak Edited by: @blue_marling (Instagram) https://www.instagram.com/blue_marling Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bF-AQ5ln4NI
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Anishvin (1 year ago)
Hope you found that useful as I am trying to put out content to help evryone learn. Let me know in the comments what else you want to know or what questions you want answered!
Coastal Nomads (10 months ago)
New subscriber from Cornwall. Looking at getting on the property ladder and it's daunting but videos like this really give me confidence. I'm a qualified plumber for 16 years and I really know the trade and markets down here. I'd be interested to know what your opinions are on new builds. Keep up the dope content!
Pradyuth Bopanna (1 year ago)
Thank you soo much mate you're video was really helpful and thanks for sharing your knowledge ❤️
Trent peatling (1 year ago)
Great video mate, could you perhaps go into a bit of detail of what’s involved when investing in other countries? Like your other projects. Would be a good insight for the legalities & process of purchasing property in a country you’re not a resident in. Keep it up mate, great variety of content on your channel 👍🏼
pew Dieppe (1 year ago)
One idea could be to make a step by step video on a real life example of a property you have invested in and the return you made on it, how long it took etc Thanks.
Anishvin (1 year ago)
I'm glad you found it useful!
Crypto money team (2 months ago)
Can you still get mortgage in principle were by you get a mortgage without a deposit but you'll be paying higher rates on that mortgage?
Akhil Mair (3 months ago)
Den I am (3 months ago)
Wow made a comment and now watching this sounds like my thoughts of starting small and buying up north then working my way south is the right plan...
Patrick Hughes (4 months ago)
What you know about that Shy Glizzy lol. Thanks for the knowledge
Tee Gee (7 months ago)
Snooze Fest zzzzzzzzzzzz
Mubeen Rahim (7 months ago)
This was a really good idea, thanks for sharing
IVAN CHRISTIAN (7 months ago)
This very educational why didn't you just film in a quiet environment
Buy Retweets Online (7 months ago)
Fantastic video. Really informative. Il be graduating with a masters in engineering degree in a years time. I want the shortest amount of time before purchasing my own home and then building my own property portfolio. Videos like this are priceless.
Vick Brick (8 months ago)
1StepAhead (9 months ago)
Great video, thanks!!
Hamza Zaman (9 months ago)
Hi anish on one of your videos you put regarding kitchens as for your property as you did say if anyone was interested to email you? I’m doing one f my properties, and i was looking for a new kitchen, need it to be based in London so they can measure and do the necessary bits? If so can you give an email please to contact you? Thanks.
Mohammed Ali (9 months ago)
Its a really useful video, make part 2
acchaladka (10 months ago)
You’ve mentioned REITs for small-dollar investments (eg $10,000). How does one go about finding and choosing and then placing with REITs? I have a business degree but know little about property development.
Joker Joker (10 months ago)
Thanks for the video Anish.
UnleadedFuels (10 months ago)
Great video thanks Anish
Anishvin (10 months ago)
Glad you liked it
Sportzpickz (10 months ago)
Very informative and well structured content
Anishvin (10 months ago)
Thank you sir
The Raj (11 months ago)
Jimmy regardlolpe (11 months ago)
Great vid anishvin, can yu do a vid on how to do research on a property, as a beginner who lives with his parents nd they have themselves never bought any other property’s, i really have no clue on how research on a property yur interested in buying is conducted. Thank you so much and carry on with the hardwork!! 💙
Jimmy regardlolpe (11 months ago)
Anishvin would you be hosting it and dyu when yur next one available is? And thanks for getting back to me :)
Anishvin (11 months ago)
Yes I will do some but if you are really interested in starting then would be good to come to a seminar
haresh1998 (11 months ago)
Love your videos Anish it’s very informative and it inspires me to be a property developer in the future thanks a lot☺️🙏🏼
Anishvin (11 months ago)
I'm glad you liked it!
weliketorip (11 months ago)
What minimum amount do you need too be earning? as I'm an apprentice and want too get into property
DSH Dan (10 months ago)
General rule of thumb is 4-5x your annual salary so the amount you can lend goes against the amount you earn. No set amount as there is no set amount on how much a particular property is worth. Generally speaking they will analyse your monthly outgoings against your monthly salary to see how you could manage the extra expense of the payback plus bills etc.
thesmoothone (11 months ago)
keep dropping gems
Anishvin (11 months ago)
Ash Dharmakirthi (11 months ago)
That broker is going to get bombarded! :) Question Anish, what's the best way to manage a B2L? I own a flat in north london but self managing however my wife and I will be buying our second next year. Self managing isn't scalable and i don't see the value in estate agent mngmt fees for what you get in return.
Anishvin (11 months ago)
It really is the only two ways to manage unfortunately. You have to find someone you trust or manage it yourself.
JayAOnline (1 year ago)
Can you talk about buy to let mortgages please.
Ishti Hussain (1 year ago)
Thanks for the solid advice. People in comments: Read about Manny Khoshbin - he is a successful real estate entrepreneur (with humble beginnings) that you can learn a few things from too.
「P1/PeeWun」 (1 year ago)
Hi anish, I'm not sure if you'll even get this but I have a question. How did you start trading at 16? I'm trying to sign up, but they all say I need to be 18 or over, is there anyway you can help me?
「P1/PeeWun」 (1 year ago)
Anishvin Where is the video?
Anishvin (1 year ago)
Watch my next video on Wednesday I answered this question.
Terence mayo (1 year ago)
Your story from the begining , what networth are you aiming for .
MR JKE (1 year ago)
This was brilliant for people who know nothing about it, but want and most likely will need this info in the future, also for someone who knows some of it even all, but just having a refresher never harms anyone 🤝thank you it served me personally very well 👍 and I'm sure many others 👏👊👌
Anishvin (1 year ago)
Thanks for the comment. I'm glad you liked the video and found it useful
R A (1 year ago)
This is why I watch your channel! And subscribed from your first video!!! Looking to get on the property ladder. But without minimal help from my dad as want to do it my self. I knew most of the stuff but there was some really really helpful info. U don’t need to share all this info and help. Much appreciated bro!!!!! Keep it coming!!!
Anishvin (1 year ago)
Thanks for subscribing. Appreciate the kind words
Sukun Unosawa (1 year ago)
Keep putting out this quality content! From a fellow property investor
Anishvin (1 year ago)
Thanks Sukun. It's nice to hear positive feedback from a fellow investor
Deez Nuts (1 year ago)
Good advice from the broker. Thanks for the upload, these are the type of videos we need!
Anishvin (1 year ago)
Glad you liked the video
Shivek Singh (1 year ago)
G wagon or Ml63 coming soon...🤔
Shivek Singh (1 year ago)
Anishvin then its a S class 😀
Anishvin (1 year ago)
It might not be an SUV...
G Man (1 year ago)
Really like these videos Anish, I find them really helpful and informative. I've bought my first property with a mortgage after having saved enough for a deposit and purposely chose a run down bungalow not only for price but to hopefully start my path within developing. I have been doing most of the work myself so Its been a little slow going but I'm making progress and will be looking to put it back on the market in spring 2018. You asked about what type of video we would like to see, me personally would be about the process of a development from start to finish ie first fix, second fix etc and timings/planning of them. Thanks
G Man (1 year ago)
Anishvin Thanks for your reply and feedback Anish it's greatly appreciated. I remember you saying about 20% profit and everything going well I think I'm on track to hit that so the hard works paying off. I look forward to the new series. Thanks again
Anishvin (1 year ago)
Glad you liked the video. I am about to start a new project in January and will try and create a series with that in mind. All the best with your project I hope it goes well. The first one is always the toughest
Mbeezy (1 year ago)
Thank you for the content! I´m still waiting for the crypto trading video, when do you plan to make one? because the crypro market is going crazy right now. Greetings from Holland!
Anishvin (1 year ago)
Thanks Mike. Watch out for the trading video next week!
mso008 (1 year ago)
Great video
Anishvin (1 year ago)
Jerry Rawlings (1 year ago)
Brokers work for the lender and their client the lender will pay the broker a fee for finding a client the client will pay the broker a fee for finding a good deal.
Anishvin (1 year ago)
Yes a lot of brokers will get the fee from the lender
jay nandos (1 year ago)
Question!?If your using your credit card all the time aswell this can actually also have a negative impact on your credit rating regardless if your paying it back in time, as this shows that your relying on your credit card?
R A (1 year ago)
Anishvin correct. Also it’s fine to have a balance on your credit card. Just remember to keep it below 25% of your limit otherwise it will affect your credit rating. Also pay of more than whatever the minimum payment required is. So if it’s £100 minimum pay off £300 example.
Anishvin (1 year ago)
No that isn't correct. If you use it and pay it off it shows you have the ability to borrow money and pay it off so to speak. I clear my credit card every month in full so it shows that I can manage my money. It doesn't show I rely on a credit card as every month the full bill is paid. If you don't pay in full (which you should never do) then it shows that you need to rely on a credit card
A.K SHUBHANG (1 year ago)
Anishvin bro I need a video like this for trading. Can you make one?
Anishvin (1 year ago)
Watch the video coming next week on Trading
Gee G (1 year ago)
What hoodie is that?
Anishvin (1 year ago)
Keep an eye out for @oneoffclo soon
Hadley Tiller (1 year ago)
Really liked this video, Ahkil explained all topics discussed in a way that was easy to understand. More of this type of video pls👍🏼
Anishvin (1 year ago)
Thanks Hadley, more on its way
Prithvi Raj (1 year ago)
bro luts overloaded.
ML entertainment (1 year ago)
really great content , could you do more i really enjoy these type of videos
Anishvin (1 year ago)
More is on its way
Bruno Aleixo (1 year ago)
Please do more property related videos😭 I love them 😫😫😫
Anishvin (1 year ago)
Thanks Bruno, glad you liked them
Callum Morley (1 year ago)
Bang on about your comments on money etc. Nothing wrong with being given money - just don’t assume everyone doing well was! Really insightful video. Love this type of content!
Callum Morley (1 year ago)
Anishvin completely, doesn’t matter! Just very glad for anyone sharing this kind of content. Love that you address it directly - banking from uni is a smart move (from an Economics undergrad!)
Anishvin (1 year ago)
Glad you agree Callum. I personally haven't come from a rich/affluent background but it was by no means disadvantaged or poor. However it doesn't matter either way and I wish more people would see it like that.
tom jens (1 year ago)
What about VAT? if you go to buying and selling you must register as VAT payer after certain threshold. And you are usually buying from not VAT sellers (rather from private people). I see huge problem here. For example if you buy at 40k, fix for 10K, reach value of 65k your profit is 15K. But if you are vat registered, buy for 40K, fix for 10K and want to earn the same 15k you need to sell for 65k + VAT (which is no longer viable sell as it is 65k worth property selling for 65K+ Vat which is 78k or so).
Anishvin (1 year ago)
Yes but when you sell or buy a residential property you don't pay VAT. On new builds there are, but many have exemptions. When you redevelop you get discounts on vat where it is as small as 5%. There are different factors, I talk about it more in my seminar.
tom jens (1 year ago)
Nice to know. But you must add VAT when you develop properties from scratch though? After you reach minimal requirement threshold for when you must register as VAT payer, right?
Anishvin (1 year ago)
Hi Tom, As the comment from Kareem says, there is different rules for commercial and residential. I think you may have your wires crossed there. I talk about it a lot more in the seminar but the VAT does'nt work as you have explained. Don't worry it is a common mistake.
Kareem Abu Shams (1 year ago)
Look up vat rules, no vat on residential properties and optioned on commercial.
ChazzDolf (1 year ago)
Thanks for this video mate. More videos on this would be great :)
Anishvin (1 year ago)
Glad you enjoyed it
Adam02M (1 year ago)
Great stuff Anishvin. Love the stuff you’re putting out mate. Keep it up.
Anishvin (1 year ago)
Thank you Adam
moneymatic (1 year ago)
What watch are you wearing???
Anishvin (1 year ago)
Hublot Big Bang
Alex Hatcher (1 year ago)
I believe it’s a hublot don’t know what model though
FusseyVlogs (1 year ago)
Hi Anish! Thankyou to yourself and your friend, I really took a lot of value from this video, I liked the reference to Hull because I'm from Lincolnshire which isn't very far away from there any I've always thought It isn't as easy to make a good amount of money on properties up north, however you've opened my eyes quite a bit with your videos and by suggesting places like hull as good starting points, which after all is the city of culture for this year! Would you agree that there isn't as much money to be made up north or is it just because there are bigger profit margins down south due to properties being more costly and increase in value faster near London? Thanks. Ben Fussey.
Shuaib Ahmad (1 year ago)
Anishvin brilliant explanation! Loving these finance related videos. Keep them coming!!
Anishvin (1 year ago)
I am glad you enjoyed the video. With regards to bigger profit down south, that isn't always the case. If you put in 60k and make 20k profit up north that might be small but its the same as putting in 600k and making 200k in terms of percentage. So essentially because prices are higher the amount of profit is but your percentage return is the same or even higher up north sometimes
pew Dieppe (1 year ago)
Great video as usual Anish👍
Anishvin (1 year ago)
Thanks Shoaib
chazb27 (1 year ago)
great video just full of information and explained so well .what are you getting from merc 4x4 squared ?
Anishvin (1 year ago)
Thanks! Not the 4x4 squared. As much as I love that car and would like it, it is just so impractical lol
Rachid NYSE (1 year ago)
Good info, I would also suggest starters to invest in REIT's. You need to find the good ones but I receive 9% on an annual basis. I could do it myself and average 11-12% after cost, but I enjoy not having the extra responsibility. 10:50 is worth gold because that is how I do it and it works!
Anishvin (1 year ago)
Yes I talk about REIT's in my seminar they are a great way to start
Andrew Mclaughlin (1 year ago)
Hey Anishvin ⭐✌👍
Anishvin (1 year ago)
James Hibbert (1 year ago)
Friend of mine has an AMG63 GLS - monster of a car - very nice ...
Anishvin (1 year ago)
They are really good cars!
Web Logic (1 year ago)
Superb sound advice.. thanks Anish. Imran
Anishvin (1 year ago)
Thanks, glad you liked it
Ryhan Choudhury (1 year ago)
Such simple yet informative videos. Thanks a bunch.
Anishvin (1 year ago)
Glad you liked it and found it useful. You're welcome
LmaoRao (1 year ago)
Pretty useful information for me since I just finish my degree and what I should do or consider before buying a property. I was also thinking the same way like you do, buy any simple property and do up and put it on sale. Is like taking the advantage of a mispricing of a stock. Your comments on inheritance access money was gold man.
John Buffalo (10 months ago)
Anishvin you guys did not benefit from white privelidge and inheretence so congratulations to the successful asian communities
Anishvin (1 year ago)
Yes both good options. Positives and negatives to each side. If you rent and hold you take out less money so can't always move onto another project. If you sell you can exit the market and not be subject to difficult times when the market falls. Many different ways to look at it, depends on your risk appetite. While rates are low it is a good time to hold and rent and just pull out the equity.
LmaoRao (1 year ago)
Sukun Unosawa yea absolutely true
Sukun Unosawa (1 year ago)
Probably not the easiest to do because closing costs play a major role and eats into any profit you get if you just straight up try to buy and sell However there are opportunities to buy a property in not ideal condition, do some renovations and then resell at a higher value, then even with the closing costs, you would still make a profit. The best case scenario over the long term is to buy and renovate, refinance pull out your initial down payment and then rent out the property at highest possible rents for the long term, because long term owning assets far outplays short term profits from flipping, but either way they are both good options.
Anishvin (1 year ago)
Ye it is basically like that. All the best with your degree
Chinz Z (1 year ago)
Very interesting video I’m 21 and trying to invest in a flat
Anishvin (1 year ago)
I'm glad you enjoyed it!
16bigbuddha (1 year ago)
S500 or S550 for sure 😉
Anishvin (1 year ago)
All to be revealed soon
saifulisfree (1 year ago)
You're getting a g wagon. lol
Anishvin (1 year ago)
Lol all will be revealed soon

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