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pokemon trading card game rom with download links

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pokemon trading card game download links visualboy http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/gba/vboyadvance.html trading card game http://www.coolrom.com/roms/gbc/4995/Pokemon_Trading_Card_Game.php winrar link this is used to read your files http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm pokemon tcg 2 http://www.mediafire.com/download/m4rj1qmbvtvzohh/Pokemon+TCG2+-+GR+Dan+Sanjou!+%28Eng%29.gbc
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Text Comments (13)
Cutie bumpkin (4 months ago)
My friend showed me this and i was very delighted to see a TCG 2 was on the link. i been wanting to play for 2 years. But bcoz it was hard to find english version i gave up. Thanks for the awesome effort of putting the link. May this have more likes to come.
Jert the Observer (4 months ago)
You have my thanks. The poeples who crave old games like this will be grateful for your effort. Very hard to find this game. 2018 and i still very happy to find this. You deserve my likes and sub.
Miko Fox (9 months ago)
this is how i started colelcting cards lmao i got some gymleader set cards, from the original decks, idk how since i got them froma f riend lmao
MTG DEVELOPERS (3 years ago)
Thanks man pok'emon TCG 2 works great on my emulator its super awesome thanks
Grookey Gang (3 years ago)
is it for android?
labonte (2 years ago)
Black Cat I believe you can download a gb emulator off the play store. This rom should still work
labonte595 (5 years ago)
found it. and it only took me 2 years! link is in the description.
labonte595 (6 years ago)
uhhhh what?
REALTachikomaia (6 years ago)
Im using visual boy and cant link. Do someone know why?
labonte595 (7 years ago)
@lilyhinageshi yes. i have beaten the game a while ago
Caleb Broeker (8 years ago)
@labonte595 :DDDDDDDDD thx
labonte595 (8 years ago)
@golfer507 well i looked on sites like romhustler and coolrom but they didnt seem to have it :(. but, if i do find it, ill contact you
Caleb Broeker (8 years ago)
I just wish of one thing... do you know how to get the 2nd one (the 2nd game boy pkmn trading card game) on download? cuz if you could id like all your videos and sub to ya. :D

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