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How to Hedge a Forex Trade to make money in both directions

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https://nikostradingacademy.com https://www.nikostradingacademy.com/our-programs/ Are you still interested in trading Forex but worried about losing money? I made this 10 minutes video to show you how to change this fast & simple. Just click this link to watch it right away… https://www.nikostradingacademy.com/our-programs/ How to hedge a Forex trade to maximize your profits in both directions! Hedging a trade can be most powerful, if you know how to do this correctly. Hedging a trade allows you to kind of "milk" the markets in both direction; with and against main trends or in a bigger trading range! I will try to help you understand why and when to hedge up a trade. You can do this with Forex, Metals, Indices or any other financial market, as long as you have charts for it and know how to analysis the chart! Looking for a trading Mentor?... https://www.nikostradingacademy.com
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Text Comments (52)
whatwouldyoudo64 (28 days ago)
Thank you Nikos!
Aida Barrasso (4 months ago)
French Fry (5 months ago)
but isn't forex hedging forbidden? confused now
Ktoma7 (3 months ago)
Tradersway broker allows hedging.
2niner71 (4 months ago)
not forbidden in some jurisdictions, you need to check. Forbidden in the US i believe. Nikos is in Greece.
D. M. (6 months ago)
New trader here. I need some good pairs to hedge. Any recommendations?
M Ibrahim (2 months ago)
2niner71 (4 months ago)
use volatility filter first
ahsanullah shanto (7 months ago)
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Jas sth (10 months ago)
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GenieBull Trader (11 months ago)
Great video Nikos. I made an EA Hedging you might like it
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Thomas Lahn (1 year ago)
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Mathew Cade (1 year ago)
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Leah Wannemaker (1 year ago)
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HigherMindFX (1 year ago)
Sir, you are amazing!
Alex Kummer (1 year ago)
Great video, thanks for sharing
LAPAROLEDEDIEU \o/ (1 year ago)
Thx! 200 Moving average combined with 36 mm works quite well for u. Got a impressive price action :-)
Andrew MacGregor (2 years ago)
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David festus (2 years ago)
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Gul Zaman (2 years ago)
wowww gr8t
SCHRODINGER’S CAT (2 years ago)
technical analysis and dollar neutral hedging will guarantee losses
Bolta (2 years ago)
Very good explained!
Olesh K (3 years ago)
Ziya Durukan (3 years ago)
Nice video! Thanks!
Fx SamuraiRobot (4 years ago)
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James Mcgrath (2 years ago)
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ΜΑΝΟΣ ΖΩΗΣ (4 years ago)
Very well my friend.Nice video.Ηλιας απο Αθηνα
B Hale (4 years ago)
You can't do this if you live in the US. They have taken away the hedge. 
Asmat Jan (10 months ago)
Zenek Bury yes
mandy grey (2 years ago)
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SCHRODINGER’S CAT (2 years ago)
+B Hale if you trade crosses you can easily hedge taking the USD major. Buy GBPCAD sell GBPUSD sell USDCAD
Repair ForexUSA (4 years ago)
Outstanding! Thank you for sharing this useful technique which can help traders manage their accounts and improve results. Well done!
2niner71 (4 months ago)
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abess abess (2 years ago)
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Daniel Chavez (2 years ago)
yaap!! Thnaks
Allan Meyer (2 years ago)
Well done!
Mohammed AlShariff (2 years ago)
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ghufran ali (4 years ago)
initiall I found this video but when it reached half of time I just fall in love with this strategy u r awesome man u r the champ
Chuong Tran (5 years ago)
Hi Ehsanbikas, that's Heiken Ashi candle
ehsanbikas (5 years ago)
are you using a speacial chart or sth? it's very smooth compares to what i have on metatrader
Jasmine Jessa (28 days ago)
Haikin Ashi candlestick chart i think. a much cleaner version of the normal candlestick.
Emiliano F. (5 years ago)
Yes, it works well. Me personally, if I am in negative I neutralize the losses, with a reverse order. Then, gradually I am going to expose myself more, always on the trendline, until I recovered the position. .
Emiliano F. (5 years ago)
finally someone who understands the power of hedging. I also use a similar technique, but having a small account use smaller time frame. On the Web seems to be a secret topic. Thanks for sharing.
jc fx (5 years ago)
es necesario que digas la put.. mad... para expresar que algo te gusta? :D
Phoenix (6 years ago)
Very very excellent Nikos !!! Your trading system and your explanation is total understandable and logical :-))) Thanks Gabor
Nikos Trading Academy (6 years ago)
Thanks for watching. I hope it helps!
Donny the legend (2 years ago)
Nikos Mermigas Hi, what is the blue ema?
ddam3 (6 years ago)
Great video Nikos thanks for sharing.!

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