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Sneakerheads: Inside the World of High-Stakes Sneaker Trading

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Teenagers are spending thousands to buy and then re-sell limited-edition basketball shoes.
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Matthew Thornton (6 hours ago)
Mane he bout 4'11
Astro Mini (11 hours ago)
The shoes on the thumbnail are 5 to 6000$ damn
Braille (13 hours ago)
these kids are pricks, I already know. reselling sneakers isn't the same as appreciating them.
Preston Willis (17 hours ago)
You’d think these sneaker heads would know how to dress. I guess not 💀
Anthonyz (5 hours ago)
it’s 2013 bro
pjane princess (21 hours ago)
10yrs buying nike jordan shoes nothing change i feel boring this nike shoes. Make a new shoes for future.
G T Y (1 day ago)
I see some people wearing yeezys or J’s but taking the bus to get to places 🤷‍♂️
Jack Murphy (1 day ago)
These kids are good.
R MoneyReal (1 day ago)
My dude must have coped the concords
Nalu WDW (1 day ago)
7:02 let me just say he’s really rich...extremely
S A D Z A C SeSH (2 days ago)
Y'all making fun of lil kids making more cash in a day Than y'all playa haters make in 3 weeks smh
ABigBang (2 days ago)
i would not pay more then 70 dollars on shoes it's not worth the money if they are just one day gonna be in a land fill
Kimberly Aung (3 days ago)
i just knew that kid was from jersey like come on w that Mercedes & him being from middletown wasn’t a surprise
ELITE-DELTA -117 (3 days ago)
Buisness is buisness, Just dropped 2Gs on some light up sketchers and crocs.
Silent Jay (3 days ago)
This shows rich privilege
Markm658 (4 days ago)
not sneakerheads, resellers, we all hate them
John Bruh (4 days ago)
I bet you that kid hates Stock X 😂
John Bruh (4 days ago)
Man this was before the Off Whites and even the Fragments released
Steven Tolbert (5 days ago)
Trash is all I can say.. nobody should spend like that as a kid for shoes it was never there money in first place to young
Kong Jun Jie (5 days ago)
Kids should study and get a good job then they can an even expensive sneaker like Gucci and lv.
JuiceOg1 (5 days ago)
This is freaking crazy.
Bars Central (6 days ago)
little did he know that in 2018, those 11s will be worth a TON more
TrýHÁrđ Cx (7 days ago)
My cousin just won 2 pairs of 11s in a rift he obviously had to pay for them, but he got the rift to guarantee them 2 pairs
Iamben (7 days ago)
not the socks my guy!!
Ben Bowman (7 days ago)
There YouTube... I watched it
B r a n d o (7 days ago)
“talks about how sneakers can have you shot” *advertises sneaker shopping in the top*
Juho Laitakari (9 days ago)
I play soccer with my core black human races and these guys would cry just by watching
Erich Weiler (9 days ago)
Personally, I think this kid spending 8 hours a day about shoes is going to make him rich one day. This is how businessmen are made.
Satoshi M (9 days ago)
That's gay
LITTLΣ ҒΔZΣ (9 days ago)
I wish I got some knowledge on this so I can do it since I’m 13
Eclipse (6 days ago)
+LITTLΣ ҒΔZΣ msg means message
LITTLΣ ҒΔZΣ (6 days ago)
Eclipse what’s a msg mean...
Eclipse (7 days ago)
your age doesnt matter also mswg me if you want to know more about resell and copping new shoes on drops
peeprz boi (9 days ago)
Funny cause all these kids are going broke trying to look rich.
JellyBean xo (10 days ago)
These kids are smart!
Tremble Dust (2 days ago)
I dont blame these kids one bit. They are taking advantage of the game. Regardless of whether your parents got u started or not. More power to u.
Patryk Falowski (10 days ago)
hello, wtf is this
To me trading used shoes is the same as trading used condoms. It’s gross
Giovanni Marin (11 days ago)
I have 10 pairs of nmd and 15 of Jordan's and 5 pairs of vans
Adam Garlick (11 days ago)
streetwear or sneakers tho?
jfumochi (11 days ago)
who is dj clark kent
zondaintheair (12 days ago)
Can a child trade in the US?
Seren H.R.C (12 days ago)
Where do they get the money from to buy their first pair of shoes by themselves? You aren't exactly going to earn that much from doing the dishes…
Tremble Dust (2 days ago)
depends on who is paying them to do the dishes. They could of asked their parents for the shows for bday or xmas. Get money for the same occasions. Cop a pair then flip it for profit and u keep it going.
LuL Sxyian (13 days ago)
These kids dead ass ain’t never worked for shit yo y’all seen their house?
Tremble Dust (2 days ago)
First off thats not their house. its their parents house. Second whats your definition of work? They get up, sell the shoes make their profit and repeat. Same can be said for youtubers, or any self employed people. Just cause you not breaking your back carrying shit or dealing with ppls bs in person or over the phone in a service capacity doesn't mean u not working. I'm not hating on the lil dude. Do u man. U found a way to make ends and work the system in a legal way...im all for it.
Alec wolf (13 days ago)
The money is coming from their moms 😂😂
Hugo Humphries (13 days ago)
Cmon these parents are concerned about there kids and these kids are making tens of thousend of dollars
moien haider (14 days ago)
0:56 counts money ever so slowly (*deadly*)
Kyle ShoeBoi (14 days ago)
This title is blown out of proportion lol
norma valencia (14 days ago)
Well now its 2018😎
Mr Cheesy (14 days ago)
The way he lied , acting like he really cared for that woman well guess money is the route to evil 😀🖕
Tremble Dust (2 days ago)
To play Devil's Advocate how do you she wasnt trying to pull a fast one on lil man? Game recognize game.
Christian Navas (14 days ago)
what's the song @ 0:25?????????
Carlos hernandez (15 days ago)
3:31 he was offered 320 by someone else while dude in blue offered 330 on the spot doesnt add up he was gonna take less money
Joey Slania (15 days ago)
Yes who knows who Jay z is
Vito Scaletta (15 days ago)
$1400 for a pair of shoes that cost like $5 to make 😂😂 I bitch about the price but then I go back to Gucci and buy a pair of sneakers
The_Kidd (15 days ago)
"completely using their own money" (several minutes later) *Kid walks out of million dollar home with a tower of shoes* yeah, ok bud.
Tremble Dust (2 days ago)
hold up lol where the hell did u get that house cost a million? lol. Not all nice houses cost a mill or better. And using their own money...if u are flipping kicks...the start up could be from bday gifts, christmas, etc. but after that...at least if u good at it...thats all u man. Plus u are still getting gifts from relatives and friends to supplement.
Gacha forever (15 days ago)
*jeez thats expensiveeeee man*
jose montenegro (16 days ago)
bruh one pair stolen?? all them shoes wold be gone by he first hour and these niguas wouldn't have a penny😂
Tremble Dust (2 days ago)
yea I was looking around for security and saw zip. takes one cat to be reckless and run a muck in there and its a rap.
H E L P ! ! ! (16 days ago)
All these shoes look like they came from a thrift store
Mohammed Qader (16 days ago)
imagine walking into that place with Walmart shoes.
Jbus Kicks (16 days ago)
Am I the only one who realized he was trying to cop a pair of 11 lows
Mesrop Madxharyan (16 days ago)
Spoiled rich kids
bignoobs (16 days ago)
Nobody convinced us that a shoe could make us fly. Get a new job.
Shourya Seth (17 days ago)
LMAO they can't even drive!
Manu-Camus (17 days ago)
Listen black people, white people make the sneakers, they could go for a million dollars but their factories go for half a billion, lets forget stupid shoes and focus on owning the fucking companies!
VarinderSidhu ROMANS6 (17 days ago)
I will stick with my walmart shoes.
Jimmy (17 days ago)
If I was a dad and my son is making money from buying and selling shoes, I wouldn't even care about his schoolwork, might aswell just let him buy and sell sneakers all day
Tremble Dust (2 days ago)
oh hell no. U caking cool. Goto school. Learn more about biz and finance to up your game.
Courtney Boone (17 days ago)
Do your thing baby boy, F the haters.
Tremble Dust (2 days ago)
Urban Sauce Tv (18 days ago)
Stupid old ppl 😂😂😂 can’t tell the difference between a sneaker head and a community plague (resellers for u dummies)
Urban Sauce Tv (1 day ago)
Tremble Dust LoL I was being sarcastic 😸
Tremble Dust (2 days ago)
its not old ppl. Its producers of the show not getting the terminology correct. The news usually gets these wrong.
iiFunsized (18 days ago)
Who else saw the fake Louis Vuitton Belt at 3:05 ?
Ionfuckncare (18 days ago)
This is how I learned how to make money tbh. This shit was fr
LIL MC.NUGGTES (18 days ago)
Ain't Never seen no decent basketball sneakers for under 30 bucks 😂
Tremble Dust (2 days ago)
u haven't lived long enough lol. Back in the days..pre-J's.
Weiner Beaner (18 days ago)
look at the dad of that kid drives a audi lives in a nice big house most these kids are spoiled and braindead
Tremble Dust (2 days ago)
why u hating on the kids? They didn't pick the families they were born in. they taking advantage of whats in front of them. More power to them. they are smart enough to buy and flip kicks on the regs. I don't give a hot fuck if u are born in a well do to do fam or poor...if u are able to do that u good with me.
Mr 617 (18 days ago)
I can't afford any of this shit, so i buy my sneakers at Walmart for $10. 🤷 I don't care lol. I look gorgeous regardless. Fuck all that.
Tremble Dust (2 days ago)
lol I respect that my dude!
Henry Moore (18 days ago)
I'd kill my own mother for some fresh Nike kicks.
A fishing life (19 days ago)
Ok first of all no 15 year old without a job is buying the shoes he has on that table with his own money. The Tokyo 5s alone are worth $4500+. It's called Mom Dad I'm going to a sneaker show can I have money
Jimmy Blair (19 days ago)
I'm geting a pair of LeBron solider 12
THE SHOE BULLY (19 days ago)
Awesome video
LegendaryPyro YT (19 days ago)
Only rich white kids do this..
Siemianowicee (19 days ago)
Don't forget to pay income tax on the profits.
tHeShadyLuGia (19 days ago)
Now stockX got these kids by the balls. And its squeezing hard
The Hunter (1 day ago)
LOL BRO I'm going to Hell, I died laughing when he said someone strangled and another shot someone for Jordans
The Hunter (1 day ago)
happycat31 oops typo, I ain't fully retarded, just a little bit 😂 I just type very fast
al spencer (19 days ago)
Resellers are different from sneaker heads,just saying‼️
al spencer (19 days ago)
Some ugly ass kids guess that’s why they’re not modeling
Bryan Little (20 days ago)
Fucking stupid
Biggs Leinfelder (20 days ago)
The green and red ones are ugly
Emanuele Di Corato (20 days ago)
Miss Molly (20 days ago)
I sold my pro wings for $70 used with no box... On offer up... (and I got them when they were $19 buy one get one free at Payless... They go for $8 now ... Checked up the value on stock x)
james P (21 days ago)
It all started with Run DMC.... fuck Jordan
Eduardo Cazares (21 days ago)
I'm glad I'm not an idiot
Nerdy Girl (21 days ago)
Could of bought Vbucks
nathan koroush (21 days ago)
I touched the net, mom I touched the net.
Badcarr (21 days ago)
Bru you know that kid looked at the reporters shoes and was like “ what the fuck are those?!”
Spiers (21 days ago)
can’t these kids just play call of duty or something
Onewheeljj (22 days ago)
Inside of kids mom's credit card
Armani Robles (22 days ago)
MrQuackingson (22 days ago)
shoes are literally the worst thing, just get shoes that work and last a year than buy a new 40$ pair
TomWookieeD (22 days ago)
I can see the market getting stagnant in a decade or so, because people are wanting to just sell and trade the shoes and not actually wear them and wear them out, that will make the value of the others go down because there still will be a lot of shoes out there, too many.
C4S MOB (23 days ago)
I’d rob the fuck out of these kids akaka
Who the fuck is DJ Clark Kent
KrispRice (23 days ago)
“It’s hottest shoes are sold online” 😂😂😂 they sell the worst ones online Edit: by online I mean Nike.com
knightrider KNIGHT (24 days ago)
I need him on my team!! Str8 hustler!
La Saint (25 days ago)
Letters made me cringe 0:37
Unoriginal Grape (25 days ago)
8:27 *what shoes?*
This guy’s voice is so annoying
Mr. hype (25 days ago)
You know theres stock x
Anthonyz (23 days ago)
Dumbfuck stock x wasn’t around in 2013
winterdemon's channel (25 days ago)
i payed 300$ on some pippen black nike more ups i wanna fucking kill myself

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