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See more at www.skyviewtrading.com There are 4 big mistakes almost every trader makes. Luckily, they can be easily fixed. These mistakes I highlight in this video are probably things you haven't heard before. Luckily we can flip these points around and come up with a very powerful trading strategy. Charlie Munger once said, "problems frequently become easier to solve if you turn them around in reverse... unless you're more gifted than Einstein, inversion will help you solve problems". This is what I did in this video. I use inversion to show you exactly why 90% of traders lose money, and how you can capitalize on their mistakes. Adam Thomas www.skyviewtrading.com cut losses option profits trading strategy strategy trader trading mistakes biggest mistakes traders make how to best trading strategy option strategy option trading options
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Ben Tj (2 years ago)
Most ppl will only understand this video once they bust couple accounts. You did an excellent summary of the most important aspects of trading.
Hammouti Ali (2 days ago)
I lost 3500 euro in forex.... GBPCaD! Fuck brexit fuck May and fuck my broker that took my bonus of 4000 euro. Fuck this shit! Fuck Tradersway!!!!
Piotr Kr (5 days ago)
i am professional trader for 10 years and i cut losses, and let winners run. LOL
Crybabehot (5 days ago)
Good video
Rxmbo (7 days ago)
Bot yea the first step was very hard to learn but I’m slowly seeing more patterns before they happen which is cool . Just gotta master the other steps . Great video
Earl Thompson (8 days ago)
Thanks for the truth, but we also need to know that while in the market you need guidance else you will be a victim of bad forex testimonies, truth be that I was one, in fact I lost $4000 in just a month then I got introduced to Mr. Sanjay, who happens to be the best trading agent I've come across. with his reliable strategies, he remains the best. forever am I grateful to Thomas for introducing me to Sanjay. I owe you, bro. <[email protected]>. Thank me later
Babushka Novaya (15 days ago)
Einstein? What did he create exactly? I know he worked at the Patent Office where scientists filed their discoveries.
truong linh (16 days ago)
I read on The Crypto SIght that "Dublin City University to Offer Master’s Degree in Blockchain via New Collaboration https://thecryptosight.com/central-bank-of-rwanda-released-public-warning-against-cryptocurrency-get-rich-quick-scams/
Chris M (18 days ago)
Ive been scalping Crude Oil (/CL) been working great. Making about $50 each trade, doing it several times a day. Im happy with $250-$300 a day. Thats roughly 62,000 a year (after taxes).
muttaqina sanzida (19 days ago)
Emotion will make you loser. In Forex trading you have to follow the expert’s rules and sacrifice many bad things if you want to get good trading result. An emotional trader will never able to take right decisions in his trading life. That’s why Forex4you trading broker give me right trading instructions and guideline in my trading. Their expert advice’s I always follow. I never take my trading decisions emotionally.
HannuKaleviElo (22 days ago)
This is the reason why traders lose their money!!! Read below...
MORAN S (22 days ago)
HOAN TRAN (22 days ago)
i am doing ok when i join this group https://www.facebook.com/groups/509616752811449/?ref=bookmarks
DesignatedOperator (24 days ago)
Did you just copy The Wolf of Wall Street at 2:20?
Asad Khan (28 days ago)
lol a lot of this seems contrary to most advice out there. you sure you a good trader brah?
Delsin Rowe (27 days ago)
Asad Khan brah? and panties?
Charlie Brookes (1 month ago)
So the greatest trader of all time Ed Seykota was either lying or never traded when he said "cut losses short and let winners run"?
John C (1 month ago)
yes of course for a price he will teach you how to make easy money.... LMAO
John C (1 month ago)
the winners in the stock market are not and have never been traders. investers win simply because the market goes up over time and thereby gives you the advantage. casinos love suckers that are willing to give the house a % of every event. you chances of winning over time trading is the same as playing any game in which the house holds a %. you will always lose over the long run.
John C (1 month ago)
most people are not stupid enough to trade stocks period. flip a coin and give me a % and you will always go broke.
John C (1 month ago)
only way to trade and not go broke is to convince others that you are somehow superior to everyone else.
Vishwa Mithra (1 month ago)
Thay is investment. Not trading.😐
Yakoob Danial (1 month ago)
It took me 4months to find a trader like you Mr Benjamin I am so glad I took the decision of investing in forex and it's tunrs out your mindset is one of a kind
sarat kumar (4 days ago)
It's took me 1second to find out you're scam
horse drum (1 month ago)
They few men who are expert in trading i count Mr george jorkins as one because of his unique trading strategy
horse drum (1 month ago)
@Hailey Lisa You can send him a mail at <[email protected] com>
Hailey Lisa (1 month ago)
Please i'm from Europe..what is the minimum i can begin with?
Collins Charles (1 month ago)
All my hard work of investing with him is finally going to be paid am getting my profit tomorrow
hot flamez (1 month ago)
trading with Mr george jorkins is the best so far, I keep receiving my weekly profit
Lynn maria (1 month ago)
Nothing to worry when trading with Mr george, i'm so glad to see different people who are his students here it gives me joy...still short of words to thanks you sir!
nyla nieche (1 month ago)
if the market do-sent go the way you predicted based on a pattern or catalysts then yes you need to cut your losses short because at that point you are playing a bad guessing game and could lose tons of money
anita miller (1 month ago)
Thank me later,, i was able to make with as little as $4000 to profit as much as $36,000 after he has successfully traded for me with the help of his latest signal software not only that i had fully access to my account and can request for payout at any time. i rate him a 90% ,highly recommended , God bless the day i met Mr Hafeez Ullah < [email protected] com> feel free mail him for guidance^?
anita miller (1 month ago)
The key to success in trading is trading with a profitable system like Mr Hafeez Ullah’s
audu nurudeen (1 month ago)
All praise and thanks to Mr Hafeez for his amazing strategies. He made a turnaround for me in my trade.
audu nurudeen (1 month ago)
Just want to thank those who recommended Mr Hafeez, Since I started trading with him I've been getting good returns on my investment.
Paul Brown (1 month ago)
Mr Hafeez trades with so much experience.
Paul Brown (1 month ago)
With Mr Hafeez as my trader I have made no less than $10,000. He had cold feet and i started small but invested more as i gain maximum profit with his unique strategy which is actually the best. There's sincerely no end to the amount of funds Mr Hafeez can generate, i will advice anyone that want to trade binary option should all give him a try.
Brennan Gariseb (1 month ago)
What does buy into weakness and sell into strength mean?
Josh Lucas (1 month ago)
I hope nobody takes this guy seriously, this is clearly a troll video made by a troll account because nobody could say anything so absolutely braindead retarded as this guy does without being facetious
Great Advice! 👍👍
Joe Wang (2 months ago)
sounds like an idiot
Ashwin Kumar (2 months ago)
Wtf, your account will blow up. A stock that falls down might never rise back up again. Don't give such stupid ideas to people who might potentially lose a lot of money because of your advice.
muttaqina sanzida (2 months ago)
Forex traders face much loss and problems when they are new in the industry. It is really not so easy to earn huge money from Forex market. As a trader I am using scalping trading strategy at Forex4you trading platform because scalping is suitable for me. And this STP trading broker gives me lowest trading spread from 0 pips, wide range of deposit bonus, smart bridge of technology and fastest trade execution.
Kerry Walsh (2 months ago)
90 percent of people don't have a brain.
Matias Escalante (2 months ago)
As every trading video. It's giving a collection of items that explain nothing
drtroll trolleado memes (2 months ago)
I agree that most vídeos explains nothing, but this is some of the basics
FRANSOA SUPERSTAR (2 months ago)
in the 10% Genious Trader does exist especially those who build up their own protocol.. Alphecka smart investing is the key, but only if you have a password...Good luck with that...
Xx BigBoss xX (2 months ago)
90% of you lose money ? Retards
hellatze (2 months ago)
speak clearly
Drudrew22 !! (2 months ago)
Dude you dont trade do you??
Prajwal Reddy (2 months ago)
This is the strategy used by rich to get poor.
Comentator (2 months ago)
Why most people lose money in casinos? Because that's how they are designed. don't kid yourself, banks didn't event stock trading to let you make money. You have strategy.... really...yeah me too, I always wear my red sweater when trading, I swear it helps.
earthman479 (2 months ago)
The large brokerage firm "Zaner" surveyed hundreds of brokers and 20,000 traders and 50 reasons why traders lose is listed on their website. Reason number 1 is they don't have a plan. Or method. BTW I don't sell anything to anyone. Just trying to contribute something worthwhile from a reliable source. (You're welcome.)
Filip Filipovic (2 months ago)
You rock bro!!
jack changu (2 months ago)
gaurav patil (2 months ago)
I don't agree with u...i won't go into the elaboration but in short, TREND IS YOUR FRIEND!
Lawrence L. (2 months ago)
97% of the people who commented here are probably complete failures in trading -- even the one's who comment saying they've improved and are profitable.
Antoine J Corker (2 months ago)
I can't see myself ever busting my account when it's currently being handled by a professional trading manager who i consider one of the very best Forex traders.
Raj Singh (1 month ago)
Antoine J Corker please can i know the name of your professional trading manager?? I am looking to invest $5000 with a renowned professional trader.
Drain theswamp (1 month ago)
@Antoine J Corker People actually think $100 of capital is enough to make a profit trading?. If anyone asked that question i would advise them to spend that hard earned $100 elsewhere because they have no idea what they are doing.
Antoine J Corker (2 months ago)
People frequently ask if $100 is enough capital to begin trading forex and i wonder why anyone above 22 years of age would ask that. Forex is not for the poor. Forex is for those can handle the risk of investing in a market which is highly capital intensive.
Mario Perez (2 months ago)
Most importantly why trades loose money. 1. Speculation
rounak73 (3 months ago)
2:25 is a dialogue from The Wolf Of Wall Street.
Joel Joung (3 months ago)
Lmao I’m sure you’ve busted so many accounts. What you say is clearly dumb.
muttaqina sanzida (3 months ago)
Emotion is a dangerous thing in a Forex trader’s life. Because when the traders take their decision emotionally they fail to make their trade profitable. A trader must need to leave his emotions. I am trading well because I have full support from my reliable broker Forex4you. Their expert advice’s helps me to know my mistakes and that’s how I can overcome my trading mistakes. This is the best service provider.
Dara Fitzpatrick (3 months ago)
In a practice account I made 60,000
Andre Agrifa (3 months ago)
You said better to buy on weakness? what is weakness in your opinion exactly? keep averaging down? ok you're scammer..
Bryce Palmer (3 months ago)
I see that Wolf of Wall Street quote there!
TERRIBLE advice regarding the 'cut your winners and let your losers run' lol that's what the 90% of traders already do, they snatch at profits and don't cut losers hoping it will turn around someday. This video is definitely either made by a broker or funded by a broker, the agenda is not transparent either, they make money from retail traders losing money and cutting their winnings lmao. Hilarious. Just do the opposite of what this video says and you'll be on the right track.
Trading2Society (3 months ago)
Yes agreed but you learn it from experience, this is why you need a real simple strategy at the beginning. On our side, we wait for volatility and enter at pullback. A simple indicator we designed can notify you.
Martin Vaclavik (3 months ago)
Can someone please explain to me "reduce cost basis" ? I unfortunately don't understand that.
XRPerfect XRPerfect (2 months ago)
Buy more of the stock at a lower price so your average cost is less
Peter Roymakkay (3 months ago)
bla bla who said this didn`t make money, just another stupid theory
siajiale (3 months ago)
Hmmm. Strange I've been trading profitably and just this year alone (from Jan till march now), gained 30% of my account over 42 trades by cutting my losses and letting profits run. Max drawdown at less than 10%. I take partial profits at 1:1 risk reward and another at 1:3 risk reward. I have traded for a long time and practised this and it works! No reason for me to lie...
gaurav patil (2 months ago)
@siajiale Yaaa...almost every trader that i have listened to says to cut the losses earlier...what he is saying in the video to not to cut the losing side is probably applicable to investing
siajiale (2 months ago)
@gaurav patil Yup! Even deep learning AI who outperformed traders let winners run.
gaurav patil (2 months ago)
Exactly..i also don't understand why he is telling not to cut losses, as it is the most illogical thing to do..so as per this video we should not cut the losses in hope that market will reverse in our trade direction...what a joke!
Paul Brown (3 months ago)
Successful traders have one thing on their mind, that is knowing the Basics and having a Mentor to guide them through. I traded as a novice and lost so much following strategies online, but none ever worked rather it became more losses. Today i trade confidently with the help of my Mentor Mr Hafeez Ullah who has helped me become a better trader with his one on one trading approach. And i will like to recommend him to all that are still losing trades. here is his mail address: [email protected] com
Calvin’s Cookhouse (3 months ago)
Paul Brown what the fuck is going on hahahhaha
audu nurudeen (3 months ago)
Great of you to think to come up here and show keen appreciation to Mr Hafeez, I think he has worked quite hard enough for the recommendation.
anita miller (3 months ago)
Professionals don`t elaborate on their work, they allow you to experience it in your profit. Mr Hafeez is not some one you easily come across or get in touch with, am so happy to work with this man. all thanks to you Sir.
Yurties (3 months ago)
What's the song name?
Humza Mo (3 months ago)
The best trade vid ever!
dusty maloney (3 months ago)
i trade reversals and sell on the top of breakouts ect...why fight the trend? buyign weakness isnt smart imo
Chrisp (3 months ago)
I will do opposite then on this video....thanks
Bart Simpson (3 months ago)
how to made mediocre video a good video ? play good music, but you didn't
Gory (4 months ago)
This is the worst advice ever. Bag holding a stock until you profit is the worst thing you can do. Firstly your giving up opportunity to get in a even better trade that might have a better profit margin. Secondly, you will always have 50/50 chance correctly guess if the price will go up and down. Cutting your losses at a 1-2% with a profit potential of 10% is how you can profit. You can be wrong 75% of the time and still profit if this is correctly executed. This video is disgusting teaching the people who are already losing money to lose even more.
Kent Hockensmith (4 months ago)
Please who can help me with the email of Mr Harry mark George I have heard so much good result about the way he trades can someone assist me with his email
Dale Schaible (4 months ago)
Email ([email protected]) I suggest you trade with him alone he got the prefect strategy.
Coleman Weiser (4 months ago)
Yes I as well seeks the email of Mr Harry mark George
Long Johnson (4 months ago)
Sorry but your advice is just wrong. I.e. you recommend to let losing stock run. I bought stock from a German electricity company once. It broke down by 50% and has been there for 5 years. I am still holding that stock. Most likely I will never get the money back. Had I set a stop loss at 5% I would have been much better off. Even if the stock does eventually come back the money has been stuck for years and could not work for me. So I strongly disagree with this advice. Also I tried so many times to trade against the trend. I.e. find the point where a stock will eventually recover. It NEVER worked. Trading short term along with the trend always worked much better for me.
ralcayde02 (4 months ago)
I Cut my losses then the next day the stock break out 😂
Modern Modern (4 months ago)
If you know so much, why aren’t you changing your name to Buffett?
joe pen (4 months ago)
Before i even look at this video i dont belive fir a second that 90 % loose . Maybe a lot do but not 90 comon
jerred (4 months ago)
its even more than that welcome to the real world
mybetterfilms (4 months ago)
I lose money every time I leave the money over night. The best way to succeed is to scalp for .10-.50 cents everyday in and out
Brody Mileham (4 months ago)
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Miriam Joash (4 months ago)
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Mary Gift (4 months ago)
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Ryan Bernard (4 months ago)
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Greg Jackson (4 months ago)
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Tyson Valentine (4 months ago)
Please, may I know who your account manager is
James Mahaffy (4 months ago)
www.lastwealthsalvager.com when it comes to recovery of money lost of any kind
我是一个巨魔 (4 months ago)
complete bullshit. Or bearshit. Just another seller here. beware.
Benji (4 months ago)
I lost 14$ today because I was chasing the 9$ instead of the 5$ I could of made :( don’t be greedy
Trading Psychology (4 months ago)
Trading psychology https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJpLfJVE7LY&t=1s
coulton bishop (4 months ago)
Wat song is this
Jon Burrell (4 months ago)
Selling you what he learned for free from tasty trade lol
Thomas Lawson (4 months ago)
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Wick Field (4 months ago)
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Nicole Connor (4 months ago)
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Jack Teddy (4 months ago)
@Porter Jonathon get to contact him first. <[email protected]>
Porter Jonathon (4 months ago)
Am new into trading, how much can I use to start trading please I need to start making profits
john Peterson (4 months ago)
I invested $5000 with Mr Rico and I got $15000 in just a week,
LordArioh (4 months ago)
most of those 'traders' are those who tried once and failed. proper money management is the king.
Wilson Lee (4 months ago)
To success in stock investment just follow below steps:- 1) Cut loss with 1R(1 Risk) - eg 4% 2) Profit with minimum 2R (2 Risk) - eg 8% 3) Buy low & sell high in Uptrend & Sideway pattern 4) Do 20 trades per month
Alexander Lorenzo (4 months ago)
Hey, guys, let's stop this false "rich lifestyle" perception they are giving everyone! Comment and like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfjDXgaVfP0&t=258s to spread exposure!
Prince Chuka (4 months ago)
Nice video but trading with Mr. Jason is the best so far
Prince Chuka (4 months ago)
@kalel33 well that was what I thought until I decided to trade with him ..I've made nothing but profits ever since
kalel33 (4 months ago)
ROFL. Every single name that commented, outside of Thomas Morris, is a has zero info on their Google account. Also, all the comments sound exactly like someone making up comments to get scam people into paying this "Mr. Jason".
Samuel Hart (4 months ago)
@Prince Wills Really appreciate Mr Jason for his amazing strategies for the past 7 months it has indeed been very fruitful
Prince Chuka (4 months ago)
@Thomas Morris you can send him a mail at <[email protected]>
Noel Conrad (4 months ago)
smaller stop loss vs bigger stop loss
Miguel Munuera (4 months ago)
This makes absolutely no sense. The reason that one cuts losses and let's winners run, is that when a position goes against me I'd much rather get out, re evaluate, and then get back in when it does the move I thought it was gonna do in the first place. Having the mentality that most losers turn into winners at some point is retarded, because you risk blowing up your account and you have to deal with much more mental stress than if you just cut the losses short and then get back in later. That's why cutting losses short works, plain and simple.
Beaux Barker (4 months ago)
This video is basically what every beginner does lol. They try to find weakness buy in and wait forever for it to bounce back... Then it never does. This is because finding the absolute bottom is hard. The point is, you can always buy back in. There is no reason to keep holding. All this time holding and losing money you could actually be using your money daily and compound your returns. Now how to make those returns is another story. It takes time to develop a consistent strategy.
Chan Man (4 months ago)
90%? I dont belive this stat...
frank r (5 months ago)
Great advice! now just let me hit my 3 day trades
jeevan Tej (5 months ago)
can you do more videos?
Affan Siddhiqui (5 months ago)
3:26 and acquire grey hair at a very young age🤣
Romantic Donkey (5 months ago)
Keep emotion out of trading. Seems many in the comments don’t understand this. Very immature and disrespectful. We don’t all have to agree, but try to show some class. I appreciate that you took the time to make this video.
Abhinash Sahoo (5 months ago)
Wish i would have watched this before busting almost 10Grand. I learned the hard way. But no one should. Good work... Keep it up
EricSmyth14 (5 months ago)
Bull Market, buy dips Bear Market, sell rips
EricSmyth14 (5 months ago)
Real reason: Taxes, rake, and insider trading
EricSmyth14 (5 months ago)
And bots lol
Earn Profit By Investing (5 months ago)
good vidio.thanks
Tyler Durden (5 months ago)
Did this guy just say fuck a stop loss...most of those bags will turn around on their own EVENTUALLY. lmfao holy shit....
Azizul Haque (5 months ago)
At 2:33 “stock ...Up, down, sideways or in ‘circles’!!!” I stopped watching!
C Am F G (5 months ago)
Only only thing why traders lose money is they buy expensive and sell cheap that's it guys.

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