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FMT ICO Built on NEM - Tech Strategy - Ep34

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I got to meet Raf who runs IT and Technology for Free Market Token at the Bitcoin and Blockchain fair in Sydney. Check out the token built on NEM that powers the eBay of Blockchain, ecryptostore! Referral link: https://ico.freemarkettoken.io/r/4XUr2 Referral Code: 4XUr2 (00:58) Tech Background (1:44) Tech team structure (2:32) Working product - ecryptostore (4:25) Using Crypto to purchase on ecryptostore (5:25) Version 2 Features (6:15) Support from the NEM Team (8:50 Where is NEM based? (9:28) Why not use Ethereum? (10:31) ICO stages (11:25) Expansion to Asia (12:00) Final words from Raf https://ecryptostore.com/ And remember, this is video is for entertainment only - always seek professional financial advice and do your own research before investing. See you soon, aussietai ...just because the coin has doubled, doesn't mean it's a bubble! AUSSIETAI'S BIO Technical Operations Director at Adstream, managing teams across Australasia South East Asia and India. With ad agency and video post production experience, Tai loves all things video and technology which naturally lead him to start a YouTube channel interviewing the movers and shakers around the blockchain space: A Crypto Current Affair https://bit.ly/2GFOPHd As part of EOS Block Producing candidate - GenerEOS; Tai works on Content and Community engagement. In his spare time, Tai also moderates The Crypto Traders meet-up in Redfern, Sydney, Bitcoin Crypto Sydney and Sydney Crypto Panel Dicussions. HOW TO BUY COINS? Free $10 of bitcoin on Coinbase with this referral link https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a32151fb26019010bc06dcc Independent Reserve fiat onramp - for the lowest commission fees https://www.independentreserve.com?invite=ZLPSYA SOCIAL NETWORK Twitter @aussietai Instagram https://www.instagram.com/aussietai/ Donations If you’d like to help this channel produce more and better content, I’d appreciate any donations you’d like to give. Thanks in advance! Bitcoin 1KSJ5YXJoe5RcckmFwSWejpdAytjzixpKn Litecoin LSbmRxzjqcmHPCQ24JL1NjXM7StwGUjT97 Ethereum 0xaD16a4e681810429D318cf221fc0aE9808b771Cb Bitcoin Cash 1B6rWmpewjtXodjrB71XBbjfLyvSwx7oan
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Craig Candor (4 months ago)
80-90% of crytpos don't even have their own blockchains. They'll dwindle away with time, and only the legit UTXO blockchains (Bitcoin, Litecoin, DigiByte) will remain. DigiByte has the longest UTXO blockchain in existence, and the DGB core wallet has been downloaded more than 200,000 times, so DGB is highly distributed across the globe. DigiByte developers have often been ahead of the pack, for example DigiByte implemented segwit before Bitcoin and Litecoin. DigiByte is not a company and never had a ICO, so it's never at risk of being labeled a security by the SEC. It's soooo ridiculously undervalued right now.
Jeniffer Literature (4 months ago)
thank you for sharing this video! I like this project, I've read about on reddit. when is the best time to invest? do you also have reviews on other icos? Im looking for reviews on wemark and scidex.
Jeniffer Literature (4 months ago)
wow.. I sure will. thanks :)
A Crypto Current Affair (4 months ago)
Hey i've met with these guys and do like their project... i will be doing a couple of ICO reviews very soon! please stay tuned

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