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How much money do you need to make a living from trading?

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How much money do you need to make a living from trading? Steve Ruffley, day trader comments. Unless you start with 5k, just don't bother. Most traders end up getting wiped because they are undercapitalised - put it this way; which business would you start with less than 5k capital? I would recommend you put in more like 25k to 30k to start with but everyone of us have different circumstances so this may not be possible. But at the end of the day it takes money to make money. Do you believe in diversification? Risk a little to make a lot. They call it asymmetric risk/reward but is this realistic? Guys, please appreciate this guy is a day trader, meaning he holds and sells positions for very short periods and as such his methodology may be different to others.
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greenscorpio1967 (5 days ago)
the only way to win in the long run and build a profitable upward curve is risk only 2 % on each trade and the winners are 2-1 greater with patience and knowledge you get real profitable trades which will make the difference. Just listening to this guy his personality he a gambler he thinks he a Harry Findlay or Terry Ramsden
Ali Dib (5 days ago)
love this guy, yes thats the way of trading
Mark Jackson (8 days ago)
The problem with "making a living" as a trader is compound interest. Once you start taking money out of your trading account you are no longer compounding your interest.
Maddie (22 days ago)
3:57 Yea okay. So tell me I am delusional when I started with £500 and gained £600 profit in the last 2 weeks?? Yes. I am very delusional.
Xavier Jax (27 days ago)
i started with 50 bucks and i made 1300 in less than a week,
Vladimir Popovic (1 month ago)
It is possible to make 10% a day as he says, and then you don't need so much capital to start. If you are able to make 10% a day, 1000 dollars would be ok for starting
ChrisMisc1 (1 month ago)
This man is a moron
lafayette jones (1 month ago)
I have to say I respectfully disagree with some of the things this guy has to say, not really much about his start up capital remmendation cause that's subjective but more on his disbelief for asymmetrical risk to reward. the biggest hedge fund managers Paul Jones, Ray Dalio swear by this. I just generally don't like his if you don't have the money you're fucked mentality.
Dr Strange (1 month ago)
no...i will still work even if i was making over 1000 a day in trading, there is no point in jumping all in on trading alone, you might as well call it gambling
mario_ (2 months ago)
very few earn all the money . They can make the chart like that so you never gonna win no matter how good you are in TA.
Ray Anderson (2 months ago)
this guy is Chatting rubbish. you can loose 5k in day if you don't have any experience in trading
Felipe Vieira (2 months ago)
"make living" is subjective these guys are mostly looking into daily grands when talking about profits, they forget that most people are make living with minimum wage, for them make living = growing bank
Faizal Hergy Veiga (3 months ago)
Very bad advice!!! 1. You must only risk money you can afford to lose 2. You don't need 25k!!! Absolutely not! 3. Depending on the strategy, you can lose less than the amount you win
Cinnabar (3 months ago)
Seems like terrible advice...
S Y Lennon (3 months ago)
3:45 was that a shot fired at anton kriel lol
Phoenix Daly (3 months ago)
I think it is as in all walks of life trading is no different , you do need to adhere to a set of principles and have a consistent approach; however everyone is different and they have different tolerances. If you are comfortable with risking 15% of your bank then you will make more money than say if you traded 1-2%. I think the guiding principle of all trades is to consider how much you could lose and your strategy for managing that loss if required, always approach your trades this way and you will be more successful.
Market Open (3 months ago)
They sell courses because their strategies are not scalable to be able to move around millions at a time not because they are fakes. Get your facts straight. Also why in the world would they want to manage a big hedge fund when the initial goal was not to work for someone else. You have your goals and they have theirs, but don't try to bring others down like that because you look stupid.
greenscorpio1967 (3 months ago)
its all relative if you cant show profits using pennies over 6- 12 months you wont with 100.000 s. practice and gain experience first and build up a profitable upward curve .Its about mindset and money management
Jonathan Connor (3 months ago)
No disrespect but up to 20% return a day, a small account can turn into a large account within a short period of time and anything over 5% risk is pretty suicidal in terms of the account over time as the drawdown periods will eventually blow the account within six months. Appreciate the videos though, he reminds me of myself lol. 2% is probably absolute maximum risk if willing to experience greater drawdowns. But hey, what do I know. I've only been trading 3 years!
Not bob (3 months ago)
Simple answer- 20k to 25k will be enough to make a living, assuming you are making atleast 1 percent per day. Give or take higher days, and losses, you can make 200 hundred a day if you make 1% On that 20k. That's minimum percentage you should be making, or you might as well invest in mutual or index funds since those will ultimately do better then you in the long run
BigFoot 1700 (3 months ago)
I started with $80, made $11,000. You need to be specific on who's trading with real trading knowledge, not hedging the market for a few ticks so you never lose.
Sri Rangaswamy (4 months ago)
Awesome... I am a trader and I know and agree to most what he said... Its real..
Mark Burton (4 months ago)
No nonsense, good advice. God bless you, Steve! M
MICHAEL ARTHUR (4 months ago)
lol dis guy is nuts
Dewayne Smith (4 months ago)
I use about 16k to make $500 per day.
Rex Stu (4 months ago)
Trading Business Pro (4 months ago)
Start with Futures! So you start with Lions!
Karan Manku (4 months ago)
#1 Rule of trading: Stay in the Game.
TrueValues77 (5 months ago)
He's very straightforward unlike many answering this very question. I like him...he's pragmatic and sharp.
TrueValues77 (5 months ago)
It's a tricky question....she said to make a living from...well if you start with 500 it will be near impossible to live from it.....5000...yes.
m alsati (5 months ago)
friends are there to lough with have a drink with they wont benefit you in anyway. this guy is straight forward he's got a point. my friends took the piss and said oh you will never make it in trading and now with 1 year experience i'm doing ok. friends all bullshit believe me. Trading isn't a game if you do it do it right. of course have the experience. this guy says it all simply
DJUCH (5 months ago)
Wanted to say he's wrong, but I can not because every trader is different. When you start out trading, YOU WILL LOSE, so blowing 25K in a few trades is not advisable. Start with a demo account while you're learning the ropes and then graduate to a very tiny size, maybe 1000 bucks. GREED is BAD and it will burn you if you try to do too much too soon. Good luck!
anything4you05 (6 months ago)
Making a certain amount a day is a horrible horrible strategy and a complete selling gimick. Consider the basics of any market, each day has a different range with different patterns and most days do not offer very easy setups ( fact). Smart traders wait for those very easy setups and step in...then step back and wait for the next allowing their account to compound. This is how people make good money trading - not trading everyday for a certain percentage...but compounding on the very easy setups every once in awhile. This is literally the key to successful trading by the few "FEW" i know who actually make money every year. Your welcome.
Ale Ben (6 months ago)
This guy is rubbish. Extremely negative.
Ale Ben (6 months ago)
That's bullshit. Especially crypto, 5000 pounds or $5000 will make you an ok living. If you're a successful trader, you can turn $5000 into $10,000 in about a month. In about 3 months, you can easily hit $15,000
Joseph Ramokolo (6 months ago)
Well to be honest, in my humble opinion, without offending anyone who thinks differently from this guy’s point of view, but also by looking into this issue in a different perspective and without condemning any body’s views. The truth is, oh! What was I going to say??
Rynel Acosta (7 months ago)
Warren Buffet started small. This guy is crap.
Oluwaseyi Ayoade (7 months ago)
I disagree with most of his opinions, who is he anyways?
satin merno (7 months ago)
Just for Food for thought.. From the person i know who has successfully make a living in the field. he once had only invested 100$ to his account just to get used with the real market where real emotion involved. then he got his way turning that 100$ to 1200$ then he said... WELL it's not about big investment it's about Fixed target and Discipline with a crystal clear money management and risk.. Now he makes annual 6 figures a year. and he said that he needs to backup his money by investing it in real matter like 20% of his total capital by planting trees and donate them to nature because he's afraid by making huge amount of money in future index, forex, so on so fort he would temper the nature.. as in nature law you can't create nor destroy matter but it can be changed from one form to the other form. He said basically Trading future index making fast money is like creating something out of nothing which is very unhealthy for the nature and now he's thinking about retirement and promoting things like every Currency Crypto or Non-Crypto generated should be being backedup 100% by matter like Gold, Metal, Woods, so on so fort!
Johnathan Grey (7 months ago)
Is this guy a BLITZOR?
rudy c (7 months ago)
with 3k account you can risk a 1 lot + 40-50 pips a day = 400$-500$ a day. Im a scalper so i have 5 markets i scalp on a daily basis. i take no more than 15 pips from each market every day. obviously with losses my end of the week profit ends up being usually 70-80% of the expected amount if i won every trade. Now if you take that into consideration you can definitely "potentially" earn a 6 figure income with just 3k to start with. i think its misleading that this guy says you CANT make it with a smaller amount. Not everyone can just dump 25k into an account and then become rich. Some of the most successful traders i know personally started from the bottom fucking with microlots on a 100 dollar account. Anything is possible as long as you put in the work and gain the knowledge. One thing is for certain it is a marathon not a race
Burhan Qerimi (7 months ago)
All you of you go find those 25k and start trading (everyone cannot be right and profitable).
mykimikimiky (7 months ago)
if you've clicked on this video, its obvious that you don't have living expenses. so trading is a way for you to loose that money that you DON'T need.
Gentle Brother (7 months ago)
What a chump! To anybody watching this - DO NOT start with a £5k account. Start with the minimum deposit your broker will allow and do not add any more until you consistently make gains using your own well-tested strategy. Oh, and keep a trading diary and forensically review all failed trades and adjust your trading stategy accordingly.
Bruce Gallick (8 months ago)
Who's the sloothie interviewing? Wowzers.. Interesting video too
CaliCoin Digital (8 months ago)
This is relativistic depending on your living expenses.
Nick Burge (8 months ago)
I hope to be that guy some day
ActionTv808 (8 months ago)
He lost his friends and family because of his personality. Life is not all about money. 💯L
William Blakney (8 months ago)
this guy is a jerk
Noki's Kitchen (8 months ago)
He's very honest and i love that!
Vulture Q (8 months ago)
I'll give an example using the Oil market and will be speaking in US Dollar terms. The current margin for Oil futures, CL, is about $2.2k and if you have a discount broker you can trade this instrument for as little as $600/contract. Each penny or tick fluctuation in WTI Oil is a $10 fluctuation in your PnL. As a result, if you were to trade just 1 contract and earn say 20 ticks per day, you'd be earning about a 10% ROI, since profits after commissions would be around $190. If you did this every day, never compounding, you'd earn about $48k/year. In most areas of the US, for example, this is about the median household income. Obviously this income also scales, so if one were to increase the position size to say 2, you're now earning $96k a year, 4, you're earning $192k, etc. The critical mistakes most people make, and why most people fail, is that 1) they over-leverage their position size with respect to their account balance, then don't use proper stops considering their risk parameters 2) they get greedy, deviate away from earning 20 ticks a day, start trying to earn more, then inevitably start losing more [no strategy has an edge if you're in the market all day long, holding the same trade all day long every day], then encounter psychological trauma due to the drawdowns and losses. If anyone actually wants to become a consistently profitable trader, you should only be using 1 contract for every $10k-$20k you have in the account. Never add to losers. Stop out at invalidation points and not arbitrary levels -- don't keep tight stops.
M Ibrahim (8 months ago)
Terrible advice. Don't ever "go for it" and try to make 10% a day
ANDYWAFFLEZ (8 months ago)
This guy is a joke , you can start with as much money as you want or liked and just grow your small account yes it’s going to take a few years but that doesn’t matter not everyone has 25k plus if u started with 5k and grew ur account to 25k and u loose it all u technically just lost 5k ;)
FXPhysics (9 months ago)
There is no such thing as making X amount of money "a day" in trading. That alone discredits him as a trader. If you want regular income, then buy a bond or rent out real-estate. But don't trade.
Kuldoxy (9 months ago)
Where d hell is dat guy from? 5k!!! Are u kidding? What re u! Bill Gate?
Dan Campeau (9 months ago)
I want lots of money so I can take more time off to be with friends and family... I played the cannabis sector in the fall up to Christmas and made real nice money. Don't sacrifice friendships, that's a load of bull.
Mustafa Baris (9 months ago)
Biggest mistake in trading is to try to come up with that “ magic “ number as how how much I can make a day average .. Instead ask yourself how many successful trades could I have a day if I improve my game , and then the answer will be given to you without you asking ..
Whoever this guy is, is misleading his audience. From a £25k account, to make £500 a day is around a 700% return pa AFTER FEES! If he could do that he would be managing Goldmans. I think HE is the charlatan and the faker!
RUGGED BREED (9 months ago)
He's the kind of man who will work for 8 hours and will party the whole week, this man is rich
Og maco Sheesh (9 months ago)
He said 5-20% a day LOL smh does he actually think thats sustainable...I mean with his logic why not start with 1k and get his so called 10% a day and be a millionaire in a year ?
Andy Parry (9 months ago)
Five grand! What a pompus pratt! It would be nice to be spare 5,000.
Noah Hornberger (9 months ago)
I started my business for free because I won $3000 of assets in a contest. So I think the level bar really depends on how hard you want to work. For him, it's not worth doing any work for less than that, because of the gains he has seen. But for someone starting out, with drive and intelligence, you can turn much less than 5k into much more in a few months.
badr chtibi (9 months ago)
its not about your money.but your performance in trading
ThisnThatPackRat (9 months ago)
There are old traders and there are bold traders. There are no old bold traders. This guy is too baby faced for me. Asymmetrical trades don't exist...okay.
Casey Niestat (9 months ago)
Trading computers will always find a way to take your money. This guy is way too positive about day trading. I started day trading full time with 15 K USD, and my goal was to make an average of $100. a day ... after one year, I had lost a total of 3 K dollars. I did my homework, took a trading course at my local university, I did the research - I also traded options. Almost all of my day trading friends were also not making any money. Know this to be true. Trading computers will always find a way to take your money.
VivaMessico (9 months ago)
The computer wins because it knows no emotions. Unlike you. If you can shut off your emotions you will beat any computer.
Noah Hornberger (9 months ago)
So the smart move would be to program a trading computer for yourself, no?
ninuxy (9 months ago)
You need $300k to make anything. $20k, hahaha.
Vigamortez Channel (9 months ago)
True 25 k - 15 k a month off 2% 500$ a day - save it cash out towards. The end of the month .. Easily but yes you do have to put the work in it .. True you can't go in with the mindset of loosing your money think of it with as a learning experience don't give up learn and improve your skills .. I wouldn't start at 25 k Your asking for it then you shoukd start with at least 1,500 if you want results !
Raphael Quaglio (9 months ago)
You can realistically make 50% to 200% per year! Not per week or month. This guy just sounds dodgy. And scalping doesn't work.
Luke Styles (9 months ago)
yes, this guy is spot on in my experience. People with small accounts over leverage and then don't have enough equity when trades go against them to get into other good trades.
Hayden Harris (10 months ago)
Whatever strategy or amount of money you have to trade forex, its dangerous gambling and not a skill.
Kenn Tollens (10 months ago)
1% of your bankroll per trade and win consistently. Win consistently is way more important than the amount of money. Get that system working and the money will increase over time. Anything else is putting money in a slot machine.
Miguel Maho (10 months ago)
I agreed with he says that fast profits.
Mellowman468 (10 months ago)
OK, what this guy is saying is in regards to FULL TIME Trading. If you don't have $5000 to start than please DONT QUIT YOUR JOB! Swing Trading is certainly the best way to earn/lose as a Part Time Trader with under $1000. Lets be realistic, if you make 25k/year at your job and earn 20% from a trade with an account of 1k you've made 200 bucks. now that may not seem like a lot but from someone coming from low income; $200 wont pay rent but it can pay some of the bills. That's a Win! keep hustling
Art Houston (10 months ago)
I agree with Darrell. Knowledge IS key. Get experience BEFORE you "take the whole lot" and become a trader. The gentlemen being interviewed is an every-day, hands-on trader who gets in and out as needed. Most people will not be equipped to do what he does, so they will need to take a different tack, entirely.
Joe Anania (10 months ago)
I started trading with 100USD on Jan 3rd and today, FEB. 17 my bitfolio is at 4560USD investing 10-25-20 coins.
Dominic Jones (10 months ago)
Listen to the question. How much do you need to make a living
EBOJFM DBOOJOH (10 months ago)
I completely disagree with this, Actually I'm my opinion if you start with a small amount you might be more inclined to make more safer trades. If you were to start off with £500 and made 2% a month after 5 years you would have over £50000. Tell me any kind of invest that could make that kind of return in a 5 year period. Trying to make 15-20% a day is complete rubbish in my opinion. Start off small and treat it long term by gradually increasing your account size
OB TC (10 months ago)
Start with a Demo account, yes you are not making money but the knowledge you will get will serve you well.
Music Junkie (10 months ago)
Don't get into the stock market unless you've got a shit ton of money. People work all week for a mere .15% return. Cryptocurrency trading is much easier, my first day I made at least 2%
Arturo Garza (10 months ago)
$50,000 is about right to start with.
No Hope Equals no fear (10 months ago)
you need 25,000 pounds? not even close
Pippy LongProng (10 months ago)
The question is how much do you need to make a living! Yeah you can learn from a £500 £1000 account but you won't make a living. Still it's a stupid question.
Sudipta Das (10 months ago)
Everything is an investment and how ur using it to gain. It's irritating when u see the world and sees none.
Mr Ed (10 months ago)
Thats exact how I explained to my family why I am starting with good amount of money to trade. Its like starting a business, $20K is nothing to start. With trading 10-20K will be a good start.
J T (10 months ago)
Completely disagree with throwing five grand in the stock market with no trading knowledge start small and learn
J Mi (10 months ago)
J T We agree...Any profitable strategy should work whether you turn £500 into £5k or £5k into £50k. All traders need to have a training plan, step1 proove u are consistent and profitable...every new trader should go thru initial trading phase (build an asset: turn initial £500 account into £5000) then STEP2: use your skill to make money... each pro trader should go thru trading phase (build cashflow from assets: turn £5k into £10k every week or period). Steve Ruffley IS A PRO, he's not advising how to move from new trader to pro trader, he's advising how to be a pro trader only.
Agree 100% with that... Tell people that they need $25k-50k to trade for a living and you'll get hate. However, that's the only way to truly make it happen!
Haesham Lanjri (10 months ago)
Way too negative only thing he said i agree with is the education
Haesham Lanjri (10 months ago)
Full of shit
Tinisha Barnes (10 months ago)
He is a joker
davefxfox (10 months ago)
wow go daddy
Art Deco Jeweller (10 months ago)
spread betting isnt trading
7 11 (10 months ago)
utter nonsense
mortalsting (10 months ago)
Is he really a trader? He is a freaking moron! Its like listening to a drunk idiot in the pub.
JOHN SMITH THE FOREX GOD (11 months ago)
You can start with 100000 an still loose all if you don't know what you're doin. So knowing how to trade is key not how much you start with. An 10% a day is nothing. With true skills you will make 800% every month. So this dude can fuk off
Brutuszilla (11 months ago)
This guy is so full of shit.
icyboy771z (11 months ago)
you need 5grand to trade for a living? Are you serious lol i believed it should be much much higher unless you are doing other jobs
meow meow (11 months ago)
He is right, one should differentiate between trading for living and trading for fun.
Stephen Cooper (11 months ago)
2:11 the gold digger just had an orgams
wayne kavanagh (1 year ago)
5 grand would only cover your education ..... get real you dreamers
Daquan Fudge (1 year ago)
$500 a day on a 25k account is only 2% a day which is very realistic because you shouldn't even be risking more than 2% a trade. Even if you lose a couple trades that day you should have a T1-T2 so you can easily cover loses. you can prolly do that risking 1% with a good strategy.

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