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Case File: CryptoScammed!

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Text Comments (13)
Toad McKinley (10 months ago)
Not too bad man. This Bitconnect rabbit hole has been a huge source of laughs for me. I may have something in the works as well, but don't tell anyone.
Jun Aranda (24 days ago)
"Talking about mom's spaghetti." Actually, the post to that was in regards to Emenim's song "Lose Yourself." Except the poster ended it with 'buy bitcoin' instead of 'drop bombs' I actually feel sorry for all those people investing in this, hoping, and then losing it all.
Jack Opulski (8 months ago)
Goddammit the earrapes :/ Aren't you satisfied with just raping straight men?
Anil In (9 months ago)
Popular and belief is the backing of all Fiat currency
Dammit Dabears (9 months ago)
Bitconnect was an obvious pyramid scheme if you have to invest lots of money and are told **everyone** is going to get rich from investing the only people actually getting money are those at the top to everyone that jumped on bitconnect congrats you scammed yourself.
Rami Derbel (9 months ago)
RealFrenchie from OW here.
Mr. Sticks (9 months ago)
Let’s be honest though, our paper money right now has as much “real world value” as a bitcoin would. It’s paper from a private source. It’s not based on gold or silver boullion. Not anymore.
Protagnis YT (9 months ago)
The only difference between bitcoin and a ponzi scheme is that bitcoin has a picture of a coin in the corner. You are still investing in the idea that others will invest after you
SuperDav1995 (9 months ago)
0:30 we wuz miners an shieet
lvl 3 autiste (10 months ago)
What was a bigger scam bitconnect or kilroy?
Public Health Inspector (10 months ago)
I love YouTuber Law.  Caught that guy when he was making less than a hundred views.
Conner Smallwood (11 months ago)
Another great video.
Sholomo Shekels (11 months ago)

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