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Is The GTX 760 Still Worth Buying?

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Released in 2013, the GTX 760 from Nvidia was an excellent mid range GPU capable of smooth 1080p gaming. Today it can be found for around $100 - $150 used online, but is it still worth buying? Let's find out! Thank you to Darren for the footage of the GPU, and for letting me borrow his MSI version of the card: youtube.com/user/zZDazZz Test Specs: AMD Athlon X4 860K 8GB DDR3 @ 1866 MHz MSI GeForce GTX 760 2GB Twin Frozr Graphics Card Windows 10 Pro Games Tested: Grand Theft Auto V Crysis 3 Battlefield 1 Mafia 3 Fallout 4 Discussion Gameplay: Fallout 3 Thanks for watching :)
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SnOpeK Domowei (2 days ago)
Just got an ITX version of this card today for 40 dollars, building a cheap gaming pc for my GF this christmas. This one has a single 8 pin PCI-e power connector
darius (19 days ago)
found one for 70 bucks. pretty dang good deal IMO
Isaak Harms (19 days ago)
What about if you can snag it for 50?
Zach Fitzgerald (20 days ago)
bought one for $50 in late 2018, excited to tinker with it!
Andy D. (1 month ago)
Picked one up the other day for $30, I definitely got one hell of a deal
modex012340 cs go (1 month ago)
2018 i got this card for 30£
ZIGZAG-YT (1 month ago)
The video is at 164,164 views 😱
BeatSmith Laden (1 month ago)
This actually helps alot. I was thinking about buying this. But you're right. It's not a really good idea to buy this now. Better options out there. Maybe I'll go for the 1050 if I don't have money for the ti
Winston Death (2 months ago)
I have amd athlon x4 845 gigabyte gtx 760 2gb oc 16gb ddr3 ram and ssd is it good or it's bottlenecking?
Miscellaneous Space (2 months ago)
i got one of the 4gb gtx 760s and am now thinking of getting a preowned gtx 1070 as I find it just doesn't give me the performance I would like on new releases
Tyler Hamm (2 months ago)
I just bought the same one for $50
Iamfearitself (2 months ago)
Just a heads up for budget buyers still watching this CEX UK have them for £65 and the 770 for £70
BagonTube (2 months ago)
8 Years Later: DO NOT BUT THE TITAN V! 12GB GDDR5X? PATHETIC! I present to you: THE GEFORCE TITAN XYZ! 1TB GDDR9X Games Tested: Fortnite Zombie Royale, Yourecraft, Crysis 19, CS:DONTGO System: 86TB DDR16 50 Terahertz 17 Petabyte SSD 100,000GB/s Intel Core i17 6969 80Terahertz 78-Core
DGTasdiq (2 months ago)
I get 90 FPS Lock on Fortnite: I have GTX 760ti 2GB Intel Core i3 1TB Hard Drive Edit: In COD WW2, I get around 40 FPS which feels like 60 FPS
RevFilmore (3 months ago)
got a 760/4g (one power connector btw, not 2) and wonder if I should scout for a 2nd one and get an SLI mobo or go rx580/gtx1060.
M1R4C (4 months ago)
just save a little more money and buy a 1060
M1R4C (4 months ago)
but you can play old games with this card(you can play games under 2016-2017)
M1R4C (4 months ago)
nope dont i have this trash
driftscape (4 months ago)
You might as well save a bit more and get yourself a 780 ti at the very least. But if you are going to spend money on a 760, don't pay anything close to 100USD. I see one on craigslist for 75USD. A EVGA Geforce GTX 760 SC 2GB. I think some are bidding around 50ish USD on ebay.
Basic Dos Gaming (4 months ago)
this is my only card i have lol it works fine i can even play some 4k games easily at max ok yes those games are from 2009 but still its a beast of a card
le dung (4 months ago)
My 7950 just died and I bought a 760 for about 60$. It's good, but weaker than 7950, and in my country, both used cards cost the same. So an AMD card might be a better choice than 760. I just bought it because I want to try Nvidia for a change. It can play any games I throw at it. Just need to lower some settings. Final Fantasy 15 is the only game I can't reach 60fps.
M1R4C (4 months ago)
and csgo high settings 70fps and low 160-180
M1R4C (4 months ago)
it runs gta v on high with 45-60 fps
Ren Clon (5 months ago)
today's at aliexpress: $99usd free shipping
NewPlugin-Gaming (5 months ago)
I found this card for only 62 dollars
Hotdogplayz // HDP (5 months ago)
got it for £65, im suuupppeeerrr lucky
Marco The Noob (5 months ago)
MrTHELODE (5 months ago)
I'm getting one of these today for 40$ from a buddy of mine
Mark Norville (6 months ago)
I am hopefully buying one of these today for £35 from gumtree. I already have a 750 ti but all what I am using the cards for is emulation, both in an arcade cabinet and in the future a pinball cabinet when I can afford the cabinet. At £35 I cannot say no to this card, at £100 it still is a pretty good card.
Omar x461 (6 months ago)
?can i play all ultra if i play in 720p
KingDoogan (7 months ago)
i know this video is a year old but man, i have been repin this card since 2013. plays gta v high with some nvidia panel and OC touch ups, get about 58-65fps.far cry 5: runs at 50-58fps high texture settings with everything else about medium-low.witcher 3: 60-68fps medium - high 2 + SLI will get you the equivalent to the newer GTX 1070s for half the price as long as the games are compatible etc and will be even better then what i currently get with my potato build A/B Get yourself a nice CPU + ddr4 8gbs + ssd and you will be a up to pc gods standards with this card (add about 10-20fps to the games mentioned without SLI) sadly i will be upgrading soon because VR is apparently too much to handle (not even a gtx 1080 ti is good enough tho) with that all said and done, be on your way to the ultimate budget build.
Jux Zeil (7 months ago)
Keep looking for bargains...… Got My KFA2 760 OC for £57. It's now on water so should last me a while yet. ^_^
Ashwani Kumar (7 months ago)
I am getting this card for approx 90$ is this worth?
Leon Pozo (7 months ago)
Just got one of these for 60 pound off ebay. Happy Chappy .
Iron Nokana (7 months ago)
bought a used gtx 760 after watched this video thank randomGamingHD :3
Nabil Hussainshah (8 months ago)
I got the gtx 760 for 72 dollars used but one fan wasnt working is there a way to cool it down... i have a prebuilt case with an extra fan under the gpu but like there is not much airway.
cr0wned (9 months ago)
I wanted a GTX 760 for my budget gaming PC, but I have to go with team red and buy a R9 270X for 70 EUR or 86 US-D, because it is faster, looks better, it has great driver support and my new card is just 2,5 years old. I love it to play modern games on budget hardware, it is challenging but that's the fun and if I know that a game will perform bad on my PC, i play this game just on my PS4.
Aspen Mallery (9 months ago)
So in short: yes, but only if you already have one and your motherboard supports SLI. RN now the GTX 1050 is more cost effective at the $150 price point. But I already have one of these MSI 760 cards. Piggybacking off the older one is a better deal than buying a modern card for 100's more.
topperdude2007 (9 months ago)
Understand the recommendation of not purchasing this card for $100-$150. How about for around $50? Is it comparable to a 1050 or 1050Ti from current generation of cards? Would appreciate any input. Thanks.
Leonardo Voss (9 months ago)
I got this card for 65€ sorry im not mad 😂
Justin Emmerich (9 months ago)
My friend just gifted me a gtx 760 :D
DJ M.O.D. (10 months ago)
man with prices now, its better to just OC your GPU instead of upgrading for the time being... [I'm still stuck with my GTX760 T-T]
Zalk Tech (10 months ago)
You should revisit this card.
Manny Montero (10 months ago)
One of your best videos.
Dedskin Prodcer/DJ (10 months ago)
if i'm correct you tested nvidia GPu whit slow AMd cpu , cores dont help there , it simply is not fast enough , you are probably a Amd fan with that CPU, basicly everyone knows at thais point after core 2 duo that amd lost the race and is not fast as intel, same goes for ATI vs Nvidia , Intel goes with nVidia its the same thing , same company, tho be it So is AMD , but those are different architectures , so nvidia doesn't like AMD cpus of lower spectrum, because its fast GPU with not all that meany cores , needs fast CPU with less cores, while AMD gpus have twice the cores , or stream processors then what nVidia has , but are also slower , so they need more cpu cores , speed is not an issue .thats why AMD/ATI GPUS are good for mining , lots of cores , they need at least 4 core cppu.and nvidia is not . SO NEVER TEST nvidia with low or mid end AMD cpu, or vice verse , AMD GPU of higher end with lets say dual core cpu from intel , doesn't work . Different architectures . nvida + intel or AMD +AMd and there is no mistake , if you mix them you can make a mistake on lower end , counts for AMD CPUS all over the board . But today with Ryzen and AMD 480/580 , there is no difference in architecture , so everything can be mixed . It was not so before .
Willox (10 months ago)
YES IT IS, i have a gtx 760 with an i5 3rd gen and it runs most games flawlessly
stormy J (11 months ago)
Lol the 1050ti doesnt cost around the same .......
Sander Lens (11 months ago)
I got a gtx 760 1.5gb 192bit OEM for €50 is that a good deal????
Sander Lens (11 months ago)
i got it from some one in the hague
satan waffle baldski (11 months ago)
Sander Lens the one i Saw, was in Amsterdam i think
Sander Lens (11 months ago)
satan waffle baldski did you see if it was in the hague
satan waffle baldski (11 months ago)
Sander Lens i was planning on buying it, but was too late xD
satan waffle baldski (11 months ago)
Sander Lens omg did you buy it from "marktplaats"?
Lucky Flips (11 months ago)
I’m probably getting one because I found it for 80
nugo japaridze (11 months ago)
Can gtx 760 work in 420 w power supply?
satan waffle baldski (11 months ago)
nugo japaridze yes
nugo japaridze (11 months ago)
Can gtx760 work in 420 w power supply?
Hugo diaz (11 months ago)
U better of buying a Gtx 680 of u have a 500 PSU already For 50-70$ matches a Gtx 1050ti.
Steve Smith (1 year ago)
I just picked up a 2gb 770 for $40
Fucked Gplus (1 year ago)
they are realy easy to keep clean. so hardware failure is very unlikely
MaJesticGoat Gaming (1 year ago)
What about if I picked up a gtx 760 for $70 AUD
BlaCK_StOrMxZ (1 year ago)
I have an GTX 760 but an shitty CPU i don't know Abort compatiblity When I change my CPU and then may the Mainboard and and and can u may help me?
Stevano Chandra (1 year ago)
got a Single GTX 760 here,and i run win 7 64bit, wanna ask about the best driver for this gpu for now can someone give me solution?
Jay Rich (1 year ago)
Got this for $74 evga acx
Robert Rule (1 year ago)
I just found a evga sc 760 for $60 today at a local computer shop I snagged it up quick. lol
Gabino RPR (1 year ago)
I found a 760 super clocked for 75
-sysdλta (1 year ago)
I get like over 60 frames with everything almost max on GTA 5 with a single 760
Michiel Roskam (1 year ago)
got a gtx 760 2gb for only 18 pounds, so lucky
Bige4u (1 year ago)
Im still rock'n a GTX760(Asus DirectCU II OC 2gb/256bit) myself along with a [email protected], and the most intense PC games i've got is GTA4 and DOOM2016 on high settings max for both with at least 60+ frame rates. I know its a wee bit dated, but it still does everything i need atm, all the while using an Asus 24" 1080p 144hz gaming monitor and 8gb ddr3 memory. Yehaw!
Skruber (1 year ago)
so, gtx 760 in my country is 50 euros cheaper than the gtx 1050, so should i buy the gtx 760? (btw avg price of 760 is 100-120 euros)
Ulquara (1 year ago)
Cpu bad thats why bad fps
Alexander Bartram (1 year ago)
Jesus christ, its clear you're reading a script, but I'm dubious as to how recently you learned to read??? Take public speaking lessons
Nuck Chorris (1 year ago)
Just bought an evga 760 sc for $60. Worth?
The Silent Observer (1 year ago)
Same here. I think they're worth it for around that price. Not too much worse than a 1050 Ti. Just power hungry.
usssmart doofus (1 year ago)
Do you have a day job/ what is it?
xmass guy (1 year ago)
I own one of these cards upgraded from a gt 730 and i run all my games in 1080p on very high and avg from 60- 200 fps on some games>
Westen Quasar 24 F (1 year ago)
I bought one recently and I reached 98 degrees with it. Celsius
Antto Suhonen (1 year ago)
i have the 760 and yeah its still very capable of running games, fallout runs about 50-60 fps on medium
Dux& Cone (1 year ago)
While randomgaminginhd is doing reviews with 100$ linus is doing reviews of 1500$ i9. dont get sponsors its proven that sponsors ruin channels.
Mr_Owpeei (1 year ago)
Christopher Bollinger (1 year ago)
Just got a 760 for $30
Winman486 (1 year ago)
I have 2 EVGA FTW 4GB 760s and I can run almost all new games like Battlefield 1 60 fps ultra 1080p amazing cards! https://valid.x86.fr/ic6lyy
hacim99 (1 year ago)
I just bought one for 80$us
Just get a 1050ti. And I have an A8 APU. And I get like 50+ frames with ultra settings on BF1
yolo swacgity (1 year ago)
This card runs the same temps and has almost the exact same performance of 1050ti so actually I do recommend it as a used buy
yolo swacgity (1 year ago)
Ayyy I got this card 2day for $60! So far only played goat simulator and that shit ran really well
Ultimat3 SonicFan (1 year ago)
I'm still rocking my GTX 670 2GB w/ an i7 920 OC'd (water cooled) to 3.5ghz. Still a solid 1080p machine. VRAM is on the low side, Might shop around for a 4GB version on the GTX 670..
yolo swacgity (1 year ago)
Ultimat3 SonicFan I like the gtx 760. It is enough gpu power for my computer to play GTA V 1920x1080 high textures normal everything else. I beat the whole game using these settings it looked great
Ultimat3 SonicFan (1 year ago)
I probably better off getting a 680 anyway
Ultimat3 SonicFan (1 year ago)
yolo swacgity Wow really? That's crazy
yolo swacgity (1 year ago)
Ultimat3 SonicFan I saw a gtx 680 in my city for sale for $99
Dave Nguyen (1 year ago)
Please upload a video on the GTX 770 X)
yolo swacgity (1 year ago)
Dave Nguyen I got my 760 for $55 and it performs well enough while also having good power draw
Dave Nguyen (1 year ago)
Oh I already have a GTX 770 4GB variant, I just thought it would be a good idea to let people know that it costs as much to get one and performs better since the 780ti has a larger price gap in the used market.
yolo swacgity (1 year ago)
Dave Nguyen 770 is 20-25% faster than 760. Get a 780ti so u can take advantage of the extra vram
wseed (1 year ago)
wth i have that gtx 760, but you can play battlefield 1?????
yolo swacgity (1 year ago)
open the book is boring I have two FX cpus, two pentiums four i5s and an i7 3770k watercooled For gpus I have two gtx 760s a gtx 980ti , r9 290
yolo swacgity (1 year ago)
open the book is boring buy it from g2a
wseed (1 year ago)
lel no need to buy i5 bcs i have i7 already, but the problem is i cant download battlefield 1 xd
yolo swacgity (1 year ago)
open the book is boring, get a cheap i5 prebuilt desktop tower if your cpu can't handle fallout 4 or bf1. Swap in your 500w PSU into it and the 760 (might need some case fans still)
Druid The_Legend (1 year ago)
Honestly I love my gtx 760,😃 it's a really nice card.
Pikey Nath (1 year ago)
love the content .. recently picked up a 760 from cex for 60 pounds :)
Nabil Hussainshah (1 year ago)
Got it for 54 brit pounds lol
minikuma (1 year ago)
Bought this thing for 95 lord what a steal
Lukas van Rooij (1 year ago)
Prices change :D I got one for 60 euro's the equivalent of about 65$ gtx 1050's are still twice as expensive here (on the used market as well)
Flighted (1 year ago)
nah get new gtx 1050 ti instead of 760 it has newer technology uses less power and you get warranty
iSecure (1 year ago)
Actually the gtx 760 gets just 1-5 more fps then the rx r460 in the most games
daniQing (1 year ago)
I got a gtx 760 for $60 on ebay! Super happy with it
HELP I HAVE NO SKIN (1 year ago)
I just picked this card up for $80, couldn't pass it up it packs a lot of performance for $80!
Marcello (1 year ago)
my cpu is bottle necking my gtx 1050 ti my cpu are intel p[entium G3260
Neurot1c Studios (1 year ago)
Here because I just bought an EVGA GTX 760 FTW 4GB for 50 bucks on offerup! felt the performance was stellar and wanted to see what my good 'ol budet guru had to say and was like "whaa??"
Lord Gamer (1 year ago)
test ac unity please
Awster (1 year ago)
Before I even finish the video I'm gonna go on and say it: YES! If you aren't much of a SUPER HARDCORE gamer it's perfect as any game I can think of runs at AT LEAST 40fps on the highest settings! If you can't afford something newer like a GTX 1080 then this is for you.
(DeNiS) (1 year ago)
I can get it for 70 bucks, should i?
robby (1 year ago)
What PSU did you use?
Kyle (1 year ago)
Worth upgrading from 760 to 1060?
yolo swacgity (1 year ago)
Kyle also try mounting a intake fan in front of the gpu for cooling lowers your temps about 10C*
yolo swacgity (1 year ago)
Kyle nah bro, 760 is still a premium card in my eyes. Just get some thermal paste and replace that on your gpu to keep it running cool. I have two 760s and a 1050ti which matches it's performance and they meet my needs perfectly.
StarKrusha Xe (1 year ago)
lol i bought this exact card for £61
Democracy_is_truth (1 year ago)
i found one for 60 dollars, is that a pretty good deal?

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