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Jad failz runescape Bh/Pvp hybrid pking vid 5 on my range/mage tank - read description -

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GRR cant get music to work, you can play your own or download the video here: http://www.filefront.com/15012327/jad-failz-pk-vid-5.wmv/ i re made the video because the first one was too slow, i shortened this vid from 15 mins to 10 mins, so hopefully it should be more enjoyable to watch! thanks for commenting, rating and subscribing!
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Text Comments (10)
은지 (7 years ago)
U fail tbh calling ppl nerd when ur one self.
Bluemilli (8 years ago)
great video but u kinda only barriage u never switch barriage and blitz or switch to range armour but dont get me wrong great vid
asLaN CsWORLD (9 years ago)
why you changed from ahrims to mystic, gg for ahrims pleasE?
Cas (9 years ago)
wtf at 4:38 ?
Dalton9087 (9 years ago)
l0l welfarers blow.
crasychick0 (9 years ago)
great first song
Richard (9 years ago)
rofl in that 1st clip where ur in ahrims u go to start on me when i run past in mystic and guth cape.. u shat urself and got downed in 2 food gratz (: tele nub.
jadfailzrs (9 years ago)
no whats bf? i think i went with them to war foe but they pussied out like little punaniholes so we just went 124 n kicked the sht out of welfarers lol!
Frank (9 years ago)
awesome vid :) ooo you joined bf ? :O so you could pk with my main if it is memb :)
Bono _RS (9 years ago)
Stupid audioclaim :-|

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