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Major Updates for the Pokémon TCG Online!

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http://bit.ly/1Q5twA1 The Pokémon TCG Online is about to get one of its biggest updates ever! Virtually every bit of the match experience is being improved, including better in-game graphics and animations, added functionality, and new music. This latest update will also include every card from the new Pokémon TCG: XY—BREAKthrough expansion, including powerful new Pokémon BREAK! The Pokémon Trading Card Game Online, available for download at no cost from the App Store, gives players the opportunity to learn, practice, and play the Pokémon TCG online versus the computer or other players. The game is available for PC and Mac, and via an app on iPad and iPad mini. Physical Pokémon TCG products come with in-pack codes that unlock virtual cards that can be played and traded within the Pokémon TCG Online. Official site: http://www.pokemon.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Pokemon Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Pokemon Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/pokemon
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Text Comments (287)
BohicaTV (5 months ago)
The most powerful card is credit card.
Lukáš (6 months ago)
that looks pretty neet, fredrick
BNMRXL Adkins (7 months ago)
Triandi Sunarya (8 months ago)
its been 3 years so i think its fine to ask for new gui. gui that i meant are like table designs and maybe stadium that changes with the picture of stadium.im not asking things that i know will require lots of work like adding sound effect of each pokemons or personal effect of pokemon skills.but hey, we re competing with another tcgo which also come up with good graphics and feature. well graphic not all but its an additional feature that differentiate with physical tcg one. and since we lost our chat long ago, please add more emoticons that represent what players want to say like, :dang bad roll:, :how lucky i am:, :im in trouble:, and others. and for you who cant find this game in playstore or apps stoee,try lookin it in another source or the website itself.playstore said my device is incompatible, but i play it smoothly in my android phone.
Erafune (5 months ago)
Oooh THAT would be nice! Stadium cards that really change the surrounding of the board. Suddenly - lava flood. Or jungle vines. Or flying in the clouds. And when a Stadium is removed you go back to the table. PLEASE make it happen. Just make it an option to turn off for the people that don't want animations.
Michael Coover (1 year ago)
Whenever I try to play this game the screen resolution gets jacked and there is no way to fix it. I've had to reinstall the game 3 times now.
Drew (1 year ago)
Ever gonna put it on iPhone? Also can I just scan the codes onto my iPad yet?
Nocturnal Toothbrush (1 year ago)
Maybe I'll try this out
Aeroshifter (1 year ago)
love the new update guys keep it up XD!!!
Gary Guo (2 years ago)
0:28 what deck is that?
NoName HQ (2 years ago)
hello pokemon ive been playing pokemon tcg online since ive download it i played it well but theres a problem can you fix this when i am going to play the game will load and then this message will pop up that said login timeout preload error i hate it my account is old and still working fine but when i download it again this stuff happens i cant play always pls fix this i will rate 5 and tell my friends to play pokemon tcg online thankyou pokemon company.
Emilyow :3 (2 years ago)
,., what phones is the game compatible with ?
Lecko (1 year ago)
Emilyow :3 non of them
Fransisco Javier (2 years ago)
pelase gead the game on pones
goste hunter (2 years ago)
what a lie
goste hunter (2 years ago)
i downloaded the game and then sudenly it stoped working
psichodude (2 years ago)
anyone who updated just get a black screen?
Te Hokimate Pehi (2 years ago)
I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
spd3ictpro (2 years ago)
The game developer is really sucks. I dont know what to say anymore. This game supposed to be fun. Make it simple and light. The fun is in the user interaction and collecting cards. They want to get their favourite pokemon card and play with other people.
Heidisigno (2 years ago)
@heidi_signo. Heidi-signo. G
Kaye Arriza (2 years ago)
eric (2 years ago)
make a 3ds game
Erafune (5 months ago)
Have to agree with the people complaining about forced animations and forced drag-and-drop. Personally I can live with it and even enjoy it. But forcing it on people who dont want it is unforgiveable when we had it a different way in the past. REMAKE!!
Erafune (5 months ago)
Hello there, 2 year old me. You don't even remember what it was like before this update now. Did the game use to feel faster before? I really like the attack animations. Don't remember what it was before. Maybe all were like the Normal type attacks are now. I don't like the setting up of a new game. Especially the mulligans. Lots of unnecessary clicking and waiting. WHY am I waiting for my opponent before I re-shuffle? It's not IRL.
Lest (2 years ago)
i never understand why they decide to use those ugly avatars instead of the art from every pokemon game (idk the name of the artist)
Alchemic Overdrive (2 years ago)
The Real purpose of this update was too slow it way down. So you can no longer get in and play a quick match. It literally now takes 30 minutes. The reason I quit playing. Good job guys!
Enkii Muto (2 years ago)
Newbie question. I live in brazil, the tcgo link for there connects me with an international community?
Just A Phenix (2 years ago)
Whats the music called?
SecretSilverBear (2 years ago)
i still have the 2011 version but it won't open lol
Rod Moses (2 years ago)
love it the animations for the cards are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the best update ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this video made my day!!!!!!!!!!!
Raeyn (3 years ago)
'your device isn't compatible with this version' plsss help what to do so i can play pokemon tcg online
Flodux (3 years ago)
Wish they made Foils or Holos more visible
BluePlaysx GT (3 years ago)
every time i download it in pc it always say 1cab that is needed for your installation is corrupted pls fix it
gucci gangster (2 years ago)
same here
sprite (3 years ago)
how hard is it to make a character model pop out of the cards that's all I want
Roe Licks (3 years ago)
can you make it for android
mark brown (3 years ago)
i'mvliking it too bad I can't play it though.
Unk Chris (3 years ago)
I'm very excited to play it.
actions reviews (3 years ago)
o meu pokemon ta com problema não comsigo resolver
Ali Santos (3 years ago)
afz quando eu ataco da um bug e a tela fica com um quadrado preto em vez do efeito , alguem sabe como concertar ?
DuStii York (3 years ago)
is this ever gonna be for android???
Jesse Hernandez (3 years ago)
Can you log me in I am only 9 year old and my mom said that she is not going to log me in to the tcg pokemon trading card game on line so can you log me in
Ahmed Alhameli (3 years ago)
Now this is better
Bloody Envy (3 years ago)
can you release this on android?
Jm Esg (3 years ago)
The update Is cool if pc is lagging time to upgrade boys mines running butterly smooth , one thing though we need to fix those coins , coins should be player interactable how strong you want to flip the coin .like that
FunnySonnyDay (3 years ago)
How about giving us patch notes instead of a silly video. Also, everything seems like graphical changes. I guess they did not want to fix their code to make things run more efficiently and smoothly.
Slapie20 (3 years ago)
Why don't you make Pokemon Amiibo card packs? Make the cards scanable by the 3DS and WiiU to make a deck and fight online... Make it happen Pokemon Company! And money awaits you!
Jay Almerol (3 years ago)
This application always crashes i ended up uninstalling it..
Foxfire Inferno (3 years ago)
You should definitely have kept animations as optional AND kept the 'undo last action' option. I also think there should be a rematch option so you can play the same person again, in event you want to do 2 out of 3, or one player gets a positively crappy draw and wants to go again.
CybershotCollections (3 years ago)
New update sucks! 10/10
Lonios (3 years ago)
Can you developers change the players characters visuals? They dont match pokémon at all.
Jyotis Espy Feline (3 years ago)
TCGO barely worked on my Linux Mint Had to read hundreds of tutorials to make it work Hope the new animations will run on it or option of turning them off.
Minerwithportals (3 years ago)
Animations can no longer be disabled. Why. There is no reason. Why did you do this?
Mikko Valdez (3 years ago)
release for android plsss..😥😥😞😞😞😞🙏🙏🙏🙀🙀
angellos2 (3 years ago)
Uooooollll que legal! Agora deu vontade de voltar a jogar! XD
Kyle McCarty (3 years ago)
plz add to Google play store
dhil cms (3 years ago)
some people spent money on this game..they redeem their cards for playing online..and u just make them not want to play anymore..so u just waste their money..
dhil cms (3 years ago)
the animations are not a big deal for me..i just hate it when i must drag my card to the bench or the active pokemon place...it is also sucks when flipping the coin..pokemon company PLEASE READ THIS!
Aries Fire Tiger (3 years ago)
Unplayable now. Boycott in progress.
ValanceJ (3 years ago)
Pretty sweet. Now to hope that it won't make my laptop overheat like it did so often a few months ago
Edson Guerrero (3 years ago)
i need a mobile version
MiltankEX (3 years ago)
This update is awful. A game take 2 or 3 times longer to play now. The animations really slowed down the pace of the game
Chichichima MC (3 years ago)
is the last mega shown a mega darkri???
ShinyDenz (3 years ago)
When will there be news or a little look at Pokemon go!!!
Roger Toledo (3 years ago)
OMG For anyone saying this is going to slow down my game jeez if you can't run this game you 4real need to get a better computer because Pokemon tcgo runs smoothly on my friends computer and my friend's computer is complete crap
/u/leo60228 (3 years ago)
+Roger Toledo They removed that feature.
Roger Toledo (3 years ago)
+Anthony Allsopp you can disable the animations ಠ_ಠ
Anthony Allsopp (3 years ago)
It slows the game down because you have to watch the animations now where you didn't before. Its not a case of whether or the game itself plays on individual computers its that games take frustratingly long to play out no matter what.
sapphire guy (3 years ago)
NealTheRealDeal (3 years ago)
it looks like some people need to upgrade there computers Haha. Anyhow WOW!!! it looks awesome!! tempted to start playing it
EmilieRochefort (3 years ago)
TERRIBLE, the new forced animations and click n' drag are terrible. They make the game horribly slow and boring.
Sercan Inal (3 years ago)
I hate this update. It takes way too long for each turn now. If I could turn off the animations, I want to play again.
Vitor (3 years ago)
How about an Android version of the game? Hearthstone has it. Come on, it's not THAT hard.
Vitor (2 years ago)
+DiamondGamer Universe Yes, after 6 months they delivered the Android version :)
Weirdosaur (2 years ago)
U Can Get It On ur Phone Or Tablet
DuStii York (3 years ago)
Ik, I really want this on android
Captain Twist (3 years ago)
I know!!!! Why does ios have it but not us?!?!
Mandy Owens (3 years ago)
does anyone know how to get a sync id thing on the compute
Orias X (3 years ago)
i HATE this new update so much. I dont know if i will play tcgo anymore...
Jordan Games (2 years ago)
still waiting to hear back from them?! this is getting out of hand!1 year and still no response!!! I say give then maybe like 6 more months and if nothing then by all means we wont judge you if you stop playing :(
Insta _Stache (2 years ago)
5 creative kids (3 years ago)
+stukom1 How did they respond?
stukom1 (3 years ago)
+Orias X Not sure what's worse: the new update, or the way the devs responded to people complaining about it.
Withano Lo (3 years ago)
The only good update is the damage counter, get rid of all of the rest, you completely ruined the only game that I play.
Mannes (3 years ago)
Looks awesome
Jaiden Santos (3 years ago)
0:43 Directed by Michael Bay!
James Read (3 years ago)
so will this game ever come to android?
Cactushina (3 years ago)
And that's how Pokémon TCG became Heartstone
Erafune (5 months ago)
Can you trade Hearthstone cards between users? Cause if not then Hearthstone doesn't even hold a candle to PTCGO.
Shinx7009 (3 years ago)
+Leona is le Kero No *Thats How i Meet Your Mother!*
Maybe i should finally give this game a try
+Ball so Hard U what's wrong with hearth stone?
Ball so Hard U (3 years ago)
+The Otaku Dragon Slayer Don't, the new update is only to make it look flashy. The game plan is terrible now. You might as well play Hearthstone now.
Ball so Hard U (3 years ago)
I'd personally like to thank you for ruining a game I've spent months of time and dedication towards. 1. Forced animations make the game length much longer than necessary. 2. Drag and drop makes the game feel too much like it's a Hearthstone wannabe, I enjoyed the click and my cards would function. If I only have one Beldum out and click for Metang, why do I have to drag it? 3. Can we get a clearer method for choosing cards from our hand when required to discard? The yellow boarders not changing to the light blue/white shading made it hard to tell which cards were being selected. 4. Breakthrough is a disappointing set beyond measure to open backs from in the online client. A 160 or so card set and only having 7 packs but pulling multiples of the same rares as well as having things like the monkey evos at a rare slot killed any urge I had to purchase more of the set. 5. The new layout looks terrible and adds unnecessary animations while in game. Why change it from something that's simplistic and easy for new players to be introduced to? Why change it from something that fits the actual TCG? Why have deckboxs on the game board for no reason whatsoever and make the prizes condensed in return?
Shinx7009 (3 years ago)
+Ball so Hard U Yeah!
starklowe 54 (3 years ago)
Android ??
JustTooSalty (3 years ago)
They really need to bring this to iOS in general. The 6+ is large enough and powerful enough to handle it. Make it happen.
JustTooSalty (3 years ago)
And yes I realise it's on iPad before anyone goes all keyboard warrior on me -.-
Jaxx (3 years ago)
I wish it was available for chromebooks :'(
Nerd Unboxing (3 years ago)
First of all,, the update is good looking. BUT the new UI makes attaching 1 energy take 2 minutes and attacking create a never ending loop of picking up the card and dropping it! I did like the stiff commands that the old UI had, made playing more streamlined. Otherwise it is an FX leap.
FlareCraft (3 years ago)
Here are some things: IPhone: Screen is too small. Android: small screen, and because more people have an IPhone than Android Running too slow: It's your Graphics Card Don't like the animations: Why? They look so cool
Cool Moo5e (3 years ago)
I could see this being more successful if they made holographic pokemon stand on the card instead of the cards moving
Elfo Jhon (3 years ago)
Tobirama Senju (3 years ago)
a game that i can't play anymore :(
Linda 9 (3 years ago)
This video needs more dislikes. The new update is horrible and the game is not fun anymore thanks for the unnecessary animations that can not be turned off..
Twin Automata (3 years ago)
You guys know that girls are like pokemons too...... You need balls to catch them
PerfectPhoenixLPs (3 years ago)
Oh hey, this is fake. The people they're fighitng against aren't legit Decks. It's all Night March or all Dark Decks that spam Evil Ball.
Foxfire Inferno (3 years ago)
+PerfectPhoenixLPs I think they look cool, too. However, many people would rather not have them, including me most of the time.
Abtin (3 years ago)
+Victory Master Wait what.
Sam (3 years ago)
i know you feel bad about yourself because you try to put it on others
Abtin (3 years ago)
+Victory Master Do you have autism?
Sam (3 years ago)
+Abtin Aker // Daito Nocton It's not
JokerBrand7 (3 years ago)
would be awesome if this comes on iPhone
YasirMohx (3 years ago)
Was this update just for PC? Because I play this on ipad and I want to know. -Yes Im lazy to check my PTCGO app right now-
mind_combatant (3 years ago)
you could just read the description in this video.
Fauzan A (3 years ago)
I beg you for local multiplayer using local wifi
Mr. Slaking JASS (3 years ago)
i need it for android :v
Fairyfan TCG (3 years ago)
1 Man leute das ist kein Fake geht mal auf die Offizielle Website dann seht ihrs
COLTON (3 years ago)
PC imac ipad and ipadmini but no android tablet
FlareCraft (3 years ago)
+I love leo Hm. Probably because of the new Android Pay. But it's just that all ports are on the Idevices. Sonic 1 and 2. Mega Man X HD. FNAF(I know it's on Android, I just wanted to say it). So I'd understand why it's on the IPad. But it would work on the Android Tablets like the Note. 
/u/leo60228 (3 years ago)
+FlareCraft Ironically, it actually doesn't.
FlareCraft (3 years ago)
+Colton Klein Yes, because Apple has more sellers than Android so more people will get it.
SilvarusLupus (3 years ago)
Having to click twice as much to do anything is a pain. And the dragging. Why do I have to drag on the board/pokemon after I select my card to play it? Seriously, what was wrong with single/double clicking in the old version? Why are you trying to make the PC version a mobile game?!
Amanda J (3 years ago)
when will this app be got android
John Nguyen (3 years ago)
rest in peace: price of smexy energies
Chance Collins (3 years ago)
Chance Collins (3 years ago)
+SilvarusLupus Same here.
Acrolance (3 years ago)
+Chance “Solegide” Colliins you HAVE to drag and drop you know . . .
Magikarp PTCGO (3 years ago)
please please please change it back its so bad its so slow and awkward i asked around and everyone i asked hated it i do like the new play mat even though its like 1/4 the size of the other one and the attacks are cool but you can't even change the card animations which i don't know why you would change it but please oh please change it back don't want this to ruin the new set
Snapcion 7 (3 years ago)
The majority of these comments are hating the update, i personally think the animations look wonderful
Vasu Sharma (3 years ago)
i agree that the animations are good
Snapcion 7 (3 years ago)
+SilvarusLupus all im saying is that I like them, you dont have to like them but in my opinion they look cool
SilvarusLupus (3 years ago)
+Snap Cion Let's put it this way, matches that used to take 5 minutes can take up to 15 with all the added animations. A lot of which are pointless, looking at you drawing card animation and zoom in to prized cards animation. The fact they also had the option to turn off various animations in older versions doesn't help either.
Snapcion 7 (3 years ago)
+Vasu Sharma i guess they should at least let you turn off the animations
Jaden J (3 years ago)
the game does not work for me :c

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