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A film about love and regicide. Made by myself over the course of 2 years. Get the DOUBLE KING soundtrack at felixcolgrave.bandcamp.com Merchandise available at http://felixcolgrave.com/shop --------------------------------- http://felixcolgrave.com http://twitter.com/felixcolgrave
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Felix Colgrave (1 year ago)
Happy 1st birthday Double King! To celebrate here's that extended soundtrack I said I'd make about a year ago: https://felixcolgrave.bandcamp.com/album/royal-noises-from-dead-kingdoms-the-music-of-double-king
Adam Hults (1 day ago)
Hæm I is now on my list of songs to play when I trip acid
Marius Kohsiek (3 days ago)
+Nickolas Frere Pretty much this is it meant like, I think...
Astro 69 (4 days ago)
What this music at 9:40
Astro 69 (4 days ago)
Pls what this the musique at:940
n m (4 days ago)
Congratulations but... This video have all but haven't any sence !!!?????
Artur Media (53 minutes ago)
7:30 дурачина твой дед
B J I (55 minutes ago)
This is legit the best cartoon
Stavinair Caeruleum (4 hours ago)
Stavinair Caeruleum (4 hours ago)
9:08 *"MY GOD...TAKE IT!"*
Stavinair Caeruleum (4 hours ago)
Lol 9:01
Stavinair Caeruleum (4 hours ago)
8:20 lmfao
Aldrich Valenzuela (4 hours ago)
Mal...to envidioso rey
Aldo (4 hours ago)
Aldo (4 hours ago)
trevor blaisdell (4 hours ago)
Man I'd love to buy a tapestry or poster from 3:23
Deadly Jewel (5 hours ago)
8:53 reminds me of fizzgig in the dark crystal
Mr. Berserk (5 hours ago)
7:55 B O I
Noshy Weera (7 hours ago)
2:27 geese...
Hannah The Warrior (8 hours ago)
This looks like it would be in Cuphead
Yun Hin (8 hours ago)
What is wrong with this king
Haiku ~ 🌻✨💫 admire double king utilized usurpation long live double king
your animation reminds me of the cartoons my dad used to watch after he got high
megh voluntad (9 hours ago)
That's one greedy ass motherfucker
Xl Extreme super (9 hours ago)
video muito educativo como este https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5DQVIzcpI0
Miloš Kalužnik (12 hours ago)
Ôk, youtube, I am here! You and your damned recommendations...
amelka ważny (12 hours ago)
Omg hes very obsessed and cringe
fruitybooty 69 (12 hours ago)
He turned into kratos for a secong here lol 2:54
DepressioN (13 hours ago)
this is been in my recommendation for weeks now and i was like youtube is forcing me to watch this
Colt Blackstone (13 hours ago)
7:33 I just realized that he doesn’t have any eyelids and blinks with his pupils
YourFrendSteven (13 hours ago)
This is how u feel when ur useing drugs
Mighty M. (13 hours ago)
You make animating look so easy aaaaaa Edit: 8:52 though that was scary af though
March Angelo (15 hours ago)
It reminded me of Frank Underwood
Void Gaming (15 hours ago)
6:45 Mushroom trip
I don't have ideas (15 hours ago)
Блять моя психика!
I don't have ideas (16 hours ago)
Тоже ищешь российские коменты?
Vilnete Rocha (16 hours ago)
Mark Eren (16 hours ago)
reminds me of Gorogoa
Wtf? 👑 😶
HELL KEKC (17 hours ago)
еб вашу мама, пацаны, это была не оскорбинка!!!
Commandrogyne (17 hours ago)
the sound design, with each of the different groups having their own specific sound, especially the mushroom people in the crown and the skeleton, is absolutely amazing. also, the amount of expressiveness that everything has without any words and with such thin lines is really really impressive. this is really incredible and I'm super impressed that only one person did it.
Mack Reacts (17 hours ago)
Love these acid movies
Arkofdoodle (19 hours ago)
Fine YouTube, I’ll watch...
이준우 (19 hours ago)
-- --👑-- - ✊👀✊
ふくたしゅんさい (21 hours ago)
Colt Blackstone (21 hours ago)
1:55 so we’re just gonna ignore the demon cloud king...
Nail25 Zireg (21 hours ago)
Seriously... One of the most creppiest and deep videos I have ever watched in my life... A résumé of kings life🙃🙃🙃😔😔
Millie B (21 hours ago)
Do not watch this if you want to feel hapier.
Dinoclaire101 (22 hours ago)
Sensational Ennush (23 hours ago)
He's like Kratos, he keeps killing Kings (Gods)
Only double
Dermotius (1 day ago)
What have I stumbled on?
TheTitanium Champs (1 day ago)
Maybe the king went into the mind of felix
A Wanderer (1 day ago)
7:31 This is what you came for.. Thanks me later
L' EKBC (1 day ago)
. 👑 . ✊👀✊
Kitty On Paper (1 day ago)
5:59 my favorite scene~ 🍄
athz (1 day ago)
Very simple video
Rowgan _ (1 day ago)
yeah ok but y'know, no.
Тебя не заинтригует этот яблоковый, смешной, тюк травки? Автор - конечно
dinthe elbers (1 day ago)
Can someone explain?
beadop YT (1 day ago)
what did I just watch. thank you
Anime City (1 day ago)
we literally see Felix die at the beginning how does this not set any alarms inside your head.
kornflakes2020 S (1 day ago)
Does this remind anyone else of Foster's home for imaginary friends
AsddarAYP (1 day ago)
Come to my channel
Dermotius (1 day ago)
Vera (1 day ago)
I'm scarred for life....
Aubree Hill (1 day ago)
...How on earth did I get here?
Ernesto Mercado (1 day ago)
Lots and lots of drugs...
Ernesto Mercado (1 day ago)
Aubree Hill Drugs sir...DRUGS
Violet Scarelli (1 day ago)
The intro music tho
Postnm QPMR (1 day ago)
It’s an animation that is calming
Dan Wommer (1 day ago)
get the *fuck* out of my recommendations
Ernesto Mercado (1 day ago)
Double king:y u Y U BULLING ME
UziWarrior (1 day ago)
We always want more than what we have
Lazaro Gomez (1 day ago)
2:54 Favorite part of the video xd
Jonathan Greene (1 day ago)
I want to see the double king wearing the orange lantern ring of greed. So he can put the biggest crown on his head
Professor Bear (1 day ago)
I have never been so uncomfortable in my entire life thank you very much
Z3r0 Tw0 OwO (1 day ago)
That part with the fly really bugged me
Ernesto Mercado (1 day ago)
Z3r0 Tw0 OwO BE GONE
Owl Tea Drop (1 day ago)
I love how defeated skeleton king looks.
part 2
Scott Logan (1 day ago)
This is what i see in my sleep paralisis
3:48 отче наш.
Pb Kaino (1 day ago)
That was weird :O
classy gaming (1 day ago)
The greediest animation I have seen in my life
Madeleine Lucille (1 day ago)
Am i crazy or on drugs?!?!!! To bei honest the king is Linda cute
A Roblox Player (1 day ago)
Lol its funny and incredibly weird, good film.
Gabe Emm (2 days ago)
All hail the king.
max404 tv (2 days ago)
Анимация топ
Noobman4521 (2 days ago)
How much LSD did it take to make this
Chaos Couple (2 days ago)
Happy late birthday double king 👑 ✊👀✊
Chaos Couple (10 hours ago)
+Olly Ford thanks
Olly Ford (10 hours ago)
Chaos Couple that’s amazing
Miross Opower (2 days ago)
Love it great work gratz
Улыбка 20 (2 days ago)
А в чём резон та
Erika V O (2 days ago)
Que onda???????😐
Bloody Sammy (2 days ago)
8:52 Literally me when dying on fortnite.
Dermotius (21 hours ago)
+Bloody Sammy sorry fam but it's garb garb
Bloody Sammy (1 day ago)
Shut up
Dermotius (1 day ago)
Fortnite trash
RAMI ALMOSRATY (2 days ago)
Lynad (2 days ago)
What the fuck were you on when you thought to create this? Don't get me wrong, it's not bad, I just want some of what you were doing.
yael papurri (2 days ago)
👑 ✊👀✊
Gabrielle Manserra (2 days ago)
This is genius
Yara Studios (2 days ago)
What.....is......happening? :”3
Jaxible (2 days ago)
Therapist: Titty bird isn't real it can't hurt you Titty bird: 7:28
McKillip Family (2 days ago)
Doctor: double kings not real he can’t hurt you Double king:
Daniel Rauda (2 days ago)
Diabetis Man (2 days ago)
what the fuck...
AnonymousFox (2 days ago)
I honestly love the soundtrack
6:47 and 7:00 song plz
Rosemarie Elliott (2 days ago)
The song of this mountain with a face and that machine is amazing
MTT MTT (2 days ago)
Also Felix Colgrave I Am A Huge Fan Of Yours
BloxFuMa5ter (2 days ago)
woah dark souls 4 looking sick
Sebastian Marquez (2 days ago)
2:24 Top 10 most brutal anime deaths
Bleach Eater2006 (2 days ago)
The mountain king is colgrave himself

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