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Welcome to my third video on Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) Online. Hope you like it! Thank you SO MUCH for supporting me!!! My OTHER channel ▶︎ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG6Mbw_5IOP1EkbXxTCWfvQ Free to play! ▶︎ Free to download, free to play, online version of the Pokémon Trading Card Game! ▶︎ Guest Mode allows you to get a taste of the excitement in store! ▶︎ Log in to the game with your free Pokémon Trainer Club account from Pokemon.com to save your progress! ▶︎ Start playing right away with four free online theme decks! ▶︎ Playable on PC, Mac, iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display, and Android tablets Battle! ▶︎ A wide selection of options allows you to play at your own pace! ▶︎ Brush up on your skills while battling against computer-controlled opponents in the Trainer Challenge! ▶︎ Test your skills against your friends or challenge random players from around the world in Versus Mode! ▶︎ Tournament Mode allows you to compete against players from around the world for a chance to earn cool rewards! ▶︎ Use your favorite Pokémon TCG theme deck, or build a custom deck using the Unlimited or Standard deck construction formats! Collect! ▶︎ Complete Daily Challenges to earn booster packs, Trainer Tokens, and more! ▶︎ Earn Trainer Tokens at Pokemon.com or in the Pokémon TCG Online, and redeem them in the Shop for booster packs, theme decks, and cool gameplay accessories! ▶︎ Unlock free booster packs by defeating computer-controlled opponents in the Trainer Challenge! ▶︎ Redeem code cards found in specially marked Pokémon TCG products to unlock online booster packs, theme decks, or promo cards! Trade! ▶︎ Redeem Gems or code cards to unlock tradable items! ▶︎ Use the in-game Trade system to expand your online collection! ▶︎ Search public trade offers for cards that will add the finishing touches to your favorite deck! Play Pokémon TCG Online! ▶︎ http://www.pokemon.com/uk/pokemon-tcg/play-online/
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Text Comments (869)
JeusefGaming YT (8 hours ago)
Conrad Lin (10 days ago)
I got tow gxs when I battled the last person like u the pokemon were sogleo and xenees
Riley Salak (27 days ago)
I got a GX out of the supposedly EX booster pack lel Edit: is it a bug?
CISC Gaming (1 month ago)
You didnt have to retreat and switch. U wasted 2 cards and you cant attack on first turn.
Simon Sapkota (1 month ago)
Sorry for late comment
Simon Sapkota (1 month ago)
My first ex was charizard gx and in pack i got dialga gx
Todd Rickert (23 days ago)
You said ex not gx!
Julian Speelt games (1 month ago)
David Dobrzycki (1 month ago)
If Dawid800 added you as a friend that is me Ethan
Jeremy & Rocco A. (2 months ago)
Jeremy & Rocco A. (2 months ago)
That is not fair that you got to e x
Els Van der Henst (2 months ago)
I got a Alolan golem gx out of that and out THE pack i got a zygard 100% gx
Anderson Perez (2 months ago)
not a ex
Anderson Perez (2 months ago)
2018 september it gives you a gx
Tim Bailey (2 months ago)
I played
9:38 *that just sounds like somthing nasty 😑*
Ethan LO (2 months ago)
I got a Dusk Mane Necrozma GX for beating him
Erika Russo (3 months ago)
Brian Ross (3 months ago)
You dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!,!!!!,!,!!!!l
Dutch Games (4 months ago)
Y have inreal life unkown and hoopa
jejd dkkd (4 months ago)
hey you dont have to do retreat you could just do done
Todd Rickert (4 months ago)
do you even minecraft
veronica yu (4 months ago)
I got a GX instead of A ex
Carson Crawford (4 months ago)
It’s a legend pokemon
NooBEST - Gamer (4 months ago)
He doesn't even play online and he is so close minded when it comes to decision making in this game he didn't have to retreat there was a button saying done and you don't have to retreat but he sees a button and instantly clicks it
Michelle Woodbury (4 months ago)
I have a machamp gx
Carlos Islas-Grayskye (5 months ago)
I got a lugia break
Caleb Burkhardt (5 months ago)
He did this mini series that took an hour altogether but it took me like 10 minutes
andrea becker (5 months ago)
Funtime Foxy (6 months ago)
i have a mega alakazam ex
Tushar Kamble (6 months ago)
you cant attack on the first turn
Amirul Islam (6 months ago)
Your so wet man
James Ventura (6 months ago)
You can’t attack on the first turn. You didn’t have to switch btw.
Angel11789 gaming (6 months ago)
Angel11789 gaming (6 months ago)
I got a syvaly gx
That Hoopa ex is Unbound
XxCrystalGamerxX 23 (7 months ago)
Ethan this is a question that will help me a lot. If I’m a new player how do I get my account and password?
Gachatuber901 Gallonosa (7 months ago)
Ethan gamer i like your videos i watch it everyear i forgot your name but i still like your videos
fLAme (7 months ago)
When she nut
marksmen tolerable (7 months ago)
Wow he got shiyther
Coke Fire Blast (7 months ago)
The words are saying EW XD LOL
Mel Webster (7 months ago)
I have 52 cards
Shadow Blade (7 months ago)
I got a noivern gx from it
IG Dude (7 months ago)
i got machemp ex
Adam Shambrook (7 months ago)
I got megaa mewtwo ex
VampireKiller 98 (7 months ago)
OMGUnicorn Rainbow (7 months ago)
Congrats! (Today I'm getting the legendary deck in real life and ima starter
ROBLOXpony (7 months ago)
teino da fat guy
Matthew Van Veen (7 months ago)
I got a GX
shaggiel (7 months ago)
I got a charizard ex but I don’t have charmeleon or charmander
Lay Flashyy (8 months ago)
i got a gx when i deeated the last pne
DarkestCV - Fortnite (8 months ago)
You can’t attack on first turn.
Cole Wood (8 months ago)
Tracie Watts (8 months ago)
Does anyone notice that he has a aceus coin
Ivan Enriquez (8 months ago)
You cant atakk on your first turn if you go first
EM TV (8 months ago)
I love you
The Best person ever (8 months ago)
Good luck with your new job
Syra Martinez (8 months ago)
xian one (8 months ago)
Im med your bigis fan (.....)
Faruk Patwary (9 months ago)
I got a palkia
Anna The Collector (9 months ago)
Hey Ethan I have a hoopa ex in rele live
Supreme Kai Of YouTube (9 months ago)
jasmin causevic (9 months ago)
In real life I have a hoopa and I have a stronger pokémon than hoopa the Yveltal :D ps:my favorite pokémon is Galvantula.
Hriday Meka (9 months ago)
I got Kingdra EX😭😭😭😭
Eyes Of The Puppet (9 months ago)
I have a hoopa ex in real life
Matthew Van Veen (9 months ago)
When I want against aex guy I only got it ex not a pack
Carmen Femenella (9 months ago)
You didn't need to retreat you dong dong!!!!
Gris G (9 months ago)
No fair! I want hoopa!
Dr. Pepper (9 months ago)
When you used Giovanni’s scheme you already were knocking it out and should of used the first option
Willys Anthony (9 months ago)
Juana Garcia (9 months ago)
I have hoopa ex
Goku Black (10 months ago)
I got a Volcanion-EX
Jim Linehan (10 months ago)
replie plz
Jim Linehan (10 months ago)
wich website did u get on to get this
Yoel Serrano (10 months ago)
mine is zygarde ex
Ultamite Puppettire (10 months ago)
Nice 👍 vids
Mr Stupendous Gaming (10 months ago)
Harry Haines (10 months ago)
Dat face doe
Lawonne Jackson (10 months ago)
Do u play project pokemon on roblox if u do my name is poolpopcorn
ChenGaming (10 months ago)
who wants him to play more like if you do
FenneGames (10 months ago)
I feel so jelly when i saw the last part when you got hoopa EX, when i opened a booster pack my last pokemon was a magikarp :/
Beast Player-ScripteR (11 months ago)
How did you get rayquaza wtf :(
Mary Sylla (11 months ago)
He's got a weener
Bhavana Varghese (11 months ago)
At the start he didn't click done before switching pickachu
Vørtex (11 months ago)
I got Metagross GX HYPER RARE I jumped out of my seat and I fell onto my bum it hurt lol
magickarp gaming (11 months ago)
Dat face doe
adib gameming HD 2 (11 months ago)
I got Mewtwo EX in the game
Jarno Sippola (11 months ago)
I get Empoleon EX begaus I play this game too but I am level 0 begaus I don't play this game so much.
jjuana jjuana (11 months ago)
I got mega hoopa ex
AbsolPlayz (4 months ago)
jjuana jjuana I know I’m a bit late but there is no such thing as mega hoopa. You’ve either got a fake card or ur lying to get attention
Venom2947 (11 months ago)
official_ agumon_ (11 months ago)
Ur so lucky :(
BulletBray472 (11 months ago)
i just started playing this tcgo game and i packed groudon ex full art
@EthanGamerTV Voltorb evolves to electrode
THE KINGZ (1 year ago)
Ethan my name is dat when you get hoppa it said dat face
The Pixler (1 year ago)
Your so bad
Varknox (1 year ago)
Plz do a series of this game plz I beg u in using my mom's acount
ItzCludos (1 year ago)
hoopas my fave pokemon
OffsetClient (1 year ago)
I got a ho-oh ex
Joan Nyakairu (1 year ago)
Joan Nyakairu (1 year ago)

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